Train Simulator 2021: Bossman Games Tease Original Merchant Navy Class

The long-awaited Train Sim loco from the leading developer has been in development for some time, but it seems to be finally on the road to release.

Image Source: Bossman Games, via Facebook
Image Source: Bossman Games, via Facebook

Bossman Games are perhaps the leading developer of steam locomotives for Dovetail Games’ popular Train Simulator. Over the last few years, they have created some of the very best Train Sim add-ons, the most advanced steam locomotives, and the Welsh Marshes route.

Their last two releases have been the rebuilt Merchant Navy and Light Pacific packs, and now, the long-awaited original Merchant Navy has been teased again ahead of its release.

A brief history of the Merchant Navy Class

Image Source: Bossman Games, via Facebook

The Merchant Navy locomotives were part of the Bulleid Pacific range and were followed by the smaller Light Pacifics, dubbed the ‘West Countrys’ and ‘Battle of Britains.’

The original Bulleid Pacifics were clad in air-smoothed cases with their controversial chain-driven valve gear, and were designed by Southern Railway Chief Mechanical Engineer Oliver Bulleid.

They were ultimately rebuilt into their more conventional form by British Railways. Not all of the Light Pacifics were, but all of the Merchant Navy Class locomotives were.

Bossman Games crafting three series of engines

Image Source: Bossman Games, via Facebook

Bossman Games has outlined the three different build series of locos that are going to be included, each of which is slightly different from the other.

Series 1 locos were built from 1941 to 1942, Series 2 from 1944 to 1945, and Series 3 from 1948 to 1949. Each had a few differences, such as different cab shapes and extra cowling over parts of the locomotive.

Along with teasers for each of these different series, the developers have also given Train Sim fans a look at the additional liveries.

What liveries are included with the Merchant Navy Class?

Image Source: Bossman Games, via Facebook

It would appear as though liveries from the Southern Railway days right through to Merchant Navy Class’ last guises under British Railways will be included.

This will include Southern Malachite Green, British Railways Experimental Blue with Red Stripes, and British Railways Brunswick Green.

It also seems very likely that dirtied up weathered versions will be included, too – similar to those from the previous Bulleid packs from Bossman Games.

What can we expect from the new release?

Image Source: Bossman Games, via Facebook

While a full feature list is not yet released, you expect the Merchant Navy Class to be as advanced and detailed as all of Bossman Games’ other releases, if not their most advanced loco to date. The intricate steam reverser has been replicated, indicating what else is to come from the pack; scenarios, quick drives, and more are almost certain to continue.

After this release, don’t be surprised to see the Light Pacifics in their original form to be created for Train Sim. Whilst these and the rebuilt versions were created by Digital Traction some years ago, they are quite dated compared to what Bossman has created.

A release date for the upcoming content is yet to be given, but the latest teaser image might well indicate that it’s not too far away.

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