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Fact-Checking, Corrections Policy and DMCA Takedowns

Fact-Checking and Corrections Policy

At Outsider Gaming, we cover a wide range of topics, and while we primarily focus on game guides, we often delve into news and, on occasion, rumours from within the gaming world. For all of our articles, we strive to achieve complete accuracy from the information that is available, with pieces not based on confirmed fact being labelled as such and only drawn from previously proven and reliable sources.

Modern games update regularly, as do the stories surrounding them, so we explore our topics as far as we possibly can up to the time of writing to ensure that our pages are correct at the time of writing. On occasion, should articles require updating due to new information to help them remain as a useful resource to gamers – be it via a news update, game update, or information revealed from further progress within a game – the page will be updated and corrected accordingly.

For the most part, we steer away from opinionated pieces and those that don’t deal with or weigh the facts of a topic. When topics do call for some subjective input, however, our writers seek to be driven by quantitative and qualitative data, while balancing any arguments put forward. Across all articles, statements given have to be fully accurate and fact-checked up to the time of writing, with that verification coming via other respected outlets and the primary sources of information.

For the most part, we also seek to avoid spoilers, and so rarely push our guides beyond the topic at hand. Working as a part of the entertainment industry, we don’t want to spoil the excitement for any of our users. Still, to address a topic wholly and correctly, the content will sometimes have to detail upcoming elements as they pertain to the guide or information provided through a news release. As for introductory spoilers, we aim to gear the introductions around the part of the game that the user will most likely be at, while avoiding direct story spoilers, in particular. If important spoilers are to be detailed further down, we’ll attempt to forewarn readers with a ‘Spoiler Warning’ line after the piece’s introduction.

As stated, much of what we do is create game guides and useful resources to help users improve their gameplay experience and complete games. The information used in these pieces is derived from our own time in the games or other official resources, such as companion guidebooks, ensuring that readers get vetted in-game information that has been proven to work. To flesh out articles where we deem it necessary, we will also refer to external sources, such as the game’s community, for additional information and alternative methods. When this occurs, we fact-check the information in-game and credit the source where appropriate.

If you wish to contact the site concerning our fact-checking and corrections policy, or if you’d like to request an update to an existing page, email us at [email protected].

CDPA, Copyright, and DMCA

Site policy

We do not publish any content that has not been checked for plagiarism, nor do we publish any content that infringes the intellectual property rights of any other outlet. Should an issue arise and be brought to our attention, we will react quickly and appropriately. We do not tolerate such infringements, as is stated clearly to all of our content providers both via communications and in our guidelines. The policy of the site is to respond and act upon any legitimate requests of copyright (Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988) or DMCA infringements (Digital Millennium Copyright Act 1998) as is appropriate.

If contributors are found to have committed an infringement of intellectual property rights or copyright regulation, the content shall be removed. If the contributor receives multiple legitimate claims against their content, their association with the platform shall be terminated. If the content is found not to infringe any copyright or intellectual rights, we reserve the right to republish any content that may have been taken down for the purposes of our own investigations due to a claim coming to our attention. However, this is not to say that any content with a claim submitted against it will be taken down (temporarily or otherwise) for the purposes of an investigation, but the site will act quickly to establish the validity of any claim that gets sent through the accepted means detailed here as a part of the user agreement.

Bringing an infringement to the attention of the site

By using this site, the user agrees that, should they wish to make a legitimate and verified removal request relating to the CDPA, DMCA, or a copyright infringement, that they will contact the site directly so that we can take action. Should an infringement claim ignore our website use policy stated on this page and throughout our terms and conditions pages, or be made illegitimately, unjustly, with malice, or for the sake of bullying, we shall pursue further action against the offender as is appropriate.

Please email us at [email protected], providing as many details and examples as you can to support your request should you wish to bring a potential infringement to the site’s attention.

The matter will be dealt with as soon as possible, and we’ll open a line of communication with the user who submitted the request to ensure clarity between both parties. Throughout the process, we aim to adhere to the laws applicable to the website in each instance. To enable all legitimate claims of infringement to reach the appropriate conclusion as efficiently as possible, we request that as much evidence and reasoning is supplied with any legitimate claim and that claimants are open to and active in communications throughout the process.

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