Animal Crossing: Best QR Codes and Codes for Pokémon Clothes, Decorations, and Other Designs

Here’s our selection of the best Animal Crossing QR codes and New Horizons codes for Pokémon items.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons brought the franchise back into the Nintendo’s elite circle of first-party games, becoming the go-to game for creativity and never-ending activities.

Being such a big game on the Switch, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that several ACNH players have created and shared new designs in the theme of another mighty Nintendo franchise, Pokémon.

There are hundreds of custom Pokémon designs from past and present games in the Animal Crossing franchise. So, to make things a bit easier, we’ve scoured the main sources of codes, as detailed on our Animal Crossing Codes page, to compile what we consider to be a stack of the best Animal Crossing codes and QR codes for Pokémon items.

Best Animal Crossing: New Horizons codes for Pokémon items

The easiest way to get Pokémon clothes, decorations, and other designs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is to use the code system via the Custom Designs Portal.

By using the Design ID search, you can get all of the items linked to the best Animal Crossing Pokémon codes listed in the following table.  

Pokémon ItemCodeTypeCreator
MO-4GB2-YMJM-43LJBalloon-hem DressClaire, Cutie Land
MO-13J9-N574-3T8XBrimmed CapEzareal, Karakura
MO-T5VK-TX7H-BL7CSweaterevelyn, woodvale
MO-TW7Y-033Y-S05XCoatGavin, Area 51
MO-P4RF-WSLN-MHPHBrimmed Capbirdgaming, birds nest
MO-9Y72-HTKL-LHD2Tank TopAngelina, Ellesméra
MO-JK09-L8NH-78RRHoodieCassy, Harmony
MO-TFFG-3C5W-PM77Brimmed CapTaya, Paradise
MO-VLDD-2QC1-X0GBHoodieBoardo, Awakening
MO-SDJB-GMR5-9QQQBalloon-hem DressGalaxymew, Devonian
MO-Q70L-V58P-2R5CBrimmed HatJessi, paradise
MO-JH97-YPWF-CFCXTank Toplulu, loony
MO-RR3N-RK14-VL18Sweateranne-so, cocolint
MO-V26P-9SG7-5RYCShort-sleeve TeePol, animaland
MO-9TP4-F1TK-TD94CoatKaty, Pelu
MO-84TR-D654-TKV4Short-sleeve Tee
MO-DSQW-XSBW-C1VHCoatFoxyDan, Link isle
MO-4JPJ-B8B4-6BDLBrimmed CapToni, Luna
MO-J088-RX3V-V2Y0Short-sleeve Dressstar, Kanto
MO-WL3Q-PBT4-8MC4HoodieNoya, Noya
MO-55NC-D7MQ-L99JSweaterlily, tropic
MO-VNPT-LC9D-XXGQBalloon-hem DressRedPandaa, Shytakii
MO-G8NS-JM96-XB07HoodieGragoo, Island
MO-0TGB-X6RG-VX65Knit CapReeny, Nimbles
MO-639S-110P-QLK7Brimmed CapJess, Moondrop
MO-CGRW-DGTP-MM2RRobeYanni, [^.^]
MO-65HJ-G438-4CD7CoatRicky, Pumpkin
MO-NJR7-LCYH-JVRVCoatClarke, Elysium
MO-H4JV-4KM1-J3F6Short-sleeve TeeBrittany, Star Crest
MO-F8SV-1LN9-8RFDHoodieBanana <3, Banana UwU
MO-XR6G-K45Q-NQGHShort-sleeve Dresspoppet, Cobble
MO-Y20N-WCVK-DLH3HoodieVen, Wysteria
MO-CN5F-22VT-QV2GShort-sleeve TeeEmerald, Duscur
MO-HV8P-8HC4-3290OtherEmma, Tiki-Land
MO-3DSY-664V-7PPDOtherWolfgang, WolfIsland
MO-KMDY-93CV-JQRQOtherRiozun, Neverland
MO-YK66-BMN5-MGC0OtherAlex, Quarantine
MO-L03V-1T7R-LFCBOtherZippey, Oportunity
MO-4BTV-5S8T-WLFBOtherJanek, Bulwa
MO-8X1H-P2Q4-S1C2OtherJanek, Bulwa
MO-MLN9-D3XS-5FV1OtherLokken, New Verdou
MO-WPVQ-HBXV-C0SMOtherOctavio, Isla Relax
MO-9QK7-J4J3-CMNHOtherLokken, New Verdou
MO-L9HN-5B67-G25SOtherEmily, Yoshland
MO-CLLY-YHS4-V0Q2OtherJessie, Pika
MO-Y7FL-GGJ4-YRX9OtherKitty, qwsa
MO-5FHW-JNB9-0S21OtherGriff, Griflantis
MO-Q4RW-P09P-8KTVOtheragent P, tri state
MO-HH1M-1JVV-HG9YOtherJoocha, Mongol-île
MO-35H7-29G1-RNMSOtherPoppi, Skyloft
MO-RR01-54VY-8BPMOtherJared, ChinchLand
MO-0Q6S-S7XQ-P354OtherSweetea, Candy town
MO-C61W-YGSG-KK92OtherAudra, Goldsands
MO-C54R-XPM6-8CSROtherFox, Salasen
MO-DD24-DK32-5DSBOtherJosh, Mini
MO-QN86-KL4C-R0QKOtherMaik, Dreamland
MO-XRS2-T044-TNWSOtherPaperThin, Paperland
MO-PJYL-8CVD-5HHTOtherBakï, namek 2.0
MO-3P5P-3B5R-TYJJOtherAdrián, SwitchLand
MO-NXMC-Q7T4-FFC7OtherBirdy, Cake
MO-B6N0-3MF7-5TDSOtherNero, Beep-Boop
MO-RLK8-TNGL-DGD6OtherLucy, Gotham
MO-X208-QQR3-3S65OtherShadhavar, Avalon
MO-N8TN-G5PX-LMWFOtherVyvy, Pound Town
MO-0CCP-3LVS-XKDCOtherWill, Wano
MO-V1DG-RRK9-WT4POtherWill, Aster

