AEW Fight Forever Road to Elite Chapter Block List, Unlockables, Tips & Tricks

AEW Fight Forever Road to Elite offers a classic career mode experience as fans carve their path through several unique storylines.

AEW Fight Forever Road to Elite

AEW Fight Forever has arrived and Road to Elite takes center stage as the career mode experience in the first major console offering from All Elite Wrestling. Road to Elite, or RTE, is built to be played multiple times with different storylines and outcomes on deck as you play. 

With so many different ways to play and multiple layers of strategy to keep in mind throughout your career mode journey, this guide will help get you started off right. Here, you’ll learn the best tips and tricks so that your AEW Fight Forever Road to Elite is paved with nothing but success. 

In this guide you will learn: 

  • Tips and tricks for your AEW Fight Forever Road to Elite journey 
  • All the AEW Fight Forever Road to Elite Chapter and Block names 
  • How to unlock everything in AEW Fight Forever Road to Elite 

AEW Fight Forever Road to Elite Beginner’s Guide

AEW Fight Forever Road to Elite Beginner’s Guide
Luchasaurus greeting your character at a restaurant.

When you first dive into Road to Elite, the biggest question is who you’ll choose to make that journey. If it’s truly your first time into the mode, it’s highly suggested you not go through with a Custom Wrestler. The low caliber of your Custom Wrestler’s skills out the gate can make it a very difficult grind early on, whereas playing through with a capable existing member of the AEW Fight Forever roster gives you a much better chance at success (such as Sting above or Nyla Rose below). 

Whether it’s your first run or a later one, going through with a Custom Wrestler will provide a unique challenge as you’ll be working towards unlocking skills and other boosts to improve your Custom Wrestler. Aside from the differences once you get rolling, the main choice you’ll make at Road to Elite save creation with a Custom Wrestler is about their personality (you can only have one RTE save at a time).

You can choose Hero, Monster, Confident, Jerk, Quiet, or Enigma, and that choice will affect your dialogue and interactions throughout various parts of Road to Elite. This option isn’t available for anyone on the in-game roster, as those are set by the game and cannot be changed. One less consequential choice is a diet of vegetarian or non-vegetarian which will only affect the specific meals you’re served at restaurant visits in Road to Elite. 

Once your Road to Elite journey has begun, you’ll need to make decisions each week about how to use your turns. Try to keep your battery and mental state in decent standing to give the best chance of success in matches, and watch for Snapshot opportunities in each storyline. Once you’ve triggered a specific story block, you can check the Snapshot Album under Options in RTE to see which weeks have activities with a potential Snapshot. 

Exactly how your Road to Elite path goes will vary from wrestler to wrestler and potentially even in saves with the same roster member, as your record of wins and losses can influence which story you get in the next block for RTE. It’ll take multiple attempts to experience every last bit of the mode, but you’ll also be unlocking minigames and earning cash – more than you need – that you can spend in the Shop to unlock those minigames and other in-game content. 

Pay attention to any activity with a red mark. These are unique events and mostly lead to snapshot encounters, though some will lead to matches (like CM Punk challenging you to be his debut opponent on Rampage).

Road to Elite Chapters & Blocks List 

Road to Elite Chapters & Blocks List 

Road to Elite kicks off with the Prologue chapter depending on whether you’re playing as a male or female (or non-binary in the case of Abadon) competitor. Male wrestlers get tossed into the Casino Battle Royale and are required to go the distance and win for a shot at the AEW Championship. Female wrestlers (and Abadon) will instead be placed in a four-way match as part of the prologue. Regardless, if you’re playing with a women’s wrestler or Abadon, you’ll be in many intergender matches throughout your Road to Elite runs.

Your success or failure in that match can impact which chapter you kick off with in the Road to All Out block, but there seems to be some element of chance as well. The same goes for other blocks down the line as your record, which wrestler you’re playing with, and an element of chance all influence which storyline you end up with. 

Here are a list of all the Road to Elite chapters and blocks:  

Chapter 1: Road to All Out

  • Block 1A: Unlikely Partnership
  • Block 1B: Crowning the First AEW Champion
  • Block 1C: Women’s Championship

Chapter 2: Road to Full Gear

  • Block 2A: Inner Circle Breaks Out
  • Block 2B: Join the Dark Order
  • Block 2C: Dance with Death 

Chapter 3: Road to Revolution 

  • Block 3A: Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match
  • Block 3B: Breaking Point
  • Block 3C: Relationship Problems

Chapter 4: Road to Double or Nothing

  • Block 4A: The Founders Fall
  • Block 4B: Challenge Yourself
  • Block 4C: Who’s Ribbing Me? 

