Train Simulator 2021: New L&Y Class 21 ‘Pug’ Launched by Caledonia Works

The popular developer has released the diminutive Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway ‘Pug’ for Train Simulator 2021.

Train Simulator 2021 developer Caledonia Works is never afraid to create something a little bit different to everyone else, and their latest bit of DLC isn’t an exception.

With a distinct Lancashire & Yorkshire theme going on at the moment, Caledonia Works have just released the new Class 21 ‘Pug’ saddle tank for Train Sim, adding a small but fascinating little locomotive into the virtual railway world.

A brief history of the ‘Pug’             

The first of the Class 21s emerged from the company’s Horwich works in 1891. They were based on three-saddle tanks that the L&Y had ordered from the Vulcan Foundry in 1886, differing in that they had a shorter wheelbase, an extended tank, enlarged cab, and a higher boiler pressure –increasing from 140 psi to 160 psi.

The ‘Pugs,’ as they would be called due to their size, were soon found in industrial areas and docks such as Fleetwood, Liverpool, and Salford. They even ventured as far out as Crewe, Derby, and York later in their careers. Out of the 57 built by L&Y, 23 of them made it into British Railways service, with the last being withdrawn from service in 1964. Just two examples have survived into preservation.

Caledonia Works’ Class 21 pack

The usual high standard has been applied to the Caledonia Works pack of this interesting little class. A Huge array of liveries are included, ranging from the L&Y days to the London, Midland and Scottish (LMS) days, right through into BR and preservation service. There are various custom features available to change the appearance of the locomotives. These include adding spark arrestors, valve covers, a railing jack, and more to the engines. For the preservation-era locomotives, a range of headboards has been included, too.

The standard of texturing is, as always, incredibly high. The textures are crisp and sharp with some fantastic lining applied to some of the designs. The attention to detail on the model itself is also fantastic. Lubricators, handrails, and rivets are all faithfully recreated across the locomotive. Custom sounds are also included, further adding to the immersion of the pack.

This Train Sim 2021 pack faithfully represents one of the most interesting, yet diminutive, locomotive classes ever seen on British railways. With their unique appearance and varied service lives, the Class 21 ‘Pugs’ are certainly one of the quirkier and more unusual locomotive classes to ever enter the Train Simulator world.

Henry K

Keen player of both simulation and racing games. Can mostly be found playing the F1 series, Train Simulator, Assetto Corsa, with a bit of Battlefield thrown in between.
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