Train Simulator 2021: Caledonia Works Release Lancashire & Yorkshire Class 5 Tank Engine

This tank loco from the popular Train Simulator developer has been a long time coming, but it has finally hit our virtual shelves.

Image Source: Caledonia Works, via Facebook
Image Source: Caledonia Works, via Facebook

Popular Train Simulator developer Caledonia Works have just released their latest bit of DLC, adding to a bumper few weeks that featured the release of the GWR 4700 Night Owls and 8000 Cathedral Class locos.

The Lancashire and Yorkshire Class 5 tank has been due in the game for quite some time, but it’s finally been released, bringing a highly unusual class of engine to Train Sim.

An unusual class added to Train Sim

Image Source: Caledonia Works, via Facebook

The L&Y Class 5 tanks are unusual in that they have a 2-4-2 wheel arrangement, something that soon fell out of fashion on Britain’s railways.

Designed by John Aspinall in 1889, they were used primarily on suburban passenger trains and proved to be an improvement over other tank locos with a 0-4-4 wheel arrangement.

By 1891, the class had earned a reputation of being able to handle good loads on tough lines, including the fearsome Oldham Branch gradient, which rose to as steep as 1-in-52 for three-quarters of a mile.

Fearsome gradients could not stop the L&Y Class 5

Image Source: Caledonia Works, via Facebook

Even the 1-in-27 incline at Werneth Spur wasn’t too much for these locos. The class survived into both the London, Midland & Scottish days and latterly into the British Railways days.

Out of a total of 310, only three existed by 1961 – the year of their withdrawal. One example did survive, with No.1008 being preserved at the National Railway Museum in York. Having been built in 1889 and surviving in service until 1954, it is the only 2-4-2 locomotive in Britain to have been preserved.

What’s included in this Caledonia Works DLC pack?

Image Source: Caledonia Works, via Facebook

The Caledonia Works add-on includes their usual high level of detail. Texturing is done to the highest of standards and 23 variants are included, ranging from 1889 to 1961, with L&Y, LMS, and BR examples all represented.

The Joy valve gear, synonymous with the Lancashire & Yorkshire and London & North Western Railways, is fully animated. Furthermore, the loco includes Locomotion v1.4 scripting and custom sounds recorded from another L&Y loco, A Class No.1300, which survives at the East Lancashire Railway.

More L&Y Locos to come to Train Sim

Image Source: Caledonia Works, via Facebook

The Class 5 follows other L&Y locos from Caledonia Works, such as the Single-Wheeler Cornwall. Another L&Y class, the Class 23 0-6-0 tank engines, are also in development from Caledonia Works to add yet more L&Y flavour to Train Sim.

The L&Y fared badly in preservation, with just a handful of its engines surviving. Still, thanks to Train Simulator, we can rewrite history and enjoy the sights and sounds of some of the company’s greatest locomotives.

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