Assetto Corsa: Best Graphics Mods to Use in 2022

Despite being nearly a decade old now, modders are still working on ways to improve the aesthetics of Assetto Corsa.

Assetto Corsa: Best Graphics Mods to Use in 2022 guide, Image Source: RaceDepartment

Assetto Corsa has to be one of the most popular racing simulators out there. What has helped the PC sim is the breadth and depth of mods that have been produced for it over the last few years. Some of those mods are also AC graphics mods, aimed at enhancing the overall appearance of the game.

On this page, we will list the top graphics mods that you can get for Assetto Corsa. While there aren’t too many of these, the installs available will greatly enhance the appearance of your game.

1. Sol

Assetto Corsa graphic mods Sol mod
Image Source: RaceDepartment

Download: RaceDepartment

Sol is the graphics mod for Assetto Corsa. If you don’t have any other mods, you should get this one as standard. Sol adds a whole new layer to the sim, including different clouds and sky patterns, wet tracks, night running, and an overall massively enhanced experience for the user.

To see how mighty this graphics mod is, you should run Assetto Corsa without Sol installed and then run it with Sol installed back-to-back. What will stand out the most is the photorealistic lightning behaviour and the abundance of colour correction, making Assetto Corsa feel more realistic.

2. Natural Mod Filter

Assetto Corsa graphic mods Natural mod Filter
Image Source: RaceDepartment

Download: RaceDepartment

If you want something a bit simpler than Sol, and perhaps a bit less intense, perhaps the best mod for you would be the Natural Mod Filter. This AC graphics mode has been created to attempt to replicate what the eyes see and get away from the simulator-style graphics of the base game.

As such, the Natural Mod Filter is aimed at making the aesthetics more realistic. This mod works alone, and with Sol, so you really can get the very best of both worlds by installing this mod and the one listed above. By installing this graphics mod, you’ll get a great view for driving and a much more pleasing-to-the-eye feel for the game.

3. Wagnum’s Graphics Mod

Assetto Corsa graphic mods Wagnum’s Graphics mod
Image Source: RaceDepartment

Download: RaceDepartment

Wagnum’s Graphics Mod is another fantastic mod for Assetto Corsa that gives the game a great visual enhancement. Again, it does everything that the other mods do, just in a slightly different way.

That said, this mod is a filter mod, not a complex enhancement like the other two. So, simply whack this onto your installation of Assetto Corsa, and you are good to go, with some fantastic reflections, shadows, and colours that seem just that bit more natural.

Whilst this is not an extensive selection of graphics mods, these are certainly the best ones that you can get for Assetto Corsa. The trick is to avoid repeating yourself when it comes to graphics mods, as a lot of them essentially do the same thing, just in a slightly different way.

Hands down, the best is Sol, but the others do a very good job as well. With any of these installed, you can refresh your installation and bring it just that little bit more up to date.

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