Train Simulator 2021: S15 Sound Pack Released and Ivatt 2MT Teased

Popular third-party Train Simulator developers Steam Sounds Supreme have released a new sound pack, plus they’ve shown off one of their most anticipated upcoming releases.

Image Source: Steam Sounds Supreme
Image Source: Steam Sounds Supreme

Steam Sounds Supreme is one of the biggest third-party developers for Train Simulator, specialising in sound packs and enhancement packs whilst also working with other developers to create locomotive packs.

Now, after a brief hiatus, they have released the Southern S15 sound pack, and they’ve teased the new Ivatt 2MT tank locomotive that should arrive in the not too distant future.

A bit about the S15 locomotives

Image Source: Steam Sounds Supreme

The Southern S15s were a freight locomotive originally designed by Robert Urie, before later being developed by Richard Maunsell, who had a new batch of locomotives built.

The original Train Sim add-on of the class, by developer Bossman Games, is a representation of the later Maunsell locomotives: this add-on is required for the sound pack and is available on the Steam Store.

The S15s were of a 4-6-0 wheel arrangement and were predominantly found on the Western part of the Southern network, running from London to coastal ports such as Southampton and Weymouth. The S15s could shift heavy loads at a good speed, and all of them were amalgamated into British Railways in 1948.

By 1966, all of them were withdrawn, and seven of the class were preserved. That said, No.841 isn’t anything more than a set of parts at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, following issues with its frames.

Steam Sounds Supreme gives the S15 some new sounds

Image Source: Steam Sounds Supreme

The main focus of the sound pack is to enhance the audio side of the add-on. The original sounds for the S15 were, in fact, taken from the LNER B1 add-on for Train Sim. Now, an authentic sound set has been sourced and applied to the locomotive. Plus, a collection of repaints in Southern and British Rail liveries has been included.

Despite the loco pack being Maunsell-based, Urie sounds have been included as part of a representation of No.506 based at the Mid Hants Railway. Scenarios are also a part of the pack for the freeware Whitby & Pickering and Mid Hants ‘Over the Alps’ routes, which are also available on Steam Sounds Supreme.

Teasing the upcoming class 2MT tank

Image Source: Steam Sounds Supreme, via Facebook

Steam Sounds Supreme have also posted some teasers of their upcoming Ivatt 2MT tank locomotive pack. Developed in conjunction with Victory Works and Skyhook Games, the DLC will bring a highly detailed and accurate representation of the class to Train Sim for the first time.

While the features and final livery counts haven’t been released yet, it looks like weathered and clean versions will be included, as well as the red Ivatt tank based at the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway in Yorkshire.

Image Source: Steam Sounds Supreme, via Facebook

With scenarios and quick drives also set to be included, this pack is probably one of Steam Sounds Supreme’s most highly-anticipated releases to date.

The easing of lockdown restrictions in the UK, should it continue, may allow for developers to craft more packs and add-ons for Train Simulator. For example, Bossman Games are gradually getting ready to release the ‘unrebuilt’ Merchant Navy class locomotives.

The S15 pack, upcoming Ivatt 2MT pack, and the 92134 9F add-ons are some very welcome pieces of content for Train Sim, with hopefully much more on the way as 2021 progresses.

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