The Best Kits in BedWars Roblox

Looking for best kits in BedWars Roblox? Scroll down to find them.

Discover the Top Bedwars Kit Picks for Roblox

Roblox stands out among as it is a platform for playing and developing games according to the desire of users. Thus, BedWars is one of the popular Roblox combat games in which there are different kits available to enhance the combat capability of the player.

BedWars is a team and strategy-based game where players battle to destroy their opponents’ beds in order to prevent them from respawning. The game has several unique kits which provide their own perks and bonuses when equipped.

You will be able to choose a wide variety of kits in BedWars and this article evaluates some of the best kits in BedWars Roblox.

Grim Reaper

This is the best kit in BedWars Roblox for aggressive players who like to engage in close combat situations as it allows you to safely escape fights by consuming the souls of dead enemies.

The soul provides increased speed, invulnerability, and health regeneration for 2.5 seconds.


Melody is the best support kit in BedWars Roblox as it involves using a guitar and the power of music to heal teammates.

It is essential for one member of your team to have this kit, especially the beginners who would like to contribute without directly indulging in fights. You can purchase a guitar from the item store for 20 iron bars.


This skin is best for passive players who like to prepare for the late game, and it lets you collect tree orbs across the map to increase both your physical size and maximum HP. However, you cannot equip any armor in the early parts of the game.


The Archer is the perfect kit for players who like to fight from long range as it provides 15 percent more damage while using projectiles like bows and arrows.

Players can also buy an exclusive tactical crossbow from the item shop for eight emeralds.


This kit has a feature called rage mode that allows you to build rage by damaging enemies in order to upgrade your sword.

Damaging your enemies will fill the rage meter which automatically upgrades your current sword on completion of the meter.


BedWars is among the most liked combat games on Roblox mainly for the kits which each come with their own perks. You can now equip the best kits in BedWars Roblox.





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