Assetto Corsa: Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Starting out on Assetto Corsa? Here’s our top tips and tricks for beginners.

Assetto Corsa can be a daunting racing simulator at first, but with some practice and these tips and tricks, you can conquer the game. Here are all the best tips and tricks for beginners.

1. Turn Off Assists

Whilst driver assists are there to help, the real way to get the fastest lap time in Assetto Corsa is to turn them off. This includes the likes of traction control, ABS and racing line. As you start to build up confidence in your skills and car, you can start to turn each one off. 

Start by turning off ABS or anti-lock brakes first. With those deactivated, you will be able to brake later into the corners, but of course, be careful of locking up. After some practice, switch off traction control, and then the racing line, which in most cases tells you to brake earlier than you probably need to. 

2. Tweak Your Setup

Whilst the setup screen is pretty daunting, it allows you to meticulously tweak your car, be it an open-wheeler or a GT racer. The simplest things to adjust are tyre pressure, aero levels and fuel levels, but the game allows you to pretty much make any adjustment you want on your car. 

Spend some time on the setup screen and familiarise yourself with the options, and then slowly start adjusting your setup to see if they improve your lap times. The game will keep a record of your lap times whenever you are in the pits, and you can study those to see how much quicker you are going as you gradually tweak the setup.

3. Correctly Calibrate and Setup Your Racing Wheel 

You aren’t going to maximise your potential in Assetto Corsa unless you are using a racing wheel. Assetto Corsa is the most realistic racing simulator. Even more so than F1 2021. 

Wheel calibration can be done via the main menu in the settings, or if you use Content Manager, there is a settings menu available there too. The settings will allow you to adjust the calibration of the wheel. Make sure your buttons and axis are all mapped correctly and you will be able to see and configure the sensitivity of your racing wheel too. 

As you press on your throttle and brake, you will see if they need to be adjusted and whether you need to invert the axis. Having the optimal wheel setup will help you improve your lap times.

4. Watch Out For The AI

The AI isn’t going to help you go faster, but it will certainly help you have a clean race. Whilst the AI can be pretty fast on Assetto Corsa, they aren’t the most intelligent. Racing against them makes you appreciate just how good the AI drivers are on the Codemasters F1 games, especially in the last three or four years. 

Be wary of the AI on the opening lap where they tend to all bunch up and take flat out corners, such as Eau Rouge at Spa, much slower than they need to. They can make slightly optimistic divebombs and easily spin you around.

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Push Hard

One thing that you shouldn’t be afraid of doing out on the track is pushing your car to the limit. A lot of racing cars need to be driven right at the limit in order to maximise the grip from the tyres and downforce the car can produce. It sounds slightly obvious, but it is in reality the truth. 

As you start to push harder, you will feel more comfortable with the car, get into a zone and be at one with your machine of choice. This will help you zip through tracks and improve your lap times. 

That is our list of tips and tricks to help you go faster and to get started on Assetto Corsa. 

Assetto Corsa doesn’t have to be as daunting as it looks. Follow these simple steps and you will improve your lap times. 

Have any other tips? Share them in the comments.

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