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Welcome to OutsiderGaming

This website has been forged for those who love gaming, want to keep up with news, and want to find out more about the rapidly developing world of gaming.

The OutsiderGaming team is filled with gamers and experts who simply want to build a platform which anyone can visit to get useful information, be it in the form of news, reviews, editorial features, or game guides.

Outsider Gaming is here to help you to connect to the world of gaming; we hope that you enjoy what’s on offer across our platforms.

Diving Deeper…

OutsiderGaming.com was founded by Ben C & Rahul M. Along with these two OG founders, the editorial team focused on console video games (especially sports games, new games, popular games, and longstanding gaming series titles). OutsiderGaming started by producing in-depth gaming guides for video gamers of all types–with the goal to add a bit more experiential information to differentiate from other leading sites in the gaming industry.

Today, OutsiderGaming still works with some of the same writers and editors from the early days after being taken to the next level with the help of the TreasureHunter.media team. Now, OutsiderGaming is able to cover more content for console gamers, PC gamers, VR gamers, those interested in Tech industry news, and much more. Keep on clicking to read our game guides, news content, feature articles, exclusive interviews, and then some…

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