Assetto Corsa: Best F1 Mods to Use in 2022

Being the top echelon of motorsport, it’s not a surprise that F1 mods are in high demand among Assetto Corsa players.

Assetto Corsa has been kept alive since 2014 thanks to the tremendous range of mods that have been produced for it over the years. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Formula 1 mods are some of the most popular for the game.

There have been some phenomenal mods produced for Assetto Corsa, and this list contains ten of the very best F1 mods for the simulator.

1. Race Sim Studio Formula Hybrid 2021

Image Source: Race Sim Studio

Price: €3.80
Download: Race Sim Studio Formula Hybrid 2021

Race Sim Studio have set the standard for years when it comes to Formula 1 mods for Assetto Corsa. Their latest mod, based on the 2021 Formula 1 regulations, is probably their best piece of work.

Taking into account the changes to the rear floor on the 2021 F1 cars, you can feel that loss of downforce, but you can still wring the neck of this latest hybrid monster from Grand Prix racing.

2. Race Sim Studio Formula Hybrid 2020

Image Source: Race Sim Studio

Price: €3.80
Race Sim Studio Formula Hybrid 2020

There is a case here that the Formula Hybrid 2020 could be Race Sim Studio’s best creation, but the 2021 edition just eclipses it for that ultimate realism.

The 2020 F1 cars are probably going to remain as the fastest models for years to come, and throwing one of these cars around Mugello – a surprise addition to the 2020 F1 calendar due to the pandemic – is one of the greatest thrills that you can experience in Assetto Corsa.

3. VRC Modding Formula Alpha 2005 McLenna MC20

Image Source: VRC Modding Team

Price: Free
VRC Modding Formula Alpha 2005 McLenna MC20

This car is, in reality, the 2005 McLaren MP4-20 that Kimi Räikkönen and Juan-Pablo Montoya ran. Quite frankly, this car should have won that year’ title, but unreliability from the Mercedes engine side of things cost the Finn his first world championship.

In Assetto Corsa, the roar of the final year of V10 F1 engines brings the memories right back, and it keeps you on your toes from corner to corner.

4. VRC Modding Formula Alpha 1991 – J91

Image Source: VRC Modding Team

Price: Free
VRC Modding Formula Alpha 1991 – J91

Another hit from the VRC Modding Team is what is the 1991 Jordan 191. The fledging Jordan GP team’s first car is possibly the best-looking Formula 1 car ever created, and it looks every bit as good in Assetto Corsa as it did in real life.

Plus, this car is a real handful. Think the 2021 F1 cars are skittish at the rear? In 1991, they were some of the most ferocious animals ever to grace a race track. The best part, though, is that this gorgeous creation is free.

5. ASR Formula 1990 Ferrari 641/2

Image Source: ASR Formula

Price: €3.80
ASR Formula 1990 Ferrari 641/2

ASR Formula certainly deserve a mention as the creators of some of the best Formula 1 cars for Assetto Corsa from the early 1990s. Perhaps their best creation is the 1990 Ferrari 641/2, driven by Alain Prost and Nigel Mansell.

This is possibly up there with the Jordan as one of the best-looking F1 cars ever created, and the realistic physics couples with the insane sounds provide one of the best 1990s F1 experience in the whole sim.

6. Race Sim Studio Formula RSS 1990 V12

Image Source: Race Sim Studio

Price: €3.80
Race Sim Studio Formula RSS 1990 V12

The 1990s might not always have produced the best racing in F1, but the decade did create some of the most aesthetically pleasing cars.

Race Sim Studios’ generic 1990s F1 offering, which is eerily similar in appearance to the 1990 Ferrari, allows you to dive deep into a bygone age of the sport when the likes of Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost ruled the roost.

7. Race Sim Studio Formula Hybrid X

Image Source: Race Sim Studio

Price: €3.80
Race Sim Studio Formula Hybrid X

What was initially the Formula Hybrid 2021 has become Hybrid X. This is because the car from Race Sim Studio was based on the new 2021 F1 regulations that were pushed back to 2022. On the Assetto Corsa track, though, you won’t care about that.

The enormous chunks of downforce taken away by the new cars is evident as you squirm your way around the track. Furthermore, you’re also able to follow those ahead of you much closer.

8. Kunos Sim Ferrari F2004

Image Source: Steam

Price: £5.19
Kunos Sim Ferrari F2004

Kunos deserve a mention as some of the official DLC that has been released by Assetto Corsa’s developers over the years have is very impressive. The F2004 was the car that Michael Schumacher won his seventh and last F1 world title in, becoming the stuff of legend with its track records standing for many years.

In Assetto Corsa, it is glued to the track and is a rocket ship in a straight line, bringing back memories of the penultimate year of V10 power. While not the greatest championship season, it was a very historically important one.

You can get the F2400 as a part of the Ferrari Pack on Steam.

9. SalamanderSoldier Ferrari F2002

Image Source: Race Department

Price: Free
SalamanderSoldier Ferrari F2002

Most of the mods featured so far have been payware, but there are some great freeware mods for Assetto Corsa, too: the SalamanderSoldiers F2002 is one of those.

This car was almost as dominant as the F2004, winning 15 of the 19 Grand Prix, having started the 2002 Formula 1 season as the F2002B. This is one of the most detailed mods ever created for Assetto Corsa, and there are skin packs covering the 2002 season to allow you to recreate that early 2000s Formula 1 vibe.

10. Virtura Simulazioni McLaren MP4-13

Image Source: Race Department

Price: Free
Download: Virtura Simulazioni McLaren MP4-13

The MP4-13 might be a bit long in the tooth now, and in need of an additional mod to make it work in Assetto Corsa, but it is still sublime and worth your time to download.

To get this mod working in the latest version of Assetto Corsa, you will need to download the physics and sound mod from RaceDepartment, uploaded by user @ears. You will need to overwrite the files in the original MP4-13 folder with the ones included in the aforementioned update file. 

This is a recreation of the car driven by Mika Häkkinen to his first F1 title back in 1998, with David Coulthard as his teammate. It was the start of a three-year rivalry for Häkkinen with Ferrari’s Michael Schumacher, forging one of the most gripping eras of the sport.

Here, we’ve featured some of the very best F1 mods for Assetto Corsa. However, there are several other choices available, both for free from RaceDepartment, ASR Formula, and VRC Modding or at cost from Race Sim Studio. With the game’s longevity still secure right now, expect many more Formula 1 additions to come our way.

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  1. Daniel Avatar

    You say the MP4/13 needs an additional download but didn’t specify what that was? I’ve been wanting this car for ages but heard it doesn’t work. The F12020 version (Codemasters) is horrible to drive! Great list though, the 2005 McLaren is one of my favourites for sure!