Big Rumble Boxing Creed Champions: Full Roster, Styles, and How to Unlock Each Fighter

Here is the full roster of characters in Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions, including their styles and how to unlock them.

Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions is an arcade boxing game with controls that are simple to grasp but difficult to master. It boasts a roster of 20 total boxers, including those from the Rocky-Creed movie franchise.

Below, you will find a full roster breakdown, including the style archetype of each boxer (General, Slugger, Swarmer), and how to unlock them for play in Arcade and Versus mode.

1. Luke “Scraps” O’Grady

Swarmer: Unlocked at start

A quick boxer with lightning-fast combos, O’Grady is the stereotypical Irish boxer. He has a bit of flair to his movements, including a wicked Super.

2. Axel “El Tigre” Ramírez

Swarmer: Unlocked at start

“El Tigre” is another Swarmer who seems to give up a little speed to O’Grady in favor of a little more power. He has a dangerous two-punch Super.

3. Andy “Mad Dog” Pono

General: Unlocked at start

The first General, Pono is one of the larger Generalists and not as quick as others – but he is a little stronger. He boxes in his security fit.

4. Viktor Drago

Slugger: Unlocked at start

The son of Ivan Drago, the younger Drago, is the first Slugger on the list. He’s actually smaller than Pono in the game, but shows that size does not always equal style. As a Slugger, his punches deal more damage than the other archetypes.

5. Adonis “Hollywood” Creed

General: Unlocked at start

The titular character of the spinoff franchise, Creed packs a nifty four-punch Super to the head and body. His Arcade Mode story also extends the events of the movies.

6. Rocky “The Italian Stallion” Balboa

Slugger: Unlocked at start

The iconic figure of Balboa plays a key role in the younger Creed’s Arcade Mode story, as his confidant and mentor. In Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions, Balboa as a playable character evokes the Balboa from the first Rocky movie.

7. Ricky “Pretty Ricky” Conlan

General: Unlocked at start

What is notable about Conlan in the game is that his physique (of those shown) is not as hyperbolic as those of Drago or Balboa, for example. Creed’s erstwhile rival, he makes an appearance in Creed’s Arcade Mode run as well.

8. Leo “The Lion” Sporino

Swarmer: Unlocked at start

Sporino may be the quickest fighter in the game. His combos and ability to chain (along with the other Swarmers) could spell trouble for you if caught against the ropes.

9. Vick “The Gambler” Rivera

Swarmer: Unlocked at start

Rivera comes off as the most aloof boxer in the game, but do not let that fool you. He is also notable for wearing jeans as his main skin.

10. David “Solo” Nez

Slugger: Unlocked at start

If O’Grady was the Irish stereotype, Nez is the Native American counterpart. He lumbers a bit like the other Sluggers, but packs a big punch and a clobbering Super.

11. Bobby “The Operator” Nash

General: Unlocked through Versus Mode

As his nickname suggests, Nash boxes more as a technician in the game. He can still land a flurry of punches, though, so watch out. Nash was the last boxer unlocked during gameplay.

12. Erik “The Norseman” Erling

Slugger: Unlocked through Versus Mode

As his name suggests, Erling is a Viking stereotype down to his facial hair and nickname. He is one of the few Sluggers that has a lightning-quick combo. Erling was the first fighter unlocked through Versus Mode in our playthrough.

13. Hector “Anarchy” Del Rosario

General: Unlocked through Versus Mode

In keeping with his mohawk, the game notes that Del Rosario was the front man for a band before making the switch to boxing. He boxes with the flair and flamboyance of a lead singer in a band.

14. Ivan Drago

Slugger: Unlocked through Versus Mode

The main villain of the movie franchises, the elder Drago looks as he did in the first Rocky movie. He might be the tallest fighter in the game, but his one-punch Super deals massive damage.

15. Benjamin “Benji” Reid

General: Unlocked by beating Arcade Mode with Adonis Creed

The antagonist of Arcade Mode, the fancy clothes and grey hair belie a formidable fighter. He might be the quickest Generalist in the game, and has a nasty one-punch body shot Super.

16. Apollo “The Power of Punch” Creed

Swarmer: Unlocked through Versus Mode

The elder Creed evokes his movie image, and has a different style in-game compared to his son. He is unique in that his two-punch Super is both with his lead left hand, a hook and then an uppercut.

17. Danny “Stuntman” Wheeler

Swarmer: Unlocked through Versus Mode

Portrayed by former world champion Andre Ward in the movies, Wheeler retains the imagery and is one of the most formidable fighters in the game. Do not let him corner you and unleash his flurry of strikes!

18. Duane “Showstopper” Reynolds

Slugger: Unlocked through Arcade Mode

One of the slower fighters, Reynolds is still a foe to be wary of due to his power. He also has a green trunks-and-gloves set as his main skin, which stands out – especially as his gloves light up for his Super.

19. James “Clubber” Lang

Slugger: Unlocked through Versus Mode

The legendary Mr. T portrayed Lang in the movie franchise, and his visage remains. He has a powerful one-punch uppercut Special that will send your opponent flying.

20. Asif “The Basher” Bashir

General: Unlocked through Versus Mode

Bashir is another Generalist whose speed and quickness might make you think that he is better suited as a Swarmer. Having the speed of a Swarmer without the compromised defense and strength of a Generalist that is not offset by speed like a Slugger, Bashir is a powerful foe.

Anyone looking to unlock everything should note that completing Arcade Mode will unlock all of the skins for that character. However, if you do not want to go through Arcade, you can unlock them slowly through Versus Mode. After unlocking all characters, the challenger ribbon will fill up. Once you box and defeat that fighter, you will unlock one of their skins. Again, though, this is a much slower process.

There you have it: the full roster and how to obtain them for Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions. If you wanted the chance to box as either Creed or Drago, you have your chance now! If you wanted the chance to defeat them, this is also your chance!

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