Best Powerline Adapters for Gaming 2023

Are you tired of facing connectivity issues while gaming online? A powerline adapter could be the solution! Learn about what it is and what factors to consider when buying one for a seamless gaming experience.

Check out our top picks for the Best Powerline Adapters for Gaming in 2023.

As someone who loves online gaming passionately, a powerline adapter might not be something you would want to spend your precious money on. Well, I wouldn’t have too, but imagine the number of times you have faced connectivity issues with your Wi-Fi while playing your favorite game online! Frustrating right? Well, the powerline adapter can be the perfect solution to all your internet problems.

What is a Powerline Adapter?

A powerline adapter is a device that creates a home network by using the existing electrical wiring of a house. It acts as a bridge between the internet access point, i.e, your router and your gaming console by using the copper wiring of your house to send and receive data signals.

Considering the fact that to have a seamless gaming experience, a good internet connection that doesn’t lag is absolutely necessary, a powerline adapter is a must-have piece of hardware, especially considering how internet-hungry modern games have become.

While a powerline adapter is great for devices that can use Ethernet, such as a PC, smart TV, or gaming console, it would not work for tablets and smartphones. So, if what you need is a powerline adapter that acts like a Wi-Fi hotspot, you would need a powerline Wi-Fi adapter, also known as a WLAN adapter.

Factors While Buying a Powerline Adapter

Considering the number of powerline adapters currently offered on the market, choosing the right one can be tricky indeed. So, here are some of the factors that you need to consider while buying a powerline adapter –

  • Data Link Protocol – The data link protocol used in a powerline adapter determines the quality of data transmission between two connected devices. In short, the better the data link protocol, the better the chances of data being transmitted without incurring data loss in transit.While Ethernet data link protocol is known for its efficient transmission, the Gigabit Ethernet is an upgrade that sends 1 billion gigabits of information per second. So, depending on your gaming needs, you can choose which better suits you.
  • Internet Speed and Latency – Internet speed is integral in ensuring an uninterrupted gaming experience, so always go for a powerline adapter that offers great upload as well as download speed.Further, there is something called latency, which basically means the time taken by a signal to travel from the source to the destination and return back to the source with the requested information. The lower the latency, the more seamless the gaming experience. So, always go for powerline adapters with low latency.
  • Data Encryption – The data transfer using the powerline adapters is generally unencrypted, making it susceptible to being intercepted by a third party. Most modern powerline adapters have started providing data encryption for your data protection in view of the growing threat of cyber security.
  • Warranty – Most powerline adapters are good products manufactured to last. Yet, a device that is in constant contact with electricity is bound to be affected by voltage fluctuations. So, it is always better to opt for a powerline adapter that has a valid warranty period to have you covered in such instances.

Best Powerline Adapters for Gaming in 2023

To help you upgrade conveniently, we have drawn up a list of some of the best powerline adapters for gaming available in the market today –

NETGEAR Powerline Adapter

Netgear Powerline Adapter Review

The Netgear Powerline Adapter, also known as the Netgear PLP2000, is one of the best powerline adapters in the market in terms of overall comparison. Powered by Broadcom’s BCM60500 chipset, it features Multiple In, Multiple Out (MIMO) to simultaneously ensure peak gaming and streaming performances.

Supporting speeds of up to 2000 Mbps and an excellent ping performance, it features two sets of powerline adapters with both Gigabit Ethernet as well as Ethernet data link protocol. It also provides a great pass-through plug as well as a noise filter in your AC outlet to reduce interference. While it does miss out on data encryption and only provides a 1-year warranty, the Netgear Powerline Adapter still manages to edge ahead among its competitors.

Pros: Cons:
✅ Affordable
✅ Easy to set up
✅ Supports HomePlug AV2 standard
✅ Can add up to 16 wired devices using power line connections
✅ Convenient and reliable
❌ Bulky design
❌ No pass-through socket

TP-Link AV2000 Powerline Adapter

TP-Link Powerline Adapter Review

Equipped with 2×2 Multiple In, Multiple Out (MIMO), and Beamforming technology, the TP-Link AV2000 offers a maximum speed of 2000 Mbps at a wider bandwidth of 87MHz for a seamless gaming experience.

The AV2000 has a power-saving mode which TP-Link claims reduces power consumption by up to 85%. It also boasts a pass-through socket as well as two Gigabit Ethernet ports in each adapter. However, there are two variants of the AV2000, the TL-PA9020P Kit which features a pass-through socket on each adapter, and the cheaper TL-PA9020 which comes with none.