Best Animal Crossing QR codes for Pokémon items

The process of getting the best Animal Crossing QR codes for Pokémon designs is much more longwinded and staggered than getting the New Horizons Pokémon codes above.

That said, there are some excellent Pokémon items for Animal Crossing that you’ll need the QR code download process to acquire, with our top picks and QR codes listed below.

Most of these AC Pokémon codes require you to scan four QR codes, in order of top left, top right, bottom left, and then bottom right.

Trainer backpack AC QR code

Type: Short-sleeve Shirt
Creator: Unknown

Negative Pikachu vest AC QR code

Type: Sleeveless Shirt
Creator: Kimmi

Ash’s jacket AC QR code

Type: Short-sleeve Shirt
Creator: Starkey

Misty’s outfit AC QR code

Type: Sleeveless Dress
Creator: Lies

Brock’s vest AC QR code

Type: Short-sleeve Shirt
Creator: Starkey

Gym leader Erika’s dress AC QR code

Type: Long-sleeve Dress
Creator: Calem

White Team Rocket top AC QR code

Type: Long-sleeve Shirt

Black Team Rocket top AC QR code

Type: Long-sleeve Shirt

Kimono girl outfit AC QR code

Type: Long-sleeve Dress
Creator: Cryssi

Lucario outfit AC QR code

Type: Horned Hat and Long-sleeve Shirt
Creator: Buoysel

Incineroar hoodie AC QR code

Type: Long-sleeve Shirt
Creator: Tanja

There are loads more Pokémon codes and QR codes to find and use in Animal Crossing, so be sure to check out r/ACQR, Nerd Attack!, and the Custom Designs Portal in New Horizons.

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