Battlefield 2042: Best Guns to Use

Get an edge by using the best guns in Battlefield 2042.

Image Source: Battlefield, via YouTube
Image Source: Battlefield, via YouTube

Battlefield 2042 is here, and those players who are sticking around want to get a handle on all of the futuristic weapons, with everyone trying to find the best gun for their style of play.

To help you find your best guns in Battlefield 2042, we’ve compiled this top-ten list of the weapons that you should aim to add to your arsenal.

1. AK-24

Battlefield 2042 best gun to use AK-24

The AK-24 was probably one of the worst guns in Battlefield 2042 at launch, but it’s not awful anymore; a few modifications have helped to put the gun in good stead for many users. The damage it can inflict is quite high, and there are plenty of extra ways that it can be kitted out. It has just a standard 30-round magazine, but if used properly and in sharp bursts, that is plenty to have in any encounter.

2. M5A3

Battlefield 2042 best gun to use M5A3

The M5A3 is the default assault rifle available in Battlefield 2042, and for a starter weapon, it’s pretty good. You have the standard 30-round magazine, but it’s also a very well balanced gun. The recoil is favourable, the accuracy of it is also good, and for an all-around assault weapon, there aren’t really many better than the M5A3 in the game.

3. K30

Battlefield 2042 best gun to use K30

For those who like a good submachine gun, turn to the K30. Initially, it was a nightmare due to the uncontrollable recoil. Still, this 20-round SMG has become quite good following some post-launch updates, now boasting a rapid rate of fire and destructive capabilities at close range. Should you utilise the K30, know that this gun excels in close combat situations.

4. 12M Auto

Battlefield 2042 best gun to use 12M Auto

The 12M Auto is one of the best shotguns available in Battlefield 2042, and it can utterly destroy any opponent who is within 15 metres of its barrel. Its eight-round magazine size should keep you going for a while, and whilst it isn’t an overly accurate shotgun, it will certainly hurt those who come across its path.

5. AC-42

Battlefield 2042 best gun to use AC-42

The AC-42 is one of the last of the best guns that you can unlock in Battlefield 2042: it’s also one of the best assault rifles that you can get your hands on. It has the standard 30-round magazine, but when levelled up, it becomes incredibly potent. It’s superbly versatile, and it fires great bursts of ammo that can do some high levels of damage to your enemy.

6. DXR-1

Battlefield 2042 best gun to use DXR-1

The DXR-1 is certainly a big gun. Plus, it’s a little bit more user-friendly than the high-ranking SWS-10. Enemies can be killed with this gun with a single headshot, and it holds its damage level even at long range – making it a potent add to your loadout and worthy of turning to in almost any situation.

7. SVK

Battlefield 2042 best gun to use SVK

For those who like to pick off their enemies from afar, the SVK might just be the gun for you. Once you get to level 14, this top-class gun can be unlocked. You can pick off targets with the SVK from 1,500 metres – and maybe a little more if you really know what you’re doing. It has a five-round magazine, but two well-placed shots are enough to take anyone down. It might be a bit less accurate than some guns, but it packs a mighty punch.


Battlefield 2042 best gun to use LCMG

The LCMG might be one of the best assault-type weapons in Battlefield 2042. It weighs-in with a 200-round magazine size, which gives you ample firepower to suppress or overwhelm the enemy. What makes this gun so great is its lack of recoil, making it a very easy-to-control weapon. Better still, you can get the LCMG from Level 1!


Battlefield 2042 best gun to use VCAR

The VCAR is an amusing gun more than anything, but it does pack a reasonable amount of firepower for its size. It only has a 20-round magazine, but it’s a great weapon if you have a well-trained trigger finger. It’s a fast, potent weapon that’s great fun to whip out and use to quickly shower enemies with a barrage of bullets.

10. SWS-10

Battlefield 2042 best gun to use SWS-10

The SWS-10 might just be the best-looking gun in Battlefield 2042. As a sniper rifle, you have just eight-rounds to play with, but it is furiously powerful and accurate. It’s not the easiest gun to handle, so you’ll likely need a bit of practice, a steady hand, and a good aim to utilise the SWS-10 to its fullest. Master it, though, and you will be able to unleash havoc on your enemies.

So, those are the top-ten best guns in Battlefield 2042 in our rankings. This is not an extensive list of all of the guns available, and you may prefer some other weapons, but these are more than enough to power you through the game.

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