5 Rarest Knives Found in CS:GO Cases by 2023

Read About 5 Rarest Knives Found in CS:GO Cases!

5 Rarest Knives Found in CS:GO Cases

A rare item in your arsenal immediately tells one thing: you are serious about CS:GO. However, a knife’s skin is the most potent in these regards. They are simply too expensive and hard to get.

Today’s page will reveal the 5 rarest knives you can obtain through CS:GO case opening. You’ll learn their visuals, history, reasons for their rarity, and the cases they are contained in.

However, instead of fishing for upcoming skins with separate cases, you can attend opening this best case for knives. It has them all inside, with different pattern indexes, including the rarest ones.

Karambit – Case Hardened

Being added to the game in 2013 with The Arms Deal update, Karambit Case Hardened remains one of the rarest skins. This knife was introduced as a peak drop from 11 cases released in 2013-2015.

However, the skin is not always rare but only with a “Blue Gem” pattern index. It changes the skin’s appearance, manipulating stains covering the blade. The “Blue Gem” paints most of the blade in blue. In the most expensive variations, blue covers 50%-70% of the blade.

Blue Gem’s price can go far beyond CS:GO measures. You can sell a proper skin variation for more than $50 000. That’s what you can buy a solid car for.

M9 Bayonet – Crimson Web

Like the previous knife, M9 Bayonet Crimson Web was added to the game during The Arms Deal update, 2013. And it is also featured in 11 cases released between 2013-2015.

The knife is pretty rare in its classic paint: red blade with a darker red web outline. However, there is a pattern index making this skin even more rare. It doesn’t have a specific name. But it has a recognizable look: three web centers on the blade.

Crimson Web M9 with this pattern, factory new quality, and StatTrak counter becomes one of the rarest skins. Its cost of around $18 000 speaks for itself.

M9 Bayonet – Slaughter

Bayonet Slaughter skin was released in 2013, The Arms Deal update. It lies in 11 cases dropped in 2013-2015. What a classic.

The primary color of the skin’s paint is red. There is a lighter shade of it in the background. While darker red draws an abstract pattern. And if these patterns come together in a diamond and a heart, you’ll have some of the rarest CS:GO skins.

However, opening such a pattern index is very unlikely. There were just 5 “Diamond and Heart” Bayonets ever dropped. So finding this skin for purchase is also extremely tough. But only if you’re unwilling to spend hours looking for the skin’s owner and proposing tens of thousands of dollars to him.

Karambit Doppler – Black Pearl

Luckily, this skin entered our game in 2015 with the “Full Spectrum” update. Since then, you can find it in any “Chroma” cases.

This skin has a peculiar paint. It has a blue, purple, and crimson gradient. However, it is hidden underneath a thick layer of translucent black waves.

Pattern index changes the gradient layout. And if it makes your gradient carefully transition from the lightish color on the blade’s tip into the darker purple near the handle, you are lucky. It is a 386 pattern index, and we can’t stress enough how rare it is.

Several years ago, Doppler Black Pearl, with a 386 pattern index, was traded for the Field-Tested Souvenir Dragon Lore. And that’s a $63 000 deal!

Butterfly Knife – Marble Fade

In March 2017, Valve added this beautiful skin to the game alongside the “Take a Trip to the Canals” update. You can get Butterfly Knife Marble Fade from Spectrum 2 and Spectrum cases.

The skin’s pain consists of translucent yellow, blue, and red lines. They transition one into another slowly, creating a smooth gradient. Pattern index changes how your gradient looks.

The rarest of them is a pattern with red at the blade’s tip. Such variations may cost thousands of dollars. Especially if your skin is StatTrak and has good quality.

Those were some of the rarest CS:GO skins. But are they the best to have in 2023 for future price/rarity scaling? Not at all. But if that’s what you seek, this top of the currently most relevant knives is for you. There you will find the 5 best knife skins worth investing in in 2023.

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