The Three Best Roblox Survival Games

Are you looking for good survival games to play on Roblox? Keep reading to find out more.

Top Survival Games Available on Roblox Platform

Survival games are one of the most thrilling. This is because, in such games, you either kill or are killed. If you are anything like most gamers, you want to be the one with the most successful kills in your game to get further. This raises your confidence in the game, further boosting your status. On that note, here are some of the best Roblox survival games that you must definitely try.

Zombie Uprising

The zombie apocalypse movies and series are always a favourite for many people, and that passion has also extended to the gaming world. Zombie Uprising is a Roblox survival game that uses the zombie shooter theme. It drops you right in the heart of a post-apocalyptic world raided with mindless zombies. Nevertheless, you are not alone because you have weapons to repel and take them down.

Your mission is to repel the unrelenting hordes of zombies and exterminate them accurately. Novice players can begin with Normal mode and work their way up to the more difficult Hard and Apocalypse difficulties. Prove your worth by equipping yourself with an AR and fighting the zombies.

Natural Disaster Survival

This survival game puts us in the heart of a natural disaster. The landscapes are made up of island-like formations over which you and your other gamers are stuck.

When the timer runs out, an unpredictable natural calamity occurs, ranging from a heat wave to a landslide to an infectious illness. The circumstances for survival can vary based on the location of the natural disaster. Check out this Roblox adventure if you want to live through a Cast Away-style scenario.

Apocalypse Arising 2

If you are keen, you will notice that most survival games are typically associated with zombies, and this one is also in that category. Apocalypse Rising 2 is a fantastic Roblox adventure that pushes endurance to new heights, and each stage will offer you a more recent and stricter experience. Instead of merely fighting armies, you are thrust into a world overrun by the undead. The coastline you’re on is teeming with abandoned places to pillage. You can also traverse the map with vehicles, trucks, and watercraft.

Spontaneous occurrences such as vehicle or chopper crashes and boss battles are also available in the gameplay. However, most of the archipelago is occupied by hostile undead and opposing gamers who want to survive as badly as you. In this Roblox adventure, use the improvised weapons in your arsenal to combat them all and live till you triumph.

Bottom line

When it comes to survival games, you cannot stop once you start. These three are the best Roblox survival games you may begin with, but they are barely the entire list. Some honourable mentions are The Rake REMASTERED, State of Anarchy, All of Us Are Dead, Giant Survival!, and Those Who Remain, among many others.

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