Rainbox Six Extraction: All the REACT Tech by Tier

Here is your full list and overview of REACT Tech by tier in Rainbow Six Extraction.

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To assist you in facing the Archæans in Rainbow Six Extraction, you are able to unlock different REACT Tech that you can equip on your 18 Operators.

You begin the game with Smoke Grenades and the Recon Drone. Smoke Grenades stun any Archæans in the smoke, while the Recon Drone is one of the best recon tools in the game. Interestingly – and helpfully – Archæans don’t respond to REACT Tech focused on scanning and recon, like the Drone.

Below, you will find a list of all REACT Tech by tier. There are 21 total pieces of REACT Tech. You can carry two REACT Tech items per Operator.

REACT Tech Tier 1

This tier includes four items. They’re mostly defensive to help you survive longer early in the game.

1. Impact Grenade

These grenades send out a shockwave upon detonation in a seven-meter area. While they don’t do damage to Archæans, knocking them back will stun them slightly and allowing you crucial moments to dispose of your enemies, make a retreat, or reinforce your area. You can carry four of these initially (there’s an upgrade below).

2. Scan Mine

These mines will scan for Archæans in a six-meter radius, and more importantly, can scan cloaked Archæans. The latter point is crucial, especially when you come across Lurkers. Lurkers have the unique ability to cloak Archæans around them. You can carry three of these mines.

3. Body Armor

This will reduce damage by 20 percent. Crucially, instead of going into stasis and becoming MIA, your Operator will be downed but not out (DBNO), a prone position. This will allow you to be revived by your teammates, and if Doc is being used, he can use his special ability to revive you from a distance!

4. Revive Kit

Unlike the Body Armor, the Revive Kit doesn’t reduce damage. However, if equipped, you will always fall to DBNO. Then, you can revive yourself one time. As with most revivals, you will hit zero health quicker than before being DBNO.

REACT Tech Tier 2

This tier includes four items. This tier is unlocked at level six (Milestone 6). Three of the four are best used for crowd control.

1. Claymore

These are forward-facing explosive mines. Claymores explode in a six-meter radius. These are best used when setting traps, as an alert system, or as a flanking mechanism. You can carry three of these mines.

2. Stun Grenade

Unlike the Impact Grenades, Stun Grenades will do just that: stun Archæans. This will render them useless for a few crucial seconds. These grenades detonate two-and-a-half seconds after making impact. You can carry three of these initially.

3. Glue Grenade

This is your version of Sprawl! These grenades deploy a slowing substance in a ten-meter radius. Archæans caught in the glue will be as slow as you caught in Sprawl. You can carry three of these initially.

4. Ammo Satchel

When equipped, you will deploy with 50 percent more ammunition. This applies to both your primary and secondary weapons. Particularly on higher difficulties, having more ammo to face stronger Archæans may be a smart idea.

REACT Tech Tier 3

This tier includes five items. This tier is unlocked at level 12 (Milestone 12). This tier basically includes upgrades to your previous unlocked REACT Tech.

1. Fragmentation Grenade

Unlike the previous grenades, this grenade damages Archæans in a six-meter area. These grenades have a four-second fuse time. When you find grouped Archæans, hold and release to time the detonation right in the middle of the group. You can carry three of these initially.

2. Field Wall

A crucial item when fighting the Apex or Spikers, the Field Wall blocks all Archæans projectiles. It deploys as a six-meter wall. Crucially, it does not block friendly fire. You can carry three Field Walls.

3. Scan Grenade

The more mobile version of the Scan Mine, these grenades scan Archæans in a 12-meter area for 30 seconds. This means it may catch those patrolling enemies as well. You can carry four of these initially.

4. Explosive Harness

The grenade version of the Ammo Satchel, the Explosive Harness adds three additional grenades when you deploy. If you forgo the Recon Drone for Scan Grenades, then this item will be crucial, though it will take up your other spot.

5. XR Recon Drone

Unlike the Recon Drone, the XR automatically scans for Archæans. Even better, it can scan through surfaces. It has an eight-meter radius. Unlike the Recon Drone, the XR recharges every 30 seconds when disabled instead of exploding. The automatic scan and rechargeability makes this the recon drone you should equip.

REACT Tech Tier 4

This tier includes five items. This tier is unlocked at level 18 (Milestone 18). This tier mixes pure offense with good tactics.

1. Nitro Cell

These are remotely detonated charges. It has a large area of effect. You can plant or throw these anywhere to stick, then remotely detonate them. These are great for traps and clearing out an infested room – usually where an Objective is located. You can carry two of these.

2. Paralysis Grenade

While these do not damage Archæans, they do paralyze affected ones for five seconds. These grenades detonate on impact. These grenades will work wonders when needing to kill elite targets or facing stronger enemies like the Apex or Smasher. You can carry three of these initially.

3. Arc Mine

Like Claymores, these also are forward-facing blasts. You can chain the two you carry within seven meters of each other. Set them at angles so that one device activates and triggers the other, potentially taking out a trail of enemies.

4. Recon Vapor Device

These grenades scan all Archæans for 45 seconds by deploying a vapor. It can even scan cloaked Archæans. It has a two-and-a-half second fuse after impact. You can carry three of these initially. These are best used in condensed areas where Objectives are located.

5. Anabolic Accelerant

Basically a stim pack, these will slowly boost your health up to 50. Beyond that, you will need to find med kits to boost your available health. This is best used with little health to avoid stasis, particularly if you don’t have anything that will make you DBNO.

REACT Tech Tier 5

This tier includes one item: the REACT Laser. This tier is unlocked at level 25 (Milestone 25).

1. REACT Laser

Quite possibly the best piece of REACT Tech in the game, there’s a reason it’s the last one unlocked. The REACT Laser destroys Sprawl on contact! This means you can save your ammo by simply pointing the Laser at Sprawl. The upgrade is automatically equipped on all Operators. You will have to switch between the REACT UV Light (which senses Archæans through destructible surfaces and shows their weak spots) and the REACT Laser.

In a squad, it’s recommended to have one person – should they have the upgrade – focus on destroying Sprawl as you move through the zones while the other two players use the UV Light to sense potential threats. This should greatly increase your chances of successfully completing Objectives and extracting safely.

How do you unlock more REACT Tech in Rainbow Six Extraction?

You can unlock each piece of REACT Tech with one React Token. These are obtainable through the Progression system as well as at level thresholds for high-tiered Tech.

Which pieces of REACT Tech will you prioritize? Which Operators seem a best fit to you with certain Tech? Make your choices when you play Rainbow Six Extraction!

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