The Best Horror Games on Roblox

Looking for best horror games on Roblox to play? Keep reading to find out.

Top Horror Games Available on Roblox

Being one of the biggest gaming platforms for users of various tastes, there are also tons of scary games on Roblox.

If you need a spooky experience that can be played alone, with lights off, or with friends, you will find several spooky horror games with some being family-friendly and suitable for all ages while others are quite unsettling.

Whether you are looking for one of the all-time favorites or current big trends, this article provided some of the best horror games on Roblox.

Five Horror Roblox Games

Below, you will find five of the best horror games on Roblox. The platform holds many games in the genre, but this list is a great first step.


Developed by Polaroid Studios, Apeirophobia means the fear of infinity and it is one of the best Backroom games on Roblox.

The game is focused more on exploration than survival as it captures many sinister empty spaces in a bid to reach the main objective of each level. Watch out for the several puzzles, jump scares, and creepy monsters that await in every corner in Apeirophobia.


Based on the classic game SCP – Containment Breach, this game is set inside an infinite IKEA with challenges to face while in the dark.

The main aim of the game is to build a base, try to find other players, and, most importantly, survive.


This Roblox horror game is story-based with two chapters that begin on a school trip where the player falls asleep on the bus. You then wake up at night as the only person left and there’s a spooky hospital on the horizon. Terrifying, right?

Elmira is an engaging horror experience best enjoyed in pitch darkness with a pair of headphones.

Dead Silence

Undoubtedly one of the most popular Roblox games of this genre is based on the Dead Silence supernatural horror film as players must investigate the disappearance of Mary Shaw, a murdered ventriloquist who haunts the local town. Simply walking down one of the dimly lit corridors, doors will squeak and floorboards will creak.

The excellent sound and level design in Dead Silence make this particular Roblox game stand out and it’s not hard to see why it is regarded as the “#1 Scariest game on Roblox.”

Breaking Point

Breaking Point is incredibly popular on Roblox as it offers a thrilling and frightening experience.

Players selected at random will be tasked with killing off other players until there are just two left to face off with knives.


Whether you’re looking to scare your friends or just explore the horrors in Roblox’s scary games, the above listed games will have you investigating terrifying houses, wandering a scary maze or relieving an iconic murder mystery. Now have fun – and scares – while playing the best horror games on Roblox.





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