Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Treasure of Britain at Red Lichen Cavern Guide

With 11 mysterious tablets to collect throughout Britain, this guide will help you get one step closer to the legendary sword in the stone, Excalibur!

The Ubisoft epic has much more to it besides following the saga of Eivor, with Animus Anomalies to solve, secrets to uncover, and the mysterious Treasures of Britain to find.

While exploring the map, you may have encountered one of these strange tablets. They come as part of an 11-piece set. Eight of the tablets can be found within caves across Britain, while the other three are held by ferocious warriors otherwise known as the Zealots of the Order of Ancients.

After collecting all of these tablets, you will have earned the legendary sword Excalibur wielded by King Arthur himself. In this article, we’ll be helping you to collect the tablet hidden within the Red Lichen Cavern.

Where is the Red Lichen Cavern in AC Valhalla?

You can find the Red Lichen Cavern to the east of Wincestre, in Hamtunscire. While there aren’t any enemies lurking within the cave, the surrounding area of Hamtunscire has a suggested power level of 340, so be careful when travelling to the location if your power isn’t near the suggested level.

There may not be enemies in the cave, but there is a fair amount of poisonous gas to avoid inside that could prove deadly to those with a lower power level or if you don’t throw your torch into the clouds. So, we recommend saving your game frequently so that you don’t have to replay the entire cave.

Retrieving the Treasure of Britain from the Red Lichen Cavern

At the entrance to the cavern, you’ll notice that the path instantly splits into two. However, it doesn’t matter which route you choose to take as the paths re-join, leading up to a crack in the wall that you can squeeze through.

On the other side of the crack in the wall, you’ll enter a large cavern. The path only goes one way here, so follow it around to the left, and you’ll reach a ledge that you can drop down onto. From there, continue to follow the wall until you see the hanging wooden platform.

Jump from the ledge onto the platform, followed by the stone ledge on the rock face. When you reach the end of this precipice, jump in between the rock wall and the large stalagmite-looking rock formation. Once perched between them, jump again onto the root protruding from the wall.

From here, climb up on top of the root and jump onto the rock ledge to your left. As you can’t climb the stalagmites and stalagmites blocking the way, shimmy your way along the ledge and drop down past the stalagmites.

In this room, you’ll see a large slab in front of you that you can slide over, but on the other side of this is a poison gas trap. Grab a torch and throw it into the gas to ignite it, allowing you to safely travel to the crack in the wall that you can squeeze through to enter the next part of the cavern system.

If you took some damage from the poison in the previous room, look to your left as you exit the crack in the wall to find some mushrooms and restore your health.

Follow the path around to the left. It’ll take you back on yourself and towards the poison gas leaking from the wall. Like before, throw a torch at the gas to ignite it, jump onto the ledge, and shimmy along until you can safely drop down.

The gas will start flowing again, but you have plenty of time to get past it. Having dropped down, you’ll see yet more poison gas leaking from the floor in front of you. Ignite the gas with a torch and continue until you reach a gap in the wall that you can slide under.

A lot of poison gas fills up this final cavern of your trial, but you can ignore the gas in the lowest section of the room for now, though. To your right, as you enter the room, is a ledge; walk up it, and at the top, you’ll see another ledge.

Jump onto the ledge and then climb up to grab onto another ledge, and then shimmy across until you reach a bit that you can climb up and stand on. Below you will be the tablet that you need and more poison gas. Ignite the gas with a torch and claim your prize.

Once you have the tablet, ignite the poison gas on the lowest section of the cavern and drop down. To your left is a hole in the wall. Go through this hole and follow the path until you reach the first large cavern and then exit to the left – the same way that you entered.

Now, you’re one step closer to wielding Excalibur for yourself and forging your own name in English legend.

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