Animal Crossing: Best QR Codes and Codes for Harry Potter Clothes, Decorations, and Other Designs

Whether you want the Hogwarts uniforms of Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff, or want some other Harry Potter items, these are the Animal Crossing codes for you.

The Animal Crossing franchise has given players the tools to create just about any theme of design for items of clothing and décor.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, as with previous AC games, one of the more popular sources of inspiration has been the wizarding world of the Harry Potter franchise. There are several hundred Animal Crossing codes for Harry Potter clothes and designs, which can make it tricky to find the best ones.

On this page, you can get the codes and QR codes of all of the best Harry Potter designs that we’ve found from the key Animal Crossing codes sources, including clothes, decorations, and other designs.

Best Animal Crossing: New Horizons codes for Harry Potter items

The easiest way to get your hands on some Harry Potter designs is to use the Animal Crossing codes.

All that you need to do is unlock the Able Sisters store and activate the Custom Designs Portal, using the Design ID search to input the best Animal Crossing codes for Harry Potter clothes and designs shown below.

Harry Potter ItemCodeTypeCreator
MO-7WK5-58HY-VJ17RobeLottie, Isla Shade
MO-L061-PJPG-NDCTCoatWaifu4lifu, Moonscar
MO-V2PP-MBC6-3QXWSweaterVale, Lixland
MO-46PF-WXSN-RCX5CoatSkadi, Lothlorien
MO-Q0XQ-FCPY-Q4PWSweaterAllison, The Shire
MO-5TPB-99VR-VBC8CoatLemonPoppy, Clementine
MO-L93V-FC6X-XPNNCoatAomjai, Anonymous
MO-YM9Y-7THM-PH87CoatSkadi, Lothlorien
MO-4FCY-133X-CF37CoatArya, Pearwoods
MO-G9GR-65KW-BRPMSweaterShannon, The Closet
MO-1F30-JRLL-LDMXShort-sleeve DressChristTay, Letterknny
MO-M111-DM1Q-H01TCoatSkadi, Lothlorien
MO-42K5-MH9J-K7M1SweaterClara, Pristine
MO-CW3L-DX27-WTB9CoatAlana, Pocket Egg
MO-WN97-QPL1-9WBDCoatSkadi, Lothlorien
MO-VHQ2-3BC3-BR3MHoodieOlive, Garden
MO-LGFN-GHFJ-L4PKRobeGiorgio, Rep.Marina
MO-TCPX-6GT7-36W0RobeDani, Azkaban
MO-C6MW-S0MD-PJSHCoatGinn, Kyoshi
MO-X34X-36BC-4N78Knit CapLarra, BleuCanari
MO-QNTJ-145M-W03SOtherXavi, XavoIsland
MO-XBT1-13J5-1SF0OtherXavi, XavoIsland
MO-5HLC-R1CN-N6Q2OtherXavi, XavoIsland
MO-YMXK-K501-6VPVOtherXavi, XavoIsland
MO-M6CB-F1SM-X7KPOtherAnna, Abyss
MO-RGQF-146T-TGMFOtherLau, Azkaban
MO-2TS6-0W00-2FQ3OtherLuna, Hogwarts
MO-MMVJ-228D-L7N2OtherNigel, Arbor Isle
MO-M828-M2P7-7DRSOtherDelphine, La Sirène
MO-D10B-FWMV-THRXOther♡, Asgard
MO-JV10-54JX-XH1KOtherNienna, Vizima
MO-P5RR-6SDF-VSJYOtherFoxy, Paradise
MO-PPQ5-3LFL-LXCVOtherGetchi, Tickedy
MO-F9KT-DQ27-9D67OtherMeghan, Rivendell
MO-96T0-8X7K-49HCOtherBlair, Fawkes
MO-P8XC-WN6Y-YDDXOtherSammie Mae, Rivendell
MO-L70N-YFPX-20L8OtherFeuerfluch, Solevita
MO-0YB3-9BSX-CX6JOtherLevi, Lupin
            MO-688J-P9FD-KX3LOtherLuna, Honeydukes
MO-40P1-BJ0S-CXQBOtherClaralin, Aerith
MO-596L-0KD4-RMY1OtherSarah, Bellona

Best Animal Crossing QR codes for Harry Potter items

Going through the process of using QR codes in Animal Crossing isn’t the smoothest, but there are some Harry Potter QR codes that you’ll want to endure the procedure to get.

For most of the AC Harry Potter QR codes below, you’ll need to scan four QR codes in order. To do this, use the Nintendo Online app to scan the top left, top right, bottom left, and then the bottom right code to get each item shown below.

Gryffindor Quidditch attire AC QR code

Type: Long-sleeve Dress
Creator: Jack

Professor McGonagall’s outfit AC QR code

Type: Long-sleeve Dress
Creator: Tracy

Garrick Ollivander’s outfit AC QR code

Type: Long-sleeve Shirt
Creator: Rika

Harry Potter movie poster AC QR code

Type: Other
Creator: Ryan

To continue to explore the ocean of Harry Potter codes and Animal Crossing QR codes available, check out r/ACQR, Nerd Attack!, ChillCompil, and the Custom Designs Portal in New Horizons.

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