Banjo-Kazooie: How to Complete Mumbo’s Mountain

Here’s your guide to completing the first world, Mumbo’s Mountain, in Banjo-Kazooie.

Banjo-Kazooie is back! At least, the original version from N64 is now available on Nintendo Switch as part of the Switch Online Expansion Pass. The collectathon game left a lasting imprint on many gamers, with reviews in the 9.3 range over 20 years ago.

Below, you will find your guide on completing the first true world of the game: Mumbo’s Mountain. This first world, as with most games, introduces you to the collectathon nature of the game as well as providing you the fundamentals to beat the other eight worlds and eventually, Gruntilda. This guide will be a completionist run of Mumbo’s Mountain.

However, because they’re used for ammo and not every single one is needed, eggs will be left out of the piece. The same holds true for Honeycomb Energy – how you regain health – as these easily spawn with enemy deaths.

Accessing Mumbo’s Mountain in Banjo-Kazooie

Using a Jiggy (Jigsaw Piece) to complete the picture of Mumbo’s Mountain.

Once you enter Gruntilda’s Lair, you must first head left and collect the Jigsaw Piece. Then, head to the right and in an alcove to find a painting on wall, similar to how you might find different worlds to enter in Super Mario 64. Next, stand on the jigsaw piece and press B. You will then be given a brief tutorial on filling in maps with Jigsaw Pieces. Fill in the puzzle, which will then open the door behind you into Mumbo’s Mountain.

Simply enter the now-opened door to begin Mumbo’s Mountain.

Where to find the Extra Honeycomb Pieces in Mumbo’s Mountain

Missing an Extra Honeycomb Piece; don’t do this!

Collecting six of these will increase your health bar by one Honeycomb Energy. There are only two Extra Honeycomb Pieces in Mumbo’s Mountain. While not enough to extend your health bar, it is still imperative to collect both. However, both will require you to learn new moves from Bottles, so look for those molehills.

Once you learn Talon Trot, climb down the mountain from the tower area. You will find a little alcove in the mountainside that will contain your first piece.

For the second, you will need to learn how to shoot eggs from Bottles. Once you gain that, head back to the village with Mumbo’s Skull and shoot eggs into the mouths of the pole. Each time you land one, the layer will shoot away. However, do not shoot the last level! Instead, jump on top and then Flip Flap to reach the Extra Honeycomb Piece. If you shoot the last layer before you gain the piece, then you will not be able to reach the Extra Honeycomb Piece!

Where to find all the Jinjos in Mumo’s Mountain

Jinjos are dinosuar-looking creatures that come in five colors: blue, green, orange, purple, and yellow. They play an important role in your battle against Gruntilda, so it is crucial to save them.

Almost immediately to the right, you’ll see a purple Jinjo on an elevated platform you can Flap Flip (Z or ZL, then A) to reach. This Jinjo will inform you that there are five Jinjo’s trapped on each world and asks for your help in rescuing them for a Jigsaw Piece!

The blue Jinjo is easy to find. Simply cross the bridge in the distance, stopping halfway and looking to the right to see the Jinjo on a little island. Swim over and jump onto the platform to rescue this one.

The other three Jinjos will require you to engage Bottles’ molehills to learn moves that will allow you to reach not only Jinjos, but all of those collectibles on ledges and slanted slopes.

Head up to the right and then again to the right into a small village with a circle of huts and rotating pole in the center. Mumbo’s Skull is visible as, well, the big skull house. You will learn Beak Buster, which is basically a jumping smash (hit Z or ZL in midair). The green Jinjo will appear from one of the huts after you flatten them, but beware: one of the huts will spawn an enemy.

Now, head back down from the village to the tower area, then around it to the back where you will find a Stonehenge-like structure. Bottles will teach you how to Talon Trot, which allows Kazooie to traverse even the steepest of slopes. Talon Trot up onto the stones and work your way around to the orange Jinjo.

The last Jinjo, the yellow Jinjo, is just to the side of Stonehenge along a slope with many ledges.

Once you collect your last Jinjo of the map, you will be rewarded with a Jigsaw Piece.

Where to find all the Mumbo Tokens in Mumbo’s Mountain

A hidden Mumbo Token under the ramp. Sneaky, sneaky…

Mumbo Tokens are used to activate Mumbo’s magic on you, which transforms you into a different creature depending on the world. For Mumbo’s Mountain, you need five Mumbo Tokens to activate his magic.

The first one is near the purple Jinjo. Drop down from the platform, face forward, and adjust your camera behind Banjo to see it hidden behind an elevated area.

The second one is located directly under the ramp leading to Mumbo’s Skull. It’s easy to see the rotating silver as you approach his domicile.

