Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: How to Farm Titanium Quickly

If you’re struggling to find Titanium in AC Valhalla, you’ve come to the right place!

In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, a key material that you’ll need to upgrade your gear and weapons to the fullest is Titanium.

This crucial resource can be fairly sparse unless you know where to look, and that’s exactly what we’re going to share with you in this article.

What is Titanium and where to get it in AC Valhalla?

Titanium is a rare material that you’ll use to upgrade the final few upgrade bars on both your weapons and armour sets. It’s most likely to be found in high power territories, such as Lincoln, Wincestre, and Jorvik, with you needing to use your Raven to spot and mark its locations on the map to make it easier to find.

Upgrading your armour fully will cost a maximum of 28 Titanium, depending on what level it was when you earned it. Weapons, on the other hand, can set you back as much as 67 Titanium to reach the max level.

Titanium is available from in-game traders for 30 Silver, with there being a purchase limit of five per day. This limit is consistent with all of the traders in the game, unfortunately eliminating the option of travelling to numerous traders as a method of farming Titanium.

Luckily, there are other ways for you to farm Titanium in AC Valhalla.

How to farm Titanium quickly in AC Valhalla

Seemingly spawning at random, tracking down the precious Titanium can be tiresome unless you know where to look. The three cities that we mentioned earlier – Jorvik, Wincestre, and Lincoln – spawn a large amount of Titanium, but the former two cities will be the focus of this article.

We mainly stick to Wincestre and Lincoln as the Titanium is placed in a way that’s easier and quicker to collect than in Jorvik. Once you’ve collected all of the Titanium in one place, it will respawn as soon as you fast travel, meaning that you can efficiently farm Titanium and begin upgrading your favourite gear to your heart’s content.

We’ll walk you through each route of the cities of Lincoln and Wincestre, including a map with an overview of the route. Once you’ve followed these steps a few times, you’ll know the spawn locations and simply remember where the Titanium can be farmed from in AC Valhalla.

Where to farm Titanium in Lincoln

There are five clusters of Titanium in Lincoln. Each will give you four Titanium, meaning that you can collect 20 pieces of Titanium in just a few minutes here.

Lincoln Titanium piece #1 location

The first piece is located in front of the fast travel point at the docks, in the building on the left-hand side of the main gate. You can find it on the right-side platform of the second floor, just before the woven basket. Grab it and jump through the window towards the main gate to secure the Titanium.

Lincoln Titanium piece #2 location

After finding the piece near the docks, head into the city through the main gate and keep on the main road. If you take the third right turn, you will see a small kiln next to a closed well on the left-hand side of the road. The second piece of Titanium is sat just behind the kiln: collect it and hop over the wall behind the kiln.

Lincoln Titanium piece #3 location

Once you’re over the wall having collected the second piece, hop over the wooden fence, get onto the path, and head through the stone doorway up to your left. After you’ve gone through the doorway, look to your right, and you’ll see a large arch with two statues on either side. Go through the arch and keep following the path up until it splits. You’ll want to keep to the right and follow the path between the two stone buildings.

In front of you, slightly to the right, should be a large ruined building. Climb onto the second floor via the lowest section of the wall in front of you. Enemies are lurking on the bottom floor, so be prepared for a fight if they spot you. Once you’re on the second floor, go into the room on your left to find the Titanium sat on top of a box with a white sheet over it.

Lincoln Titanium piece #4 location

Having collected the third piece of Titanium, head back out of the room and on your left will be a wooden beam protruding from the inner wall of the building. Climb onto the wooden beam and jump onto the next one in front of you, then onto the two rope lines, and lastly onto the wooden beam on the opposite wall to where you started.

Climb out of the building to see several tables with orange cloth laid out to your right. Head towards the table closest to the building in front of you and climb up the small wall situated next to the fireplace. Just after the fireplace, next to the wall of this building, is the fourth piece of Titanium in Lincoln.

Lincoln Titanium piece #5 location

The final piece of Titanium that Lincoln has to offer is located in an old turret on the outer city wall, to the northwest of the fourth piece that you’ve just collected.

Run towards the western wall of the city, climb it, and you should see the big wooden turret position in front of you. Enter the turret from on top of the wall, and the Titanium can be found directly to your right, behind some rubble that’s next to a small loot chest.

Now, you can fast travel to Wincestre to collect more Titanium, should you need it.

Where to farm Titanium in Wincestre

There are another five clusters of Titanium up for grabs in Wincestre: three are in the city, and two are found on the outskirts of the city. We start our route at the Saint Peter’s Church viewpoint, but you can start anywhere along the route.

Wincestre Titanium piece #1 location

After diving into the hay bale from the viewpoint, go down the stone steps and follow the cart track to your right. Take the first left and continue down the street, following it around until you see a stone doorway with two red flags on either side of it.

Enter the complex and head up the steps – a few soldiers patrol this area, so be prepared to fight. Once up the steps, turn back on yourself to find the Titanium sat on a crate of stones adjacent to the steps that you just climbed.

Having collected this cluster, head out of the complex through the main archway, which you’ll see on your right as you reach the top of the steps when entering the complex.

Wincestre Titanium piece #2 location

On the other side of the archway, go forward until you reach the main road, just past the red canopies to your right. Follow the road to the left and keep going as the road bends to the right, and follow it until you see the north-eastern gate of Wincestre.

As you approach the gate, you’ll see a mound of coal on your left surrounded by a woven stick fence. The Titanium is on this mound of coal.

Wincestre Titanium piece #3 location

Having collected the piece of Titanium from the coal mound, head back down the road and turn left, heading down the road beside the Nun’s Minster. Follow this path around, past the front of the Minster, and down toward the city’s waterway.

Once you reach the first section of water with the wooden bridge leading up to the small house and water wheel, dive into the water to find the Titanium at the bottom, near the small waterfall.

Climb out and head back to the path that you just veered from to head to the next piece of Wincestre Titanium. You might want to summon your mount, though, as the next two pieces are outside of the city walls.

Wincestre Titanium piece #4 location

To get to the fourth piece of Titanium in Wincestre, head out of the city via the southern gate. After crossing the stone bridge on the way out, turn right, and you’ll see another small wooden bridge. Cross this bridge and continue to follow the road to a small settlement.

On the left-hand side of the road through this settlement are two kilns, and just past these kilns are two wooden baskets. The fourth piece of Titanium can be found in the basket on the left.

Now, get back on your horse and keep following the road westbound towards the ruined walls of Wincestre’s Garrison.

Wincestre Titanium piece #5 location

After passing through the small settlement and collecting the fourth piece, head towards the ruined walls of the Wincestre Garrison. You’ll need to veer from the road and follow the edge of the old wall, going past the first turret of the wall. Here, climb where the wall has completely collapsed. Once you’ve reached the top of the first wall, look up and to your left to see a set of stone steps leading up to a doorway.

Go up the stone steps and through the doorway, look immediately to your right, and you should see the final Titanium piece of Wincestre in the corner.

Wincestre and Lincoln can yield 40 pieces of Titanium after collecting the ten clusters found across them both. If you need more Titanium, you can simply fast travel back to the previous city, and the Titanium will have respawned.

Repeat these steps over and over until you’ve farmed enough Titanium to upgrade all of your favourite weapons and armour in AC Valhalla.

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