Unturned II: Everything You Need to Know – Demo Access, Gameplay Footage, Roadmap, and more

A completely new sequel to the much-loved Unturned, here’s what you need to know about Unturned II, including how to play the game now.

Image Source: Smartly Dressed Games, via YouTube Unturned II: Everything You Need to Know – Demo Access, Gameplay Footage, Roadmap, and more

The free-to-play zombie adventure survival game Unturned has a sequel in the works, with Smartly Dressed Games’ developer Nelson Sexton confirming that Unturned II will be a completely different game.

At the time of writing, the follow-up to the game that boasts a 91 per cent positive score from over 400,000 reviews on Steam is being privately tested and developed. That said, there is a way in for Unturned players.

So, here’s what you need to know about Unturned II, including how to gain access to the Unturned II beta and where to find the latest updates on the project.

Is Unturned II going to be free?

According to a Discord AMA from 26 July 2020, Unturned II will be a free-to-play game on Steam. That said, the game may also create a premium pass to help alleviate any issues derived from the presence of hackers.

Is Unturned II going to be 32-bit or 64-bit?

Unturned runs on a minimum Windows OS of Windows 7 32-bit and a recommended OS of Windows 10 64-bit, but at the time of writing, it’s unclear if Unturned II will run on 32-bit.

It has been noted that the developer wants to make Unturned II as accessible as possible, but feedback to the January 2021 Development Update has suggested that the present state of the game is for 64-bit operating systems, with 32-bit runs presenting some issues.

How do I get an Unturned II private beta?

To gain access to the Unturned II private beta, you’ll need to prove yourself in the free-to-play Unturned game. You need to play the game for 1,250 hours or more. Once you’ve achieved this feat, you’ll be sent an access pass to the Unturned II private beta.

Having played 1,250 hours of Unturned, you’ll need to enter your in-game inventory and then select the ‘Invitation’ ticket to gain access to the Unturned II private beta.

How do you access Unturned II?

After you’ve played 1,250 hours of Unturned and earned the ‘Invitation’ to the Unturned II private beta, you’ll need to:

  • Enter Unturned;
  • Select the Survivors option;
  • Go into your inventory;
  • Click on the ‘Invitation’ item and then select ‘Claim Unturned II Access’ in the bottom left corner;
  • Leave the Unturned game;
  • Go to your Steam Library and then to your games list to see Unturned II.

Will Unturned II be available on consoles?

Unturned has been available on Steam since July 2014, only arriving on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X in the middle of November 2020. For Unturned II, as it stands, it’s being developed for Windows, Mac, and Linux, as confirmed on Reddit.

However, as noted on the SDG Blog, native controller support is being included to help console compatibility should they choose to have a console launch; at this time, a console launch isn’t in the plans.

Will Unturned II be available on mobile?

Unturned II doesn’t look to be getting a mobile release. In fact, Devlog #030 specifically detailed the removal of irrelevant files, including mobile support files, via TidyUE to help bring the file count down.

Although there were asset flips, as is often the case with popular online games, an SDG Employee on Reddit recently clarified that the original game, Unturned, never had a mobile version.

Does Unturned II have a split-screen option?

As detailed in Devlog #032, split-screen support has been a focus of the Unturned II development. In the post from mid-March, several aspects of the split-screen feature have been refined, including the UI’s pop-up menus and the self-spectating view.

The split-screen options include the use of a keyboard-mouse set-up alongside a gamepad, using the input setting “Skip Assigning to Player 1” to activate. Side by Side layout for split-screen is set to be the default layout, but it can be switched to Over and Under, with the former being better for dual-monitor set-ups.

What ESRB or PEGI Rating will Unturned II be?

Unturned was rated PEGI 16+ and ESRB Teen, however, due to it being designed for the community to mod and craft their own spin on Unturned, some content will exceed these rating brackets. Unturned II is yet to be rated by PEGI or the ESRB.

Can you play Unturned II offline?

The zombie survival game Unturned II can be enjoyed as an offline experience or in online multiplayer modes, as seen on the Unturned II Private Beta menu screen.

How do you view the Unturned II Trello roadmap?

Smartly Dressed Games has always kept open lines of communication with its community, and continues to do so through many formats. To see the roadmap of development, including tasks recently completed and aspects that are in active development, use this link to get to the Trello Unturned II Roadmap page.

How do I view the Unturned II Devlog?

Another way in which Smartly Dressed Games keeps Unturned II fans up to date is through their regular Devlogs, blogs, and updates – all of which can be found on the SDG Blog’s Unturned II category page.

Unturned II system requirements

Still being developed, and currently in the form of a private beta, the final system requirements of Unturned II are not yet confirmed. However, a recent download of the game required just 276 MB of disk space, with the most recent version of the original Unturned game having the following recommended system requirements:

  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
  • Processor: 3 GHz
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 6 GB available space

Unturned II gameplay footage and trailers

Still in the early stages of development, Smartly Dressed Games is yet to release much by way of official, polished gameplay footage or Unturned II trailers. However, the Devlog series features several highlight videos of the progress being made, and many players have created videos showcasing Unturned II gameplay footage.

These are some of the more recent Unturned II gameplay videos from the developer posts on the blog:

Also creating several videos for Unturned II are the YouTube channels Kameding and MrSpaml, with the former offering this look at Unturned II gameplay footage in 2021:

What is the Unturned II release date?

The Unturned II release date is yet to be announced by the developer, with there still being several elements to tick off on the roadmap to launch. A mid-2020 update stated that the target for last year was to have the core features on a stable survivor server set, with many more milestones to hit over the coming years.

If you want to enjoy Nelson Sexton’s ongoing project now, though, you can play the Unturned II private beta as soon as you reach the access requirements of 1,250 hours played on Unturned.

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