The third one is inside Ticker’s Tower, the tall tower on the second level of the world. You do not need Mumbo’s Magic to reach this Token.

The fourth one is near the Stonehenge ruins. Walk behind the ruins, adjusting your camera when necessary, to find the Token.

The last one is near the most dangerous area of the world. At the very back of the world, you will find Conga in a tree, throwing oranges at you when near. The Token is in the area, but beware of falling oranges!

Once you have all five, go to Mumbo’s Skull, step on the symbol, and press B. He will turn you into a termite, allowing you to traverse up the rest of the Ticker’s Tower.

Where to find all of the Musical Notes in Mumbo’s Mountain

Musical Notes are required to open locked doors in Gruntilda’s Lair, allowing you to proceed further and access new worlds. There are 100 Musical Notes in each level. Crucially, if you don’t collect all 100 and exit the world, all Musical Notes will reset and you have to collect them again until you reach 100.

Musical Notes are generally bunched for easy collecting, though some will require learning specific moves to reach. You will find them all around the map, and even when “hidden,” they’re still visible enough to notice.

Next to the purple Jinjo, many Musical Notes will be bunched in groups of three on the ledges hanging off of the slopes. After learning Talon Trot, collect them.

Destroy one of the huts with Beak Buster to obtain some Notes after collecting the Notes on top of the huts.

The same holds true for the slope by the Stonehenge ruins. Don’t forget about the notes along the top of the ruins by the orange Jinjo as well.

There are several along the bridge by the blue Jino. Musical Notes are also in tiny alcoves in the water (be sure to check this in every world!)

By Conga, there are also several Musical Notes. Watch out for falling oranges!

Lastly, to access the remaining Musical Notes, you will need to be turned into a termite by Mumbo (see above). Inside Ticker’s Tower, you will find more notes on the upper levels guarded by bigger termites. You should be more than fast enough to gain the Notes and the other collectibles here without suffering damage.

Where to find all of the Jigsaw Pieces in Mumbo’s Mountain

Jigsaw Pieces (“Jiggies”) are necessary to complete the pictures of worlds, allowing you to access them. Sometimes, Pieces will just be laying about, but more often than not you will have to solve a puzzle or use a maneuver to trigger a Jigsaw Piece. There are ten total Jiggies in Mumbo’s Mountain.

Beginning with the easiest pieces, you will see one in the eye of Mumbo’s Skull. Flap Flip up to collect this easy piece. Another easy piece is sitting on the middle platform by the ruins.

The rest will require you to either complete actions or learn new moves. For the ones requiring moves, first use Talon Trot to climb the slopes at the beginning of the level for a third.

When you learn Beak Buster, do that to the huts by Mumbo’s Skull as destroying all will trigger a Jiggy. You will also find a green Jinjo, some Musical Notes, some eggs, an enemy, and an Extra Life.

Once you can fire eggs, head to Juju the Totem Pole by Mumbo’s Skull and shoot out all five heads, giving you a fourth Jiggy. Read a previous section on the Extra Honeycomb Pieces so you don’t miss that here!

Finding all five Jinjos, which Talon Trot is necessary for, will reward you with another Jiggy.

Next, head to Conga’s area. You will see orange switches or blocks on the ground around his tree. Step on one to trigger Conga tossing an orange, but move so you aren’t damaged and so the orange hits the switch. Do this with three of them to be given a Jiggy.

Next, in a little area by Conga, you’ll find Chimpy, who’s hungry. Climb Conga’s tree to the top to collect an orange and feed Chimpy. You will be given another Jiggy.

For the ninth one, you need to shoot Conga with eggs three times while avoiding his quick retaliatory orange strikes. Do so and he’ll concede defeat and drop a Jiggy.

The last Jiggy requires you to be turned into a termite. Climb Ticker’s Tower and at the apex, outside of the tower, you will find the last Jiggy.

Once you have collected all Extra Honeycomb Pieces, Jinjos, Mumbo Skulls, and Jiggies, leave the world. To leave, simply step back on the platform you began the level.

The hidden Jiggy triggered by Beak Bustering the Witch Switch.

Note: An eleventh Jiggy can be obtained, though it is outside of Mumbo’s Mountain. Behind Chimpy on the ledges, you will find a Witch Switch, notable because it has Gruntilda’s face. Beak Buster this switch to trigger a Jiggy appearing outside, above the entrance on top of the mountain. After being turned into a termite and collecting everything else in Mumbo’s Mountain, exit the world as the termite. Then, climb up the mountain to grab the last Jiggy.

There you go, your complete guide to finishing Mumbo’s Mountain. This should help you understand the basics and prepare you for the more intricate, complex, and difficult worlds ahead. Good luck rescuing Tooty from Gruntilda!

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