It will likely take you more than four runs through Road to Elite to access all of these, and so far the Join the Dark Order and Who’s Ribbing Me blocks seem hardest to trigger. This could be a result of them both being tied to an unlockable wrestler, which are only a few of the rewards available to players in RTE. 

How to Unlock Mr. Brodie Lee, Paul Wight (Big Show), Minigames, and Historic Explosion Type

How to Unlock Mr. Brodie Lee, Paul Wight (Big Show), Minigames, and Historic Explosion Type
After beating Paul Wight, you’ll find him for 30,000 in the AEW Shop.

If you’re looking to unlock everything in AEW Fight Forever, a good chunk of that work is going to be done by multiple playthroughs of Road to Elite. There are two wrestlers, several minigames, and a match option you’ll work towards. 

In all cases, these rewards will become available in the Shop area of the main menu screen. You’ll then have to spend the in-game cash earned via matches, Challenges, and by completing Road to Elite on unlocking those rewards. 

Perhaps the easiest course of action will be unlocking new minigames, as even an abysmal complete run through Road to Elite will cause the next unlockable minigame to appear in the shop at 10,000 AEW Cash each. However, the two unlockable wrestlers can be extra challenging as can a special option for the Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match. 

How to Unlock Mr. Brodie Lee, Paul Wight (Big Show), Minigames, and Historic Explosion Type

The last of those is paired with the Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match block on the Road to Revolution. Exact parameters to trigger it can vary, but a relatively strong run with Nyla Rose did cause that storyline to trigger. After plowing through the matches and securing a win in the Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match, you’ll have the option in the Shop to purchase the Death Match Explosion Type Option for 30,000 AEW Cash

Once purchased, you’ll be able to go into options when setting up an Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match in Exhibition and choose between the “Big” explosion type or the “Historic” option. “Big” is the default and is the larger explosion you may have already seen in one of these matches. However, if you set it to “Historic” you’ll get the hilariously lackluster version that occurred when things misfired at AEW Revolution 2021. 

As for unlockable wrestlers, the first and slightly easier one to pursue is the late Mr. Brodie Lee. You’ll need to get and win in the Block 2B: Join the Dark Order storyline. Random chance plays a factor, but the most reliable path at this point appears to be using Cody Rhodes, winning the opening battle royal, but subsequently losing all of the other matches in Block 1B: Crowning the First AEW Champion. Once you’ve got Join the Dark Order rolling, follow it week-by-week and win to end up with a shot at Mr. Brodie Lee for the TNT Championship. One big victory and he’ll be purchasable in the Shop for 30,000 AEW Cash. 

How to Unlock Mr. Brodie Lee, Paul Wight (Big Show), Minigames, and Historic Explosion Type

Finally, the most challenging reward to unlock in Road to Elite will be Paul Wight, the athlete formerly known as Big Show. Some players have had success triggering the Block 4C: Who’s Ribbing Me? storyline with Custom Wrestlers (even on their first run), but the most reliable path seems to be using Malakai Black and intentionally quitting out of and losing every single match until you reach this storyline. It can take some time, but purposefully skip everything. When you finally trigger Block 4C, make sure to back out to save and quit Road to Elite. 

Once it’s firmly saved, continue the storyline and lose your subsequent matches. This will setup a Week 3 match against Paul Wight with a strict three-minute time limit where the timer stars before the bell rings. The safest method is actually going to be winning by count out as Wight’s weight detection and stance (including the Unyielding Pose skill) make almost all attacks useless. Immediately exit the ring and begin taunting until Wight runs out. Grapple and Irish Whip him into the barricade, deliver strikes until he hits the ground, and carefully wait until he’s back up to repeat this process. Continue throwing him into the barricade and sticking to safe strikes and occasional grounded grapples. 

When the referee’s count is up near 8 or even 9, immediately bolt back into the ring and hopefully your timing will see success. If you are losing or expect the timer to run out, back out of your game to the main console screen and close it entirely. Relaunch to get back to your previous save spot and try again, because if you continue with the loss against Wight you’ll be forced to start this process over on a new save until you can get the storyline to appear again. 

Now you have everything you need to know about AEW Fight Forever Road to Elite. With multiple playthroughs required to unlock everything, have fun and switch it up between Custom Wrestlers and AEW wrestlers!

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