Werewolf The Apocalypse – Earthblood: Halt the Spread of the Gas Guide

Learn all of the steps to stop the Earthblood Protocol gas from spreading in Nevada right here.

During the part of the story set in Nevada, a deadly gas will be unleashed, transforming susceptible humans into disfigured servants of the Wyrm, known as Fomori.

Halting the spread of this gas is available as a side mission after freeing the Red Talons’ leader from the Wyrm.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to activate the mission and the steps to complete it, including how to halt the spread of the gas, cleansing the Nevada desert of the Wyrm’s influence.

How to initiate the ‘Halt the spread of the gas’ side mission

Once you have completed the mission to infiltrate the Endron HQ in Nevada, you must return to Onawa in the Red Talons hideout. After freeing Onawa and the spirit guardian Pachu’a from the grips of the Wyrm, she will speak to you, assigning the main mission to contact Declan.

If you talk to Onawa once more, you’ll get the option to help their Caern, shown as the top-right chat option.

After speaking to Onawa and accepting the mission to halt the spread of the gas, four markers will appear on your screen. The markers are the same as the one to the left of the secondary objectives section of the mission pause screen.

Note that this article numbers the valves the same way as they are shown in-game, which isn’t necessarily how you will encounter them during your playthrough.

How to turn off the first valve to halt the gas

Head out of the cave opening in front of you, and then back to the entrance of the Endron facility. Once you have reached the entrance, follow the main road to your left to get to a big gate.

To the left of this gate is a door that you can pass through, and to the right is the complex which houses the second valve. If you choose to do the second valve now, you can reach the area for the first and third valve via a metal gate – found to the right of the second valve.

Both entrances to the areas that you need to access can be found in the image below.

Follow the road down, if you entered via the door from the main road, and you’ll see two complexes on either side of the road. The one to your right holds the first valve while the one on the left has the third valve.

If you’ve already done the second valve and came out through the gate, just follow the complex wall around and past the oil pumps: the first valve complex will be in front of you here.

Turn right, and you can enter the first valve’s complex through: the door to the left of the gate; a vent along the left-facing wall as you look toward the complex; or another door on the right-facing side.

After you get inside the complex, you will have to fight off some guards and Lambda Mankind affiliates corrupted by the Wyrm, which is caused by the gas that you’re aiming to stop.

Once you’ve dealt with them accordingly, head inside to find more human-turned-monsters to kill. When you’ve finished with them, turn left of the door that you came in through to find some stairs behind another door – follow them up to the second floor.

At the top of the stairs is another door, followed by an elevator. Take the elevator up to the next floor, walk up the stairs on your right, and go through the entrance to the left. When you get inside the door, there are a few more mutant Wyrm soldiers to get your claws stuck into.

The valve is directly in front of the door that you walk through: interact with it in human form to halt the spread of the gas from the first valve. Now, head to the next valve and stop the Wyrm from gaining more followers.

How to turn off the second valve to halt the gas

As you enter the Endron facility, the second valve is located in the complex just off of the main road, on your right. You can enter the area by going through the door to the left of the gate. Or, there is a vent to the right of the gate that you can access.

If you enter via the door, the valve is found dead ahead of you, or to your left if you entered via the vent. The valve is surrounded by corrupted Fomori humans.

Wipe out the mutated guards and interact with the red valve to complete the second part of the halt the spread of the gas side mission in Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood.

How to turn off the third valve to halt the gas

As you enter the Endron facility, follow the main road just as you did for valve one. Enter the area through the door to the left of the gate, or via the gate in the second valve area.

If you enter via the main road, the third valve lies in the complex to your left – which can be entered via the door facing the road.

As was the case with the other gas valves, the third one is also guarded by the Wyrm infused humans. Dispatch these monsters and head inside the building that has the two long windows on the second floor, as shown below.

There is an elevator that sits behind the central column inside the building; use the elevator to get to the second floor. The third valve that you need to turn to halt the spread of the gas is directly in front of you as you exit the elevator.

Now, there’s just one valve left for you to deactivate to halt the spread of the gas in Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood.

How to turn off the fourth valve to halt the gas

From the main entrance of the Endron facility, follow the dirt road around to the right – you’ll see the location of the second valve on your left.

The valve you’re after lies in the next complex along the road on your left. To enter the complex, there are two doors on the side that’s facing you on your approach. There’s also a vent or a third door on the right side of the building further down the road if you’d like an alternative entrance.

As you enter the enclosed area, you’ll notice several Fomori waiting. So, go full werewolf, rip through them, and then head to the raised corner platform, and up the stairs.

The fourth valve is behind the barrier, as shown in the image above. Interact with the valve to turn it off and then return to Onawa as you’ve turned off all four valves spreading the gas.

You have now completed the side mission of stopping the spread of the gas and can carry on following Cahal through his journey to rescue Aedana.

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