Train Simulator 2021: Best UK Steam Loco Add-Ons to Use

With such a long lifespan, there have been plenty of fantastic steam locomotives released for Train Simulator from many developers: these are the best of the UK yards.

It has been quite a few years, indeed, since Train Simulator first came out in its Rail Simulator-form back in 2007. In that time, the game has evolved massively, and add-ons for it have become better and better.

One of the biggest markets is that of the steam locomotive, allowing us to hark back to the glory days of steam locomotive traction – particularly for those of us in the UK.

It isn’t easy to pick out a top bunch, but in this list, we have some of the very best UK steam locomotive add-ons available right now in Train Sim.

1. The Black 5 pack from Bossman Games

A total of 842 Stanier Black 5s were built, with 18 of the class preserved. They were often called the maids of all work as, regardless of what you threw at them, the Black 5 4-6-0s could handle it.

The Black 5 came with Rail Simulator in 2007, but in 2018, Bossman Games released a brand new model of the class. Custom sounds and advanced scripting with features such as gauge glass wobble and an advanced steam chest are the key highlights of the new model.

Plus, the pack represents preserved members of the class, with No.45407, No.44871, No.45212, and No.45407 from when it ran as No.45157 ‘The Glasgow Highlander.’ On top of that, the pack features Black 5s in liveries from early LMS days to British Railways, as well as grubby weathered examples too.

Bossman Games has also released other Black 5 packs on their website, including the ‘George Stephenson,’ ‘Eric Treacy,’ and the Caprotti valve gear packs.

Available on the Steam Store

2. USATC S160 from Victory Works

This is a slight stretch of the term “UK Steam Loco” as the USATC S160s are actually an American design. However, this wartime locomotive did run in the UK, and several are preserved here.

Victory Works’ fantastic pack includes examples of the class from all over the globe. These range from Russia, the USA, Poland, and the UK, as well as the unique UK Longmoor Military Railway example. Plus, there’s a wealth of freight cars from the USA, Russia, and the UK included.

Custom sounds were recorded from the preserved example ‘Big Jim’ at the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway, and the unique chime whistle that has become synonymous with the class is featured with a unique script, allowing the player to progressively pull the whistle valve open.

Available on the Steam Store

3. Bossman Games’ rebuilt Merchant Navy and Light Pacifics

These two packs from Bossman Games are some of the most in-depth ever created for Train Simulator. The Merchant Navys and Light Pacifics were part of the Southern Railway’s Bulleid Pacific range of locomotives, which were originally streamlined.

All Merchant Navys were rebuilt in more a conventional form in British Rail days, and most of the Light Pacifics followed suit. All members of the rebuilt Merchant Navys and Light Pacifics are included in this pack.

There are weathered versions of both classes, plus BR Blue and unlined black in the Merchant Navy pack. Both classes have authentic sounds and some of the most advanced scripts ever applied to a Train Sim locomotive.

Controlling the injectors on the classes is a fine art, with realistic adhesion, gauge glass blowdown, and directional sanders also being included in the pack. That’s all without even mentioning the scenarios that come with the packs, and the insanely high level of detail that has been applied to both models.

Available at Bossman Games: Light Pacific and Merchant Navy Class

4. LNWR G2 Super D from MeshTools

MeshTools have not released an add-on since the Super D came out in 2017, which is a real shame. The Super Ds were an LNWR freight locomotive of a 0-8-0 wheel arrangement.

Despite hundreds being built, only one, the No.49395, has been preserved, but it has been able to be run in preservation after a monumental restoration project.

The locos are considered quite awkward, with the controls operated in reverse to what you’d find in most other locomotives, and they had a tendency to prime and carry water over if not fired correctly.

This awkwardness is beautifully recreated in MeshTools’ fantastic TrainSim pack, with various versions of the class replicated from LNWR to the BR days, and authentic sounds recorded from the preserved No.49395.

The pack also features advanced adhesion and very accurate brake and regulator operations, with the former being very slow to release.

Available on the Steam Store

5. GWR Manor class from Victory Works

Priced at only £13.50, the Victory Works Manor Pack is a bit of a steal. These locomotives were originally created by Just Trains some years ago, but have become quite dated now. So, in 2019 and into 2020, Victory Works created their own pack.

The Manors were the smallest of the GWR 4-6-0 locomotives that included such classes as the Castle class, and were primarily designed to pull fast passenger trains as well as freight on routes that the larger engines couldn’t, such as the Cambrian network.

They had some of the widest route availability of any GWR locomotive, being lighter versions of the successful Grange class.

Nine members of the class have been preserved. The add-on, released via Steam Sounds Supreme, includes liveries and performances of the class to represent the entire history of the Manors, including examples of when they were slightly sluggish steamers before some draughting modifications were made.

The scripting is probably the best seen on any Victory Works add-on: incredibly advanced, and when you drive this locomotive properly, it’s a good feeling.

