Animal Crossing: Best QR Codes and Codes for Marvel Clothes, Decorations, and Other Designs

Here are the best Animal Crossing codes for Marvel items, from the superhero and supervillain suits to iconic symbols for wall art.

One of Nintendo’s biggest games of the Switch era meets perhaps the biggest name in film and comics right now, with copious amounts of Marvel items created in Animal Crossing.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can get Marvel codes for supervillain and superhero-themed clothes and decorations, both created within the latest title and previous games in the franchise. Just as there are so many Marvel characters to draw from comics and the MCU, there are thousands of Animal Crossing codes to use.

So, to help you find the best Marvel codes for Animal Crossing, we’ve trawled through the top sources to compile our selection of top AC codes and QR codes for Marvel-themed clothes and designs.

Best Animal Crossing: New Horizons codes for Marvel items

While Animal Crossing QR codes have been the way to transfer designs, the New Horizons codes system has made the process of finding and sharing Marvel creations much easier.

To use our selection of the best Marvel codes for ACNH below, you’ll need to unlock and use the Custom Designs Portal, selecting the Design ID search to input the 14-digit codes.

Marvel Item Code Type Creator
MO-4322-8TYS-821T Sweater Austin, Tempura
MO-DG8J-NBJ5-LV49 Hoodie Myri, Kamaria
MO-CNCC-6WRV-B9JG Hoodie Eric, Asgard
MO-RMBM-0BWH-BSWF Sweater Zed Volk, Latveria
MO-T2VY-Y3NS-0DQS Long-sleeve Dress Shirt Jonny, Eventide
MO-2S9C-9KJW-JW64 Sweater KrizLeadz, Terra
MO-VNQK-C5QR-KJ5Q Sweater Bojo, Tatooine
MO-MSD2-NLYJ-7HS0 Long-sleeve Dress Shirt Tky,
MO-419B-4SH0-1R0B Coat
MO-1KCW-NNTK-GJN1 Sleeveless Dress Elisabeth, Chikorita
MO-QTC1-F971-0VX9 Hoodie Ben, Chantonuf
MO-8YX1-4H5Y-T8P3 Sweater Fran, Maypole
MO-MGM2-6B4J-PFY3 Sweater hung,
MO-BXJ7-3YH3-8KJG Brimmed Cap hung,
MO-4LFJ-7NMH-X72V Sweater Jax, Sanctuary
MO-7DPL-CXTD-H5CQ Long-sleeve Dress Shirt Joseph, Refuge
MO-1X4N-M66D-2JRX Long-sleeve Dress Shirt Brandon, Nokorona
MO-G03J-4654-4PSS Knit Cap Polaris, Ylond Isla
MO-2HBR-6XSV-NJD0 Coat Steph, Mogno
MO-JJVX-DVQW-3FLF Hoodie Le Boss, Tang’île
MO-XQXJ-BSNH-06BP Long-sleeve Dress Shirt Beau, Island
MO-13K9-FMFC-3F4T Coat Anmol, Yuuei Isle
MO-BJNT-1JH5-458F Coat Tonica, Viridian
MO-51K5-3GRB-MQM8 Coat Palesa, Wakanda
MO-49W5-2BKF-8VHF Long-sleeve Dress shanna!, Aslan
MO-GQCW-YSX0-KSQK Tank Top Artémis, Themiscyra
MO-6T9X-YRB1-HD6R Tank Top Nuno, Krokodisle
MO-SVYQ-RJDP-CQHR Robe Isa, Charmed
MO-GSB6-Q3GG-D8W8 Hoodie Le Boss, Tang’île
MO-1PL6-P0S9-JHDF Coat
MO-M9NG-8VKH-14T2 Long-sleeve Dress Shirt Patty, Kalokairi
MO-822V-16PG-T6JG Hoodie Ben, Chantonuf
MO-3VBP-SRFW-YPJJ Hoodie CaptPewPew, Coruscant
MO-P42D-YBRM-HMF5 Coat Phases, Spirit
MO-C0CX-RHQW-HFH1 Sweater Anji, Hanabi
MO-2DFL-SDXY-QC7V Long-sleeve Dress Shirt Jam, Jamland
