Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: How to Find Saint George’s Armor

We've got ALL the locations of Saint George's Armor in AC Valhalla.

The River Raids update marked the second free addition to AC Valhalla, following the Yuletide event. This update has plenty for you to sink your teeth into, from a new raiding map and questline, to being able to find Ragnar Lothbrok’s seax.

The River Raids questline follows your journey along the River Severn, Exe, and Dee, with the opening two objectives being to locate two pieces of the armor in large military encampments along both rivers. You are also tasked with tracking down clues to the other pieces by their pillaging monasteries.

In this article, we focus on listing the spawn locations for the latest armor set and gear to hit the shores of England, the legendary Saint George’s Armor.

How to get Saint George’s Armor in AC Valhalla

The armor and shield don’t have fixed locations; instead, they spawn randomly for each player at large military locations on the rivers, with two items per river. We’ve included pictures of each river map, detailing which military locations the armor can spawn at (circled in black).

The River Severn and Exe also feature a red-circled monastery: this is where the clues will spawn, enabling you to unlock the River Dee map. Finally, on the River Dee map, the location of the Saint George’s Holy Sword is circled in yellow.

Following these tasks also unlocks a new sword, completing the Saint George’s set. The sword is the only piece of the set that has a fixed spawn location at the end of the questline.

Where to find Saint George’s Armor on the River Exe

There are two key pieces of the armor set found in the military location on the River Exe. Detailed below are the locations where we encountered the items.

  • Saint George’s Cape is on the River Exe; we found it within the Western Fortification.
  • Saint George’s Tower Shield can also be found on the River Exe, being found in the Fortress on the River Exe in our playthrough. The heavy shield gives its user an increase in melee damage when blocking.

Where to find Saint George’s Armor on the River Severn

Another two additions to the Saint George’s Armor set are found in the military encampment on the River Severn, with the locations of the items in our playthrough shown below:

  • Saint George’s Bracers were found in the Eastern Fortification of the River Severn.
  • Saint George’s Trousers may be found within the Lowlands Camp on the eastern side of the River Severn.

Finding the clues to Saint George’s Legendary Armor

As part of the quests to find Saint George’s treasures, you’ll be tasked with finding two clues hidden within monasteries on both the Rivers Exe and Severn.

Finding the River Severn clue

One of these clues can be found within the Northern Monastery of the River Severn, in a side room of the main chapel.

You’ll need to bust open the door to the chapel and shoot off the lock on the door to the clue through the metal grate. Next, enter the room and collect your clue.

Finding the River Exe clue

The other clue is located on the River Exe in the Escanceaster Monastery, which can be accessed by entering the smaller chapel nearby.

To the left of the main chapel is the smaller one: break the door down, and in the left-hand corner of the building, you can find the clue on a table with other scrolls laid out.

Now that you have both clues, return to Ravensthorpe, and Vagn will decipher the clues. After the deciphering, add the location to your map. The new location will be the River Dee, where you’ll find the rest of Saint George’s gear.

Where to find Saint George’s Holy Sword

Once you’ve unlocked the River Dee by collecting the two clues, you’ll receive a new quest to kill the knight who has the Saint George’s Holy Sword. The knight is holed up in the Deva Victrix fort at the end of the river to the north.

Make your way up through the fort’s defences to the bridge. Here, you’ll have to shoot the drawbridge down – or climb up via the tree to the left – to reach the keep and your opponent. If you shot down the drawbridge, your Jomsviking can assist you in the boss fight for the sword.

Defeat its wielder and claim your prize. The sword grants its user the ability to knock enemies to the ground with heavy critical hits.

Where to find Saint George’s Armor on the River Dee

Your last port of call for the armor pieces of Saint George will be the River Dee. Here’s where we found the items, but you may need to look further around the area to find them in your playthrough.

  • Saint George’s Helm was found in Deebury, which is just south of the Deva Victrix Fort.
  • Saint George’s Armor was the final piece that we found: it was within the Forward Camp of the River Dee.

Now that you have the legendary Saint George’s Armor, will it become a key part of your build?

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