Werewolf The Apocalypse – Earthblood: Find All Washington State Forest Base Spirit Locations Guide

If you’re searching for spirits to upgrade your skills, you can find all of the Tarker’s Mill hideout spirit locations right here.

Collecting spirits in Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood is vital to unlocking all of the skills available. Using the Penumbra vision (L1/LB), you can see where these spirits are and collect them by interacting with them (Triangle/Y).

In normal vision, they can be spotted by the telltale shimmering around an object, but spirits are much easier to spot in the spirit world. While playing through the story, these spirits are scattered across each level, usually residing within natural objects such as potted plants or rock ornaments.

There’s one skill, in particular, that you can unlock to help track these spirits very early on, costing just one Spirit Point.  Spiritual Link enables you to sense spirits from a distance while in the Lupus form, making it much easier to collect all of the spirits in the game.

After completing the Weapons Factory mission, you find yourself back in the Tarker’s Mill hideout within Washington State Forest. There ar several spirits residing in and around this location, and we’ll guide you to each one of them right here.

Finding the first spirit in Washington State Forest

Following the main missions, after you save Rodko, you’ll be prompted to speak with the spirit guardian Yfen within the Caern’s hideout. As you follow the main path down to Yfen, there is a small tree on the right side of the path: here, you’ll find the first spirit of Washington State Forest.

It’s situated just before the path curves around to the right, next to a lit tiki torch that’s set on the rockface.

Finding the second spirit in Washington State Forest

Having found the first spirit, continue on your way to Yfen and, before you go past the two people wearing hazmat suits, look up to your right to see the second spirit perched on the second ledge in a bunch of flowers.

It sits adjacent to the main tree in the centre of the hideout, behind the two people in the hazmat suits. The next ledge above the spirit is the upper path that leads out of the hideout, which is currently blocked by vines.

Finding the third spirit in Washington State Forest

This spirit can be found as you look at Yfen from the interaction point.

You can spot the spirit behind and to the left of the two people wearing hazmat suits, in front of the centre tree. Interact with it just as before and move on to the next one.

Complete the mission to infiltrate Endron’s training facility

After you’ve collected the third spirit, you must continue further in the story to gain access to the spirits outside of the hideout.

Check out our guide to Appeasing the Fallen Warriors side mission, which is triggered once you have spoken to Yfen. Completing this mission will also help to fill the Spirit Point meter.

Before you can explore the rest of Washington State Forest for spirits, you’ll have to complete the mission to infiltrate Endron’s training facility.

Finding the fourth spirit in Washington State Forest

After making it back to the Caern, following the destruction of Endron’s training facility, you must speak to Ava and Rodko. Once you’ve spoken to them, go to Aedana’s room: it’s the next room down and on the left from where you speak to Ava the first time.

In the corner, opposite the entrance, are two stone figures on top of a wooden crate. Here, you’ll find the fourth spirit.

Finding the fifth spirit in Washington State Forest

Once you’ve accepted the mission to infiltrate the Endron dam, the rest of the forest will become available to explore.

Take the upper path out of the hideout – the path which lies to the left of Yfen from where you speak with him.

The exit that was previously blocked by vines is now open, and just outside the hideout to the left is a large rock that holds the fifth spirit.

Finding the sixth spirit in Washington State Forest

From where you found the fifth spirit, continue following the path down. When the path splits, take the right turn.

After taking this turn, you’ll see the sixth spirit of Washington State Forest sitting in front of you, residing in a large tree.

Finding the seventh spirit in Washington State Forest

Keep following the path that led you to the sixth spirit, and in the next clearing, you can find the seventh spirit of the forest.

It is behind the fallen tree and in between two large trees, situated on a small ledge protruding from the rockface within two stone figures.

Finding the eighth spirit in Washington State Forest

As before, stay on the same path moving forward. When you reach the cliff overlooking the Endron dam, turn right and go past the large tree that sits near the edge.

If you then look over the edge, beside the next smaller tree on the cliff edge, you’ll find a ledge that you can drop down onto: here, you can find the eighth spirit.

Finding the ninth spirit in Washington State Forest

To find this spirit, jump back up the ledge from where you found the eighth spirit and follow the main path past the sunken truck. Where the path forks, take a right turn.

This path winds down and around to the left. You’ll follow the path back to the right, leading down to the road: from here, take the small track to the left. This track leads you to underneath the wooden balcony near Yfen in the hideout.

At the end of the track is a rock that’s leaning against the rockface. This is where the ninth spirit resides.

It’s the last spirit on this side of the hideout, so head back to the Caern to continue your search for spirit locations in Washington State Forest.

Finding the tenth spirit in Washington State Forest

If you follow the right-hand path from where you speak with Yfen out of the hideout, when you reach the two ledges that drop down into the clearing, look down and to your right to find the tenth spirit of the forest.

The spirit rests in a small flower in front of the broken tree stump, on the clearing’s right.

Finding the eleventh spirit in Washington State Forest

From where you found the tenth spirit, take the left-hand trail that leads you up to another clearing with trees dotted around.

If you then head towards the satellite dish on top of the Endron facility, you can encounter this spirit resting in a tree stump on your right.

Finding the twelfth spirit in Washington State Forest

Having found the eleventh spirit, walk to the edge of the cliff overlooking the Endron facility with the electric fence, and look to your left.

You should see the 12th spirit residing within an old broken tree stump on the next ledge down.

Finding the thirteenth spirit in Washington State Forest

There are two more spirits available which can be found out of the forest and near the main road which joins the Endron facilities.

Jump down from the location of the 12th spirit and follow the road down. Head past the truck filled with wooden logs and towards the construction site to your left.

You’ll find the penultimate spirit of this area in a rock behind the portable light and to the left of the log pile that overlooks the dam.

Finding the fourteenth spirit in Washington State Forest

If you continue down the road and over the bridge, you’ll see a checkpoint building on your left, next to the overhead road signs.

Behind this building is a tree stump holding the final spirit of this area; it sits beyond the walkway with yellow guardrails, near a woodpile.

Now you’ve collected all of the spirits within the Washington State Forest area, what will you spend your spirit points on?

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