MO-K3WT-RRMR-606D Hoodie Sydney, Monoville
MO-0FCQ-NFYH-D97B Short-sleeve Tee Arron, Skahamas
MO-LBPB-7LWP-WD6C Sweater daimira, Alandiel
MO-J9TJ-WB09-0S96 Sweater Riley, Aloha
MO-JPMS-Y63V-MBBX Sweater Le Boss, Tang’île
MO-8286-25L5-4Q62 Tank Top Joseph, Chong land
MO-97DS-QRHY-LDVD Coat Mena, Menashima
MO-BYJ9-LNJK-RWK4 Coat Charry, SunnyWoods
MO-M3SJ-CTL4-3KDL Long-sleeve Dress Shirt Charry, SunnyWoods
MO-JW8N-TG28-5MCS Sweater *PAW*, Merci West
MO-Q8ND-FFMX-RGHN Sweater hung,
MO-F7RT-L3WQ-J1PN Coat Avery, Medusa
MO-RR0K-G8WM-55MM Sweater Le Boss, Tang’île
MO-BD95-8WWN-PYN1 Sweater Smash, Graymalkin
MO-XL54-9MF6-M6SW Coat Vincent, La Dracu
MO-FN45-SVYH-3GW5 Coat Robin, Pen Island
MO-QCSM-QV3L-X18F Brimmed Cap Mike Shaw, Prison
MO-SMSB-SFJ5-G9D1 Brimmed Cap Mike Shaw, Prison
MO-8RRR-H814-SLML Sweater C-Bee, Mërakí
MO-1GK4-MKJV-9FQW Brimmed Cap Andrea, Poopy
MO-V39G-0CTM-HTFH Other Fredy, Elysium
MO-M7GR-S0QT-04L8 Other Qnel, #
MO-XRDY-T9DQ-D89G Other Ruin, Jaboctopia
MO-3NDD-J3NJ-B3K0 Other Ivoliven, Séremar
MO-PCB6-6XV7-56YP Other Kristine, Edgerton
MO-608N-521N-WDDB Other tATer T0ts, BlankSpace
MO-HVHM-04F5-7TYX Other HazeL, Calypsoia
MO-99M0-2978-CVSX Other Jade, Gerudoland
MO-RBXF-MTS9-01SW Other Ace, RP island
MO-X9W4-W0XS-LCT5 Other Ryan, Quartz
MO-FV2X-4308-BBF1 Other Ferna, Totichu
MO-B0G5-JW86-MMCR Other Handy Ace, Shady Side
MO-GGVX-CDXH-V98M Other kit, Cats rule
MO-G3QQ-B8Y7-525L Other Aislyn, Caledonia
MO-06NP-18Y6-D8BJ Other Tiilzy, Dixiville
MO-PP9K-2YWQ-N87T Other Arymilla, Rosewood
MO-QHGP-TG9D-TVL8 Other Ben, Gotham
MO-PLXY-917D-NLVW Other Mellowkat, Fraelia
MO-WRX5-BNKQ-M60X Other Nick, San Nico
MO-L8CD-G85H-M3CR Other Thales Ken, Ilha Calau
MO-HJMG-X6F1-X6GQ Other Sushi, sushiland

Best Animal Crossing QR codes for Marvel items

Using the Animal Crossing QR codes requires three screens and can be a hassle, but as you’ll see below, there are certainly some Marvel QR codes that are worth scanning into ACNH.

Each of the Animal Crossing QR codes for Marvel clothes below requires you to scan four QR codes. To log the codes in order, you’ll need to go from the top left to top right, and then bottom left to bottom right for each set of four QR codes.

Deadpool suit AC QR code

Type: Long-sleeve Shirt
Creator: JereMy

Loki’s armour AC QR code

Type: Long-sleeve Dress
Creator: Catie

Winter Soldier attire AC QR code

Type: Long-sleeve Shirt
Creator: NEFUR

Captain Marvel suit AC QR code

Type: Long-sleeve Shirt
Creator: King

Classic Captain America suit AC QR code

Type: Long-sleeve Shirt
Creator: Catie

Thor’s caped outfit AC QR code

Type: Long-sleeve Dress
Creator: Chris

Hawkeye comic costume AC QR code

Type: Long-sleeve Shirt
Creator: Catie

There’s a vast collection of Animal Crossing QR codes and New Horizons codes to find for more Marvel items, with the best places to get them being the Custom Designs Portal, Nerd Attack!, and r/ACQR.

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