Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Derelict Shrine of Camulus Key Locations

If you’re trying to open the treasure chest at the Derelict Shrine of Camulus in AC Valhalla, you’ll need these key locations.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Derelict Shrine of Camulus

With the recent release of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, Ubisoft’s historically-rooted, open-world, action-adventure game has moved to the new setting of ancient England, and one spot you that might find while exploring is the Derelict Shrine of Camulus.

While you can head to a region like Oxenefordscire soon after making the journey from Norway to England, you will likely find yourself up against enemies that can dominate you in the blink of an eye. The game suggests you get your Power up to 90 before exploring it, but you may be able to manage if you’re between 75 and 90.

One location in Oxenefordscire that you’ll find is the Derelict Shrine of Camulus. If you’re trying to locate it on the larger map, you’ll spot it due west of the large lake in Oxenefordscire and about halfway between that lake and the western shore at the midpoint between the north and south ends of the area.

If you’ve unlocked the synchronization point at Evinghou Tower, the quickest way to head to the Derelict Shrine of Camulus is to fast travel to that spot and then head southwest from there. While not a dense location, it harbors a bit of wealth that’s key to upgrading your weapons.

What treasure will you find?

If you’d like to know what you’re trying to acquire here before you pop the treasure chest open, you’ll be getting a Nickel Ingot. It may seem like a lot of work for just one, but they’re hard to come by in Valhalla and crucial to upgrading your equipment.

Normally it takes three Nickel Ingots to upgrade weapons and shields from Superior (Tier 2) to Flawless (Tier 3), and a single Nickel Ingot to upgrade each piece of armor. That means you’ll need 8 or more to get a fully equipped character’s gear up to Flawless.

Once you do manage those upgrades, you’ll not only improve the gear’s stats but get an extra Rune Slot. Making a quick detour to the Derelict Shrine of Camulus is a great way to make progress towards these upgrades.

How do you reach the treasure in the Derelict Shrine of Camulus?

Once you arrive at the Derelict Shrine of Camulus, you might be relieved to find there’s not much going on. There aren’t any big scary battles to take on, but instead a bit of hunting required to find the shrine’s treasure.

After you get there, you’ll want to use Odin Sight to get an idea of where the treasure is located. It’s underneath the main platform part of the shrine, but there’s not a clear door you can head through.

Instead, you’ll need to head to the northwestern side of that central shrine. Hop down and you’ll notice a crack in the wall. Squeeze through that, and you’ll be able to enter the area where the treasure is located.

Watch out for vipers, as there are several. You can take these out with your melee weapon, or use your bow for distance and safety. Odin Sight also helps to spot them in the darkness.

Unfortunately, once you do find the treasure you’ll notice it’s kept closed by not just one, but two different locks. Fortunately, you won’t have to go far to find the keys.

Where are the keys to the chest in the Derelict Shrine of Camulus?

In order to open the chest and seize the treasure, you’ll need a key for each of the locks. Both keys are located at the Derelict Shrine of Camulus, but can be a bit difficult to spot.

The first, and easiest to find, is up high above the shrine. Simply climb up the large pillars to locate the first key. If you need help finding which one it’s on, use Odin Sight to highlight it.

The second is a bit more difficult to locate. On the north side of the shrine, there’s a separate rectangular building with a single room. Head towards that building and climb on top.

There’s a breakable ceiling tile that you’ll need to destroy to make entry. If you’ve got the Incendiary Powder Trap ability you can use an explosive arrow to destroy it, but otherwise there’s a handy oil jar just a few feet away that you can throw at it.

Once it’s open, simply climb down inside and grab the second key. Now you should have both the needed keys and can head back under the shrine claim your treasure.

If you didn’t head inside before, another reminder to watch out for vipers. Clear them out if you didn’t already do so, and you can use your newly found keys to open the treasure chest and score an important Nickel Ingot.

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