Assetto Corsa: Best Cars for Beginners [2022]

These are the best cars for beginners in Assetto Corsa.

Assetto Corsa is one of the best racing simulations out there, but getting into the game can be tricky as it is ultra-realistic. However, with these cars, you are likely to find the transition easier than you’d expect. We have narrowed this list down to five of the best cars for beginners to experience in Assetto Corsa, ranging from lower performance racers to some more high-end racing machines.

1. Lotus Exos 125

Developer: Kunos

The Lotus Exos 125 looks a bit like a Formula 1 car, but it is in actual fact quite far removed from F1. It was developed as a track day car that could give F1-style performance levels, where you could effectively rent it for a day and drive it around certain race tracks. It has 640hp and is pretty punchy as well as being nippy in the corners. It isn’t quite F1 like however, but it is the perfect car to drive if you are looking to gain some experience with open-wheel racers before hopping into something with a bit more power.

2. BMW M235i Racing

Developer: Kunos (Dream Pack 1)

As part of the Dream Pack 1 DLC, Kunos released the BMW M235i Racing edition in Assetto Corsa. This is a 333hp car that is perfect for those wanting something with a bit more performance than an average road car. It is a racing-derived version of the 235i as opposed to a standard road-going iteration, which means you will have a bit more performance to play with. Whilst this car is hardly going to set the world on fire, it will be quick enough to keep you wide-eyed as you throw it around the track.

3. Maserati MC12

Developer: Kunos

Do you want to step things up a little bit with your cars? Then the Maserati MC12 is the ideal candidate for trying something with a bit more performance. The MC12 was Maserati’s most recent supercar, powered by a 580hp V12 engine. Underneath that skin though, it was in effect just a Ferrari Enzo and it never proved to be a hit with consumers. Despite that, its Enzo underpinnings means it’s still a fantastic supercar and one that produces a brilliant soundtrack. It provides a nice step up from a lower-end GT racer or high-performance saloon, before moving into something more powerful.

4. Porsche 911 RSR 2017

Developer: Kunos (Porsche Pack 3)

If you want to get a bit more serious with your driving in Assetto Corsa, the Porsche 911 RSR 2017 might be your go-to car. The 911 RSR has been the weapon of choice for Porsche at Le Mans for many years, competing in the GTE Pro class. It provides a nice leap from the supercars and tuned saloons, as you experience a fully-fledged race car in Assetto Corsa. Now, you won’t exactly get F1 like performance, but this is a fully-fledged GT car with Le Mans pedigree with some serious performance potential. It’s also worth exploring some of the brilliant payware GTE mods for Assetto Corsa like United Racing Design. These help to add cars like the Ford GT and Aston Martin Vantage GTE versions into the game, complimenting the Porsche nicely.

5. Glickenhaus P4/5 Competizione 2011

Developer: Kunos

Glickenhaus are most famous for their SCG 007 Hypercar that is competing in the top class of the World Endurance Championship, but over the years they have produced some pretty spectacular machines. One of these is the P4/5 Competizione 2011, a one-off sports car that was designed with the help of legendary design house Pininfarina. It was developed from the Ferrari 430 Scuderia and a Ferrari 430 GT to became a 450hp beast that is fantastic fun to drive. Plus, it is a stunning looking machine!

These five cars are some of the best cars for beginners in Assetto Corsa. The listed cars will slowly up the performance so you can get to grips with the realism of Assetto Corsa. Eventually, you will find you are ready to take on some of the LMP1 hybrid prototypes or the vast array of Formula 1 cars. All of which are great fun to drive. 

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