Timlie: Complete Controls Guide for Nintendo Switch and Tips

Jumping into puzzle game Timelie? Here are your complete controls and some tips to solve these unique puzzles.

Timelie is a unique puzzle game where you can control time to a certain extent, rewinding and trying a new strategy to proceed. Security robots block your way, and they will kill you should they catch up to you, making rewinding a critical aspect of the game. What mysteries lie beyond the doors in this dream-like world?

Below, you will find complete controls for Timelie on Nintendo Switch. Tips for gameplay will follow.

Gameplay controls for Timelie (Switch)

  • Move Character: LS
  • Confirm and Confirm Move Character: A
  • Cancel and Cancel Move Character: B
  • Move Camera: RS
  • Zoom In and Out: RS3
  • Use Power: ZL
  • Switch Character: ZR
  • Advance Time: R and D-Pad Right
  • Rewind Time: L and D-Pad Left
  • Speed Up Time Control: LS Down
  • Fast Action: D-Pad Up
  • Wait: D-Pad Down (when cursor is on character)
  • Interact: Y
  • Execute Timeline: X (after passing through stage’s end doorway)
  • Settings: +

Chapter Selection controls for Timelie (Switch)

  • Move Camera: RS
  • Next Chapter: ZR
  • Previous Chapter: ZL
  • Advance Time: R and D-Pad Right
  • Rewind Time: R and D-Pad Left
  • Speed Up Time Control: LS Down
  • Collected Relics:
  • Settings: +

Note that the left and right sticks are denoted as LS and RS, respectively. Pushing on either is indicated with LS3 and RS3. An action like LS Down means to aim down with the left joystick to enact the action.

Be patient while playing Timelie

A tricky puzzle where the initial bot releases the four other bots. What is your solution?

Timelie – a play on words – isn’t really meant for a speed run. Rather, it is meant for efficiency.

The bar with the play button on the bottom is your timeline for the area. It is rather long, and most levels you may not even need the majority of the time allotted. If you run into a bot, don’t fret! Rewinding time with L or D-Pad Left will retrace your steps as far back as the beginning of the level.

Use these moments to strategize on the best path(s) forward. In the beginning, you are solo as the unnamed blonde girl with the peculiar ability to control time. Shortly thereafter, a cat joins you and you can use this cat to enter vented areas and low openings that the girl otherwise could not reach.

Once you have both characters, it is recommended that you keep one character in place (Wait) using D-Pad Down on them. Otherwise, they will follow the other character, which could create more issues in terms of escaping the robots. If they do follow the other character, simply rewind time with L or D-Pad Left and ensure they Wait.

You will also come across timed levels – beyond the general timeline at the bottom. Basically, the path behind you will disintegrate and you have to keep running. The only benefit to the disintegration is that if any security robots are in the path, they’ll be destroyed along with the path.

Remember one important thing: the robots are faster than both the blonde girl and the cat, even if the cat is quicker than the girl. They will catch you unless you trap them or reach an area they cannot (hint).

It may take several tries per level, but learn from your mistakes and don’t get too frustrated. The cat has abilities that may help you in this regard. Once the cat joins the girl, both must pass the pathway to finish a level. Once that happens, hit X to play the timeline.

How to repair broken sections in Timelie

Using the Bend Time ability to repair the broken path.

Frequently, you will find that you need to repair a section of a stage. It will be obvious at times, such as above, but at other times will be hard to see. As discussed briefly in the Relics section below, you may not even need to repair every section you come across to finish a stage.

When you do need to repair an area, you will need to switch to the blonde girl and hit ZR to highlight a repair, then ZL to fix the broken area. Your area of effect is limited, but if anything is within and needs fixing, you can make the repair.

When in doubt of what to do next, try looking to see if anything needs repairing and go from there.

Using the cat’s Meow ability to advance in Timile

The cat can use its Meow ability to draw the attention of bots within a certain radius.

The cat is more nimble than the girl and beyond being able to reach places she cannot, the cat has two main abilities that will benefit your playthrough of Timelie.

First, the cat can Meow using ZL. Once you hit ZL, a circle will appear around the cat indicating the AOE of the Meow. Should a bot be in that AOE, it will react and hustle toward the sound. Use this in areas where the cat can quickly escape into a vent so you aren’t caught.

This will be necessary in some areas to open paths for the girl to advance. The cat’s Meow cannot be spammed, however, as it has a recharge time. You will see the status of the Meow when you switch characters using ZR to the cat. The meter will be in the top left corner of the screen in a diamond shape similar to the switch character button on the bottom right.

Collecting Relics and replaying chapters in Timelie

Later, the cat receives the ability to allow the replaying of previous stages. This may seem odd at first, but throughout the stages there are certain Relics, 15 in total. Relics are obtained by meeting certain conditions of a stage, such as not fixing a broken area (pictured). Another relic requires you to finish a stage as efficiently as possible.

If you found collecting a Relic or a few difficult on some levels and decided to advance without them, the cat’s ability presents you an opportunity to nab that Relic. Having gone through the stage before, you should have a good idea of how to approach the stage, tweaking it a bit to unlock the Relic.

While the Relics aren’t mandatory to collect, they do have a special function You need to collect all 15 to unlock the Golden (Good) ending of Timile. The ability to replay chapters will be necessary if you want the best ending.

Use the colored panels and doors to your advantage in Timelie

A bot trapped by luring it through the green doors and then closing the same green doors using the green panel.

You will find doors and control panels in different colors throughout your journey, corresponding to each other. There will also be red panels that are pressure plates, generally requiring one of your characters to remain on the plate for the other to advance. Certain times, it is obvious what you need to do: Interact with the panel using Y and proceed. However, that’s not always the case.

At times, you will need to work quickly to trap robots or outsmart them to safely make your way through a stage. In the above example, the bot was in the long narrow corridor directly across from the green door it’s trapped behind, leading to the end pathway.

The girl had to interact with the panels to the right to set the trap. First, the purple panel was selected, closing off the shown purple door (the one near the girl was down to begin the stage). Then, the girl snuck just close enough to trigger the the bot’s security light cone and rush at her. She then stepped quickly to the green panel and interacted with it, trapping the bot inside.

You may find at times that the control panels are only accessible after repairing a hole or path. With the ability to rewind time, be patient in figuring out the exact pattern needed to advance to the next stage.

The meaning of Timelie (spoilers below)

Timelie is a play on words of timeline. The title screen shows a transparent diagonal line between the final two letters to suggest a name of Timeline. However, the name goes beyond the simple wordplay.

Each stage is played by executing a timeline. Your ability to rewind and advance time – to literally change events – is a time “lie” so to speak. Rather than proceed with what initially happened, the execution of the timeline is always once you advance and avoid death.

Further – spoilers incoming – the blonde girl is in a dream and none of what happens is real. She is actually locked in a cell with a guard at her door. In the Golden Ending, she is seen being escorted out of her cell. In the Bad ending, she loses the cat in the dream and then wakes up locked in her cell. Basically, the whole game (timeline) was a lie as its name implies.

Timelie is a unique and challenging game. You will rarely achieve success on your first try as the game basically forces you to rewind and advance time when necessary. Above all else, remember to be patient and use your abilities to your advantage.

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