Train Simulator 2021: Best International Steam Loco Add-Ons

Despite being very much UK-focused, there is still plenty of international steam content out there for Train Simulator.

Dovetail Games’ Train Simulator has a huge variety of content for those of us who like to play in a UK-based sim.

However, there is also some great international content, particularly in the steam world, with locomotives from the likes of the United States being available.

This article will feature some of the best international steam locomotives on offer in Train Simulator.

Big Boy by Smokebox

Image Source: Steam Store

Despite having only been out for about a month, at the time of writing, Smokebox’s Big Boy deserves its place on this list. The older Train Sim model of the giant Union Pacific is now extremely dated, so this new version of the locomotive is an incredibly welcomed addition.

Advanced scripting is combined with one of the most beautifully detailed models seen recently in the game, with authentic Big Boy sounds also helping to make this a much-needed addition to the Train Simulator world. Three livery variations are included in the pack, as well as authentic freight stock and a huge array of custom loco details.

L.Schwartzkopff Mikado 2-8-2 by Machine Rail

Image Source: Machine Rail

A relative newcomer to Train Sim, Machine Rail specialise in locomotives that were predominately seen in South America. The Mikado 2-8-2 is one of their best add-ons to date, with the developers continuing to look to expand their portfolio.

The locomotive is very highly detailed, with the cowcatcher, headlamp, and buckeye couplings all accurately modelled. There’s also a wealth of external and internal animations, akin to that seen on Caledonia Works’ add-ons, and several variations of the class can be driven in-game.

Machine Rail’s add-ons can be picked up for as little as £5, but don’t let the price fool you. These are add-ons of the highest quality that deserve your time and attention.

BR 52 Classes by The Forge Simulation

Image Source: The Forge Simulation

Also a relative newcomer to the game, The Forge Simulation have built up an impressive portfolio of German steam traction already. In particular, its BR 52 Altbau and BR 52.80 Reko packs are some of the best European steam loco add-ons available for Train Sim.

The BR 52s were also known as ‘Kriegsloks’ and were vital to the German war effort in World War II, hauling vital supplies and military equipment. The Forge Sim’s content includes realistic sounds, advanced scripting and simulation, various iterations of the class, and war-era wagons, with Tiger tanks on wagons and dynamic particles.

Union Pacific No.119 and Cheyenne Route by Smokebox

Image Source: Steam Store

It’s hard not to believe that Smokebox make the best American steam locomotive add-ons, and the No.119 pack is pretty special. Not only do we get an early Union Pacific steam loco, but the pack also includes the fantastic Cheyenne 1869 route, replicating what early rail travel was like in the American Old West.

The route is a faithful recreation of the 1869 Cheyenne line, and the advanced locomotive comes with plenty of extra stock, such as freight and passenger cars. Be sure to check out the manual on how to drive the locomotive, though, as it’s like nothing else in Train Simulator.

Union Pacific FEF-3 by Smokebox

Image Source: Steam Store

The last locomotive on this list is again from Smokebox. The Union Pacific FEF-3 was one of three FEF classes of locomotive designed to haul passenger trains across the United States for Union Pacific.

This add-on also includes a faithful representation of No.844, a locomotive that has never been retired from Union Pacific service and still participates in various special services to this day.

The usual advanced Smokebox scripting is included, with highly accurate sounds, an exquisitely detailed cab and outside model, and a rewarding driving experience to make this one of the best international steam loco add-ons in the game.

While Train Simulator’s international offering is somewhat lacking in some areas, there isn’t any doubt that the game still has plenty to offer for those looking beyond the UK’s shores. Plus, with so many countries not yet explored in-game, there is the potential for even more international content to be provided soon.

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