Biomutant: Sentinel Best Build Guide for becoming a Melee Tank

Don’t fancy bouncing around or shooting foes from afar? The best Biomutant melee tank build will have you smashing enemies up close.

While the mutant powers of the PSI-Freak build and the bullet tornado that is the Dead-Eye build are very strong in Biomutant, the game is loaded with mighty melee weapons.

The natural choice for the style of action in Biomutant would be the Saboteur to combine quick melee strikes and foot speed, but here, we’re going with the best Sentinel build to craft an almighty melee tank.

Before delving into the build’s specifics, here’s a breakdown of how to make the best Biomutant build for a Sentinel:

  • Breed: Hyla
  • Mutate Character: +60 Vitality, +50 Strength
  • Class: Sentinel
  • Starting Aura Direction: Light
  • Level-Up Focus: Vitality, then Strength
  • Primary Perks: Medic, Invincibility, Plating, Adrenaline, Whet
  • Secondary Perks: Ricochet, Knock, Ki Energize
  • Mutations: Vile Bile, Blink, Freeze, Storm Hop, Mucus Bubble
  • Preferred Weapon Type: Two-Handed Crush
  • Preferred Weapon Bonus: Prime or Overpowered

How to build an optimised Sentinel character in Biomutant

As with other of the best Biomutant builds, it all starts in the character creation matrix. Your first job is to pick your breed, and while the Dumdon offers a great deal of Strength, the pick of the bunch for the melee tank build is the Hyla.

The main reasoning behind the Hyla breed is that it enhances your Health and Armour. These stats are more important to the build as you’re going to need to be tank to battle up close. Essentially, you need to make sure that your character can go toe-to-toe for longer, even with the weaker earlier weapons.

Next, you’re going to want to take the Mutate Character modifier and throw it right in between Vitality and Strength. We put the favour slightly more towards Vitality (+60) than Strength (+50), but going for an even split between the two is also fine.

This will still give you a decent base for your Melee Damage stat line, which will serve you well through much of the early game, and you’ll have plenty of Vitality.

It’s best to leave the Choose Resistance dial as it is, adjusting it as you progress to the different environments of the game. So, the last thing to do is pick the class.

In the base game, Saboteur and Sentinel are the melee-focused classes, but it’s the Sentinel and its +10 increase to your base Armour rating that you’ll want to pick for this melee tank build.

Whenever you level-up in Biomutant, you’ll get to bolster one of your attributes by +10. For the Sentinel build, you’ll want to focus on Vitality for most of your initial level-ups to allow you to fight on the inside. Later, you can add more to your Strength to enhance your primary weapon further.

As you may have surmised by this point, the best Sentinel build for Biomutant isn’t an overly complicated one: it’s all about becoming a tank as quickly as possible to support your mighty melee attacks.

Should you go Light or Dark with a Sentinel build in Biomutant?

Having made your character, you’ll soon have your first Light or Dark decision to make. The Aura points that you gain from these interactions matter later in the game and for your build.

The Sentinel build isn’t focused on using Mutations, but they can enhance your strategies, with one, in particular, requiring you to have ten Light Aura.

It won’t take long to reach this tally, especially if you go out exploring a bit. Equally, being such a low value, you don’t need to feel pressed to only make Light-aligned decisions and can also make Dark choices.

Best Perks to unlock for the Sentinel build in Biomutant

Upgrade points for your Perks and Wung-Fu moves become available every time that you level-up in Biomutant, with there being plenty of ways to establish your Sentinel with a melee tank build.

The Sentinel Perks aren’t the best for directly boosting the melee tank build, but they certainly enhance the gameplay. Medic, costing one point, increases Health Regen by ten per cent from items and in general. Invincibility is also a great Perk to get once you hit Level 7, as shown above.

Ricochet and Knock, which are also under the Sentinel Perks header, are fun to have but aren’t essential to the build. So, it’s best to turn your attention to the more immediately useful General Perks.

Plating is one of the best Perks that you can get for the best Sentinel build, boosting the Armour value of gear by 25 per cent. A close second is Adrenaline, which increases in-combat Health Regen by 40 per cent.

Looking to the offensive side of your build, Whet is an essential addition once you hit Level 15, granting a 15 per cent boost to melee weapon Attack Damage.

Ki Energize is another useful General Perk to grab once you’ve got the hang of chaining melee attacks into Special Attacks and then into Mutation moves.

Wung-Fu is actually quite useful for the best Sentinel build, with Super Wung-Fu moves eventually offering you potent ways to up the ante. So, you’ll want the available Special Attacks.

There are two Crush Special Attacks: Mercury Drop and Tiger Throw. Mercury Drop is the most useful and free-flowing to use with this build. That said, to initiate Super Wung-Fu, you’ll need to switch between two Wung-Fu moves. So, you’ll need to get the range-centric Tiger Throw as well.

Unlocking Wung-Fu moves isn’t a priority, but as you don’t need too many Perks, you could find yourself with some upgrade points to spare. So, grab the Wung-Fu moves and integrate them into your combat.

Best Mutations to unlock for the Sentinel build in Biomutant

Biogenetics and PSI-Powers aren’t what spring to mind when you think of a melee tank build, which mostly revolves around standing by the ankles of the big enemies and swinging for the fences. However, with the right Mutations, you can gain a distinct advantage over most of your enemies.

Only costing three Bio Points, you can grab Vile Bile in the prologue. It’s just a simple close-range Biogenetic move that inflicts damage on all enemies that it hits, building up your damage output.

While this move can be good for getting a bit of space to heal, it’s an even better way to make an entrance. If you’re approaching an encounter, use Blink and you’ll fly in, causing a shockwave where you land to give you the upper-hand immediately.

Freeze is an expensive PSI-Power, in terms of energy consumption, but you won’t use Mutations enough for that to matter. This move freezes the ground, causing enemies to slip around and take cold damage. You’ll need a Light Aura rating of ten to get this PSI-Power, but that shouldn’t take too long.

Another way to make an impressive entrance and get an advantage is to use Storm Hop. While airborne, activate Storm Hop to smash into the ground and damage all around you. Then, you can pounce with your melee attacks.

A more expensive Biogenetic Mutation, but a fun trick to have up your sleeve, the Mucus Bubble lets you bounce and roll over enemies before you fire them away by bursting the bubble. Consider it an alternate method of cutting some enemy health upon entry.

Gear focus for the Sentinel build in Biomutant

The two-handed crush weapons are the focus for the Sentinel build, with the Mercury Drop Wung-Fu move working incredibly well, spreading out plenty of damage from the oversized weapon class.

As you find and build better crush weapons, you’ll get yourself some weapon buffs. There are fair few melee buffs, but the ones that you’d want to keep an eye out for are Prime (increases armour by two per cent for every ten units of Vitality) and Overpowered (weapon damage increases by two per cent for every ten units of Strength).

Initially, the build focuses on pumping up the Vitality ratings, so opting for a Prime weapon earlier would be ideal. Later on, however, once you’ve had a chance to pump up your Strength, going for Overpowered could greatly enhance how quickly you dispatch your foes.

The shift to power and the Overpowered weapon buff will become more preferential as you upgrade your attire. Naturally, for this melee tank build, your gear has to prioritise Health and the Armour value above all else, with Energy Regen being a potential but distant secondary consideration.

A very simple build in its aim and execution, the best Sentinel build is all about boosting your Health and Armour to allow you to keep swinging massive crush weapons from up close.

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