The sounds are second-to-none, with the sharp and crisp bark of the Manor accurately represented. Plus, there’s a quick drive feature and plenty of scenarios to keep you happy, as well as a selection of freight wagons.

Available at Steam Sounds Supreme

6. GWR 8000 Cathedral class from Caledonia Works

The Cathedral Class from Caledonia Works is unique as the actual class was never built! The Cathedrals were proposed by Great Western Railway designer Frederick Hawksworth, but they were never built due to World War II. Therefore, we have don’t have any real-life data to go on for the locomotives.

Regardless, Caledonia Works have done a fantastic model and pack to represent the proposed locomotive class, with GWR and BR liveries, 22 headboards from the GWR and BR eras, and custom sounds via Steam Sounds Supreme.

The Cathedrals would have been suited to the heavy express trains that they would have been assigned, and this add-on pack gives us a glimpse into how they could have operated.

Available at Caledonia Works

7. 9F pack and 92134 pack from Steam Sounds Supreme

Despite this technically being an enhancement pack, so much content is stuffed in here that it might as well be a full locomotive pack.

The Steam Sounds Supreme enhancement pack, produced in conjunction with Vulcan Productions, massively expands the 9F loco pack available from the Steam Store, which is required for this pack. The 9Fs were the last freight locomotive built for British Railways, with 251 examples of the class built.

Nicknamed ‘Spaceships,’ due to its shape and sheer size, the 9Fs also became famous for fast passenger workings, and they were the only locomotives that could match the fearsome 7Fs on the Somerset & Dorset line’s massive inclines.

The 9F pack adds multiple examples of the class, with weathered versions and preserved examples like the Black Prince and Evening Star – the latter of which was the very last steam locomotive built for British Railways.

Plus, there’s a mini add-on pack for the main pack that adds 9F No.92134, the last survivor of the class with a single chimney, which is now preserved in private hands and based at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. Appropriately, nine of the class have survived into preservation.

Available at Steam Sounds Supreme: 9F Expansion and 92134 Pack

8. GWR 4700 Night Owl from Caledonia Works

The 4700 Night Owl pack from Caledonia Works recreates one of the most obscure locomotives ever to be built by the Great Western Railway. Only nine were ever built and they were primarily designed to haul heavy freight trains at a good speed, and at night.

Enthusiasts would often spot them simmering in the evenings in the shed, ready to perform their nocturnal duties. They have gained a cult following, but none of them survived into preservation.

Despite this, though, the Great Western Society at the Didcot Railway Centre are building the tenth member of the class, No.4709, to fill in the gap left by the scrapping of the original class members.

The Caledonia Works pack includes variants from early GWR days right up to the demise of the class in British Rail days. Weathered versions are included, and the model is one of the most highly detailed seen thus far in Train Sim.

Advanced safety valves, chimney particles, and systems are all part of the pack, and custom sounds from Steam Sounds Supreme help to faithfully recreate this curious locomotive.

Available at Caledonia Works

9. Stanier Mogul 2-6-0 from Bossman Games

For whatever reason, Bossman Games’ Stanier Mogul doesn’t seem to get as much love as some of their other add-ons. It’s strange because this pack is fantastic value for money at £12.99.

The Stanier Moguls were, in effect, smaller Black 5s and were developed from the Hughes Crab 2-6-0 locomotives. They were one of Stanier’s most versatile designs for the LMS, capable of hauling a good range of both freight and passenger loads.

Remarkably, only one has been preserved, No.13268, which is preserved at the Severn Valley Railway. The Bossman Games add-on features all of the usual advanced scripting and realistic sounds that you’d expect from the developer, as well as eight liveries of the class, including a fictional LMS Crimson livery.

Available at Bossman Games

10. WD 2-8-0 from Victory Works

Another release from Victory Works via Steam Sounds Supreme, the WD 2-8-0s are an interesting locomotive. They were designed by Robin Riddles, who eventually designed the BR Standard classes, such as the 9F.

They were the chosen World War II austerity locomotive, and many examples of the class were exported overseas to countries such as Egypt and Greece. Quite remarkably, despite 935 being produced, just one survives today.

No.90733 resides at the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway, although it was never a British Rail locomotive. Originally, the WD 2-8-0 was based in Sweden, being designated the SJ Class G11 No.1931.

The Victory Works pack includes the locomotives in various guises, from Longmoor Military Railway to WD Green and Khaki, as well as an unusual example from the Netherlands and the No.90733 itself.

Authentic sounds are part of the pack, and there is a selection of WD rolling stock, such as Warwells with tanks, included too, making this quite a diverse and eclectic add-on.

Available at Steam Sounds Supreme

This, amazingly, is only a small selection of add-ons available for Train Sim covering the UK steam scene. Still, we had to narrow it down, and these are certainly some of the best that are currently available for the game, with a tremendous array of features and liveries in all of these packs.

For those after some Great British steam in Train Simulator, you certainly won’t be disappointed with these packs.

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