Train Sim World 2: New Arosalinie Chur-Arosa Route Arrives

The new DLC for Train Sim World 2 adds a snowy spectacle and one of the most challenged narrow gauge railways in the world.

Dovetail Games have just launched their latest piece of DLC for Train Sim World 2, developed in conjunction with Rivet Games.

The route is located in Switzerland, running from the oldest town in the country at Chur right up to the summer and winter resorts of Arosa.

The route is tight, twisty, and challenging with steep gradients meaning that the loco has to work hard going up, and then the brakes work hard coming down.

Tracking Chur to Arosa

Image Source: Steam

The loco included with the route pack is the RhB Ge 4/4 II electric locomotive, which is ideal for the tight and twisty route. It has to face gradients that, in places, are up to 6 per cent inclined – meaning that progress isn’t always fast.

There are some incredibly tight curves on the route as well, adding excess wear to the engines and further slowing progress. This all adds to the overall challenge of the route, with it being one of the steepest narrow gauge railways in Europe.

If you’re up to the task of this snowy Swiss route, the DLC is now available for Train Sim World 2 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The route is priced at £24.99 across all platforms, with PC perhaps being the most popular one.

Released to mixed reviews

Image Source: Steam

The Arosalinie Chur is another highly-anticipated route from publisher Rivet Games, who also developed the Isle of Wight add-on that was released for Train Sim World 2 in 2020.

Rivet Games work closely with Dovetail Games to create these add-ons. The hope is that the new release will prove to be a big improvement on the Isle of Wight effort, which received somewhat mixed reviews. So, Rivet will be hoping for more positive ones for this DLC release.

In terms of whether you are getting your value for money with the Chur-Arosa add-on, that is potentially a contentious subject. For whilst what should, on the face of it, be a highly detailed and accurate route, the early Steam reviews leave a lot to be desired.

Users have commented on how this somehow seems to be a re-hashed version of the route that was available in Train Simulator 2021, using a much older game engine. Beyond that, it might not be a route that can be recommended to anybody just yet. The asking price certainly seems to be on the steep side. So, if you want it, grab it in a sale.

Some better news is coming for Train Sim World 2, however, as steam traction will come to the game later in 2021, which should put to bed any of the worries and issues faced with this particular add-on.

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