While there is no extra Wi-Fi hotspot function, you can always go for the AV2000 Gigabit Powerline AC Wi-Fi Kit for a few extra bucks to fix this issue. Thus, the TP-Link AV2000 is one of the fastest powerline adapters that offer you a great deal if you are looking for a no-frills, efficient powerline adapter.

Pros: Cons:
✅ Simple plug-and-play technology
✅ Uses AV2 MIMO
✅ Offers excellent value for money
✅ Has a pass-through socket
✅ Eliminates the need for Ethernet cables
❌ Powerline technology may not work in buildings with very old or very new electrical wiring.
❌ The speed achieved will depend on factors such as the quality of electrical wiring and the distance between the adapters.

D-Link AV2 2000 Powerline Adapter

D-Link AV2 2000 Poweline Adapter

Offering both wired as well as Wi-Fi connectivity, the D-Link Powerline AV2 2000, also known as the DHP-P701AV, is one of the best powerline adapters for gaming. It supports up to 2000 Mbps of speed and has clocked up to 112 Mbps in real-life testing with zero spikes in latency.

The D-Link AV2 2000 also sports the AV2 Multiple in, Multiple Out (MIMO) technology that ensures that you can easily stream more media and play more games without compromising on the quality and speed of data transmission. It also offers a pass-through socket with a built-in noise filter to help eliminate all the electrical noise and facilitate seamless data transmission performance.

It also offers a power-saving mode that automatically puts the adapter in sleep mode when not in use and claims to save over 85% of power usage. So, the D-Link with its budget pricing can be a great option if you need to get your job done.

Pros: Cons:
✅ The setup process is straightforward
✅ Fast network performance
✅ The maximum transfer speed of 350Mbps for data transfer
✅ he adapters automatically detect each other
✅ Impressive performance
❌ Not as fast as connecting via Ethernet cable
❌ Speeds drop off significantly when the adapters are plugged into different circuits

Zyxel 2400 Powerline Adapter

Zyxel G.hnPowerline Adapter

The Zyxel 2400 powerline adapter, also known as the PLA6456BB Kit, is designed specifically for streaming media and facilitating seamless gaming. With the support of internet speeds of up to 2400 Mbps, it is more than capable of streaming in 4K and Zyxel claims, even up to 8K content, with minimal lag.

The Zyxel 2400 powerline adapter comes with a Gigabit Ethernet port as well as a noise filter integrated pass-through outlet. Like its competitors, it also offers a power-saving mode with a claimed reduction of 90% of the power used.

While the software is not the slickest and even the size is a little bulky, the Zyxel 2400 powerline adapter offers solid performance at a budget price and a 2-year warranty cover.

Pros: Cons:
✅ Quick and easy way to extend a wired network
✅ Comes with the latest Wave-2 Powerline standard
✅ Up to 14 adapters can be used together
✅ The simple web interface
✅ The adapter features 128-bit AES encryption
❌ The adapters are bulky
❌ The IP address of the adapter needs to be manually figured out

TRENDnet Powerline 1300 AV2 Adapter

Trendnet AV1300 Review

If you don’t play games requiring such high net speeds and are looking for something on a budget, the TRENDnet Powerline 1300 AV2 adapter should definitely be considered. Delivering up to 1300 Mbps of speed, it can stream high-quality content and games seamlessly.

It comes equipped with a Gigabit Ethernet port and can use up to 8 devices simultaneously with a smooth internet connection. It also features the Multiple in, Multiple Out (MIMO) technology to ensure enhanced performance.

The TRENDnet Powerline 1300 AV2 adapter also provides 128-bit AES encryption to keep your data secure and is also compatible with Windows devices as well as other powerline adapters. At the pocket-friendly price tag and the host of features it offers, the TRENDnet Powerline 1300 AV2 adapter definitely provides a bang for your buck!

Pros: Cons:
✅ Affordable
✅ Comes with a three-year warranty
✅ Passthrough outlet to replace the one it takes up
✅ Uses Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) technology
✅ Consumes very little power and is cost-effective to use
❌ Has a single Ethernet data port
❌ Its three-prong grounded plug makes it less useful in older homes


So, now that you have gone through our list of the best powerline adapters for gaming in 2023, we hope you have found one that suits your needs. While the fact is that in real life, none of the adapters give you the maximum promised theoretical speed, it does show the type of technology being used in these devices.

The most important part of buying a good powerline adapter is to ensure that it meets all your gaming needs as they may differ according to the games you prefer playing as well as your budget. Thus, there is no better alternative than some thorough research to help you compare and select the one that best fits your requirements.

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