The Best Fighting Games on Roblox

Are you in search of the best fighting games on Roblox? You’ve come to the right place.

Find the Top Fighting Games on Roblox

Roblox is a massive global platform full of thousands of games for developers and players alike to explore an incredibly cutting-edge community.

Given the vast gaming preferences, Roblox truly has something for everyone and fighting games are certainly a popular favorite for gamers of all ages.

Whether you want to test your prowess using a dagger or a gun, there are a ton of great games to engage you by combatting a variety of other characters including creatures and other gamers.

This article lists the best fighting games on Roblox, alongside their descriptions.

Anime Fighters

The game is a common choice with currently over 150,000 participants. The latest update, which is the game’s ninth, features a lot of new content including a new island, 16 whole new fighters, as well as some important balancing adjustments to improve the feel of the game.

The ability to pause ongoing boosts and some new enormous raids to be performed in order to get shards are also some of the additions to Anime Fighters, as in-game stats can now be rerolled.

Super Power Fighting Simulator

The main aspects of this fighting game include combat, quick reflexes, and leveling up. Hence, players must practice their reflexes, bodies, and minds in order to improve in the Super Power Fighting Simulator game.

While users are motivated to practice daily, complete objectives, and undertake challenges to perfect their skills, the game gets competitive as players are ranked according to their victories, deaths, and popularity. Super Power Fighting Simulator is one of the highest-rated games on Roblox as it often hits 2,000 to 3,000 players and retains over 90 percent popularity rating.

Weapon Fighting Simulator

This was one of the most popular Roblox games of 2022 and it does exactly as it says by giving players access to many different weapons to fight with. Your primary objective in Weapon Fighting Simulator is to take on other players and gather more weapons that you can use simultaneously.

Progress in the game allows you to upgrade your gear with unique and iconic weapons in order to become the best fighter in the game. These weapons do come in a variety of rarities and the higher the rarity, the better the weapon.


Another well-rated Roblox game is this free-roaming feature that takes place across a futuristic setting. Criminality is regularly updated so there are always new weapons and gear to look forward to.

The game explores advanced combat mechanics, unique weapons, and plenty of other cool things for fans of fighting games.

Iron Man Simulator 2

This Iron Man-based Roblox game from Marvel already has a sizable following and it is truly exciting with some suits that have the ability to travel into space or others that can fly about the city.

The game engages players in combat with other Iron Man impersonators as the Artificial Intelligence in your suit gives you the ability to aim at specific individuals. In the quest to become the greatest Iron Man ever, you should try out new outfits and functionality to enhance the enjoyment of the game.


It certainly feels like a big community when everyone is engaged in fighting against one sort of monster, exploring a land, getting more XP, or trying to be the best fighter ever. There are endless possibilities for everyone with the best fighting games on Roblox.





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