Train Simulator 2021: L&Y Class 23 Launched by Caledonia Works

Popular Train Sim developer Caledonia Works has just launched an add-on pack containing a unique surviving locomotive, the L&Y Class 23.

Image Source: Caledonia Works, via Facebook
Image Source: Caledonia Works, via Facebook

Train Simulator 2021 is lucky to have a lot of developers involved in it right now, with one of the best being Caledonia Works. The popular developer has launched plenty of content recently, and their latest pack features the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Class 23 locomotive.

Let’s take a closer look at both the locomotive and its new Train Sim pack.

History of the Class 23 itself

Image Source: Caledonia Works, via Facebook

The L&Y Class 23 is a 0-6-0 saddle tank locomotive, and their primary uses were for short freight workings and shunting. The class was originally built as the 280 0-6-0 tender engine before 230 were rebuilt into saddle tank form.

The first examples left the L&Y’s Horwich Works in 1891, and remarkably, the diminutive locomotives had quite lengthy careers.

By the time that British Railways was formed in 1948, 101 members of the class were still in service, with 20 still around in 1961. By 1964, however, the last member of the class was withdrawn.

Image Source: Caledonia Works, via Facebook

Just one example survives, the L&Y No.752: a locomotive that never saw service under British Railways. Instead, the loco was utilised by the NCB for industrial usage, following its service life with the L&Y and the London, Midland & Scottish Railway.

A full overhaul has recently been carried out with the locomotive returning to service in early 2020, carrying a fictional BR livery that it would have worn had it entered British Rail service as No.51456.

The Class 23 in Train Sim 2021

Image Source: Caledonia Works, via Facebook

As you would expect from a Caledonia Works pack, there is variety aplenty when it comes to liveries. A full range of variants is included from 1891 right up to the days of British Railways and preservation. The industrial livery that No.752 carried is also part of the package.

Beyond the pure aesthetics of the pack, the Class 23 sports custom sounds recorded for the locomotive, plus a variety of preservation-era headboards to allow it to fit in with modern-day heritage workings.

Image Source: Caledonia Works, via Facebook

As usual with this developer, the pack features a 3D firebox, fully animated inside valve gear, brake rigging to add extra immersion, and dynamic smoke particles that further adds to its authenticity.

There is plenty of attention to detail with the pack, which comes with grubby and weathered versions to show the little shunter in a more workaday condition, away from the sheen and shine of preservation.

Simply put: the L&Y Class 23 pack is one of the most comprehensive Caledonia Works packs yet.

Image Source: Caledonia Works, via Facebook

While it’s quite a small locomotive, the Class 23 was still able to put in a good turn of speed. For those who perhaps enjoy shorter runs in Train Simulator, it is an ideal locomotive to purchase. Plus, it’s perfectly suited to some preservation line workings, although it might look a bit out of place on some longer heritage lines.

Priced at £14.99, the pack is available now from Caledonia Works and will allow you to relive the glory days of the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway.

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