Train Simulator 2021: Best UK Diesel Locomotive Add-Ons

Despite steam locomotives being some of the most popular add-ons, there is still a place for some fantastic diesel locomotive add-ons in Train Simulator.

Train Simulator 2021 is a haven for some fantastic UK steam locomotive add-ons. There have been some spectacular locomotives from Victory Works and Bossman Games, to name just a couple of the developers.

Despite being overlooked by a lot of people, there are some brilliant diesel locomotive add-ons for the game as well, particularly those based on UK diesel class locos.

In this article, we will look at some of the very best UK diesel locomotive classes that you can get in Train Simulator.

Class 50 from Bossman Games and Armstrong Powerhouse

Available at Armstrong Powerhouse

The Class 50 pack is the first Bossman Games diesel locomotive for Train Simulator, produced in association with leading diesel and electric developer Armstrong Powerhouse.

In their service days, the Class 50s were predominantly found on the Western Region of British Rail, and on what was called Network South East.

They replaced the previous Western Hydraulic diesel classes of locomotive and were nicknamed ‘hoovers’ due to the sounds that the first variants made.

The Bossman-AP pack is fantastic value for money. The original and refurbished Class 50s are included, with fantastic realistic audio both for the internal controls and external locomotives, and the modelling and texturing is superb.

Plus, there are dynamic exhaust effects, all 50 original nameplates for the class, and realistic acceleration and braking physics.

Western Hydraulics pack from Dovetail Games

Available on the Steam Store

The Western Hydraulics were a trio of distinctive and unique classes of diesel locomotives that worked on the Western Region in the late days of steam and the early days of diesel traction.

They were the Class 35 Hymeks, Class 42 Warships, and Class 52 Westerns. All three were diesel-hydraulic locomotives, and though powerful and capable of pulling big trains, they were rather unreliable, which sadly led to their earlier-than-hoped demise.

The pack includes all three classes and they are represented in various liveries, such as BR Green, BR Blue, BR Desert Sand, and BR Maroon.

Sound packs for the Class 52 are available from Armstrong Powerhouse, and reskin packs for those, and the Hymek, from the likes of Vulcan Productions help make this pack a great addition to your Train Sim collection.

Class 40 pack from Armstrong Powerhouse and RailRight

Available at Armstrong Powerhouse

The Class 40 ‘Whistler’ diesels were a class of 200 diesel locomotives that were introduced onto Britain’s railways in 1958.

They were, for many years, the pride of the British diesel fleet, with many of the class being named after famous cruise ships. Sadly, modern freight and passenger trains outgrew the venerable Class 40s, and withdrawal of the class began in 1976.

With modelling by RailRight, the AP Class 40 pack includes every iteration possible, with some amazing texturing and scripting, and 25 individually modelled nameplates that can be fitted to the examples that carried names for a period of time.

BR Green and BR Blue liveries are included, and all 200 examples of the class have been represented in the pack.

Class 37 pack from Armstrong Powerhouse and Master Key Simulations

Available at Armstrong Powerhouse: Pack Vol. 1, Pack Vol. 2

Class 37 is one of the most ubiquitous examples of British diesel locomotives ever created. Introduced in 1960, 309 of the class were built and could be seen over all parts of the British railway network – especially along the South Wales Coast, East Anglia, and Scotland.

The rather agricultural sound that the locomotives produce has seen them dubbed ‘Tractors’ by enthusiasts, and remarkably, some are still in revenue-earning service to this day. Many examples have also been preserved.

The packs for Train Simulator produced by Armstrong Powerhouse and Master Key Simulations are split into two volumes, and they are, perhaps, the best diesel packs created for Train Sim.

The packs include nearly 50 liveries in total, over 400 examples of the class, and many named examples as well. Amazing high-quality sounds and advanced driving scripting help to make these the very best representations of the Class 37s ever seen in a train simulation game.

Preserved Deltic pack from Vulcan Productions

Available from Vulcan Productions

While technically an enhancement pack, the Vulcan Productions Preserved Deltic pack is so large that you can consider it a new add-on.

The pack massively updates the original 2007 model of the Deltic included in Train Sim’s first Rail Simulator release, which had just two basic BR Green and BR Blue versions of the class included.

The Deltics effectively replaced the express passenger steam locomotives of the Eastern Region, such as the Mallard and Flying Scotsman, and were in service up until December 1981, with 22 produced.

They were famous for their Napier Deltic engines, derived remarkably from Navy minesweepers. All preserved Deltics are included in the Vulcan Productions pack, along with two non-preserved examples and an extra variant of preserved No.55009 ‘Alycidon’.

It has amazingly updated texturing, new particle effects, and scripting. So, at less than £10, this is an amazing pack that all Deltic fans must purchase. The pack also makes use of the Armstrong Powerhouse Deltic sound pack, which must be purchased separately.

Advanced Passenger Train from Dovetail Games

Available on the Steam Store

Technically a diesel-electric loco, this pack still deserves a mention on this list. The Advanced Passenger Train (APT) was an experimental tilting train produced by British Railways in the late 1970s and into the 1980s.

The idea was that the train would tilt around the corners, allowing it to go faster than conventional trains while maintaining passenger comfort.

Sadly, cost overruns and issues with the tilting mechanism delayed the introduction of the units, and ultimately those – and the lack of political will – curtailed the product. Dovetail’s APT add-on for Train Simulator faithfully recreates this remarkable piece of engineering, which achieved a record speed of 162.2 mph.

The pack features a highly detailed model and cab, sounds recorded from the preserved APT in Crewe, and a very advanced script to allow for authentic operation of the class.

As we can see, there are some amazing UK diesel locomotives that can be purchased for Train Simulator. They don’t quite have the character or charisma of a steam engine, and, indeed, many enthusiasts resent diesels for replacing steam in 1968. Still, these packs are another fantastic step back into a bygone age, at a time when steam and diesel would share duties.

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