Pokémon GO Remote Raid Pass Limit Increased Temporarily

Niantic boosts Remote Raid Pass limits in Pokémon GO to cater to player demand. Trainers can now hold up to 10 passes, enabling more remote raid participation.

Join the action and catch 'em all! Pokémon GO has increased the Remote Raid Pass limit temporarily

Niantic has temporarily increased the Remote Raid Pass limit in Pokémon GO. Players can now hold more passes, allowing for increased participation in remote raids.

New Remote Raid Pass Limit

In response to player feedback, Niantic has temporarily increased the limit of Remote Raid Passes that Pokémon GO players can hold. Previously capped at 5 passes, players can now carry up to 10 Remote Raid Passes in their inventory. This change enables trainers to participate in more remote raids without having to constantly replenish their supply.

Accessing Remote Raids

Remote Raid Passes allow Pokémon GO players to join raid battles from a distance, without physically being at the raid location. This feature is particularly helpful for players who may not have easy access to gyms or who prefer to play from the comfort of their homes. To use a Remote Raid Pass, players simply need to tap on a nearby gym with an active raid and select the “Remote” option.

Purchasing Remote Raid Passes

Players can purchase Remote Raid Passes from the in-game shop using PokéCoins, the game’s premium currency. These passes are often available in discounted bundles or as part of special event packages. By increasing the limit on Remote Raid Passes, Niantic encourages players to stock up and participate in more raid battles.

Importance of Raid Battles

Raid battles are a crucial aspect of Pokémon GO, as they provide players with opportunities to capture powerful and rare Pokémon, earn valuable items, and gain experience points. By participating in raids, trainers can also strengthen their teams, making it easier to compete in player-versus-player (PvP) battles and tackle more challenging in-game content.

The temporary increase of the Remote Raid Pass limit in Pokémon GO is a welcome change for players who enjoy participating in raid battles from afar. With the ability to hold more passes, trainers can stay engaged in the game and work towards capturing rare and powerful Pokémon. This adjustment demonstrates Niantic’s commitment to ensuring an enjoyable and accessible gaming experience for all Pokémon GO players.

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