Everything You Need to Know About Blox.Supply Roblox

Want to learn if Blox.supply Roblox is legit or not? Scroll down to find out.

Learn if Blox.supply Roblox is Legit or Not

Roblox is a popular online platform whereby gamers can program their own game as well as explore games created by others. The uniqueness of the platform is the variety of options that make the game much more interesting.

Robux is the currency of the game which players use during gameplay in order to upgrade the games, get new avatars, gamepasses, accessories, and more.

Understandably, many Roblox users look for alternative ways to increase their in-game Robux as it actually costs real-life money to obtain. What, then, are Robux generators like Blox.Supply?

Below, you will read:

  • An overview of Blox.Supply Roblox
  • How to obtain free Robux legally

Blox.Supply is a third-party website created by unknown developers who are in no way affiliated with the official Roblox company. The site poses as a place to earn free Robux in exchange for your username and a survey, but it’s strongly recommended to avoid sharing your personal information with such an unverified platform.

Furthermore, there is little evidence to suggest that completing those surveys actually rewards the promised free Robux and it could potentially lead to hacking or permanent loss of account.

It is also important to know that Blox.Supply leads to the website Blox.land or other web addresses such as Blox.fish or Blox.green.

How to get free Robux

There are only two ways to get free Robux in a safe environment: either via the Microsoft Rewards Promotion or giveaways, neither of which do not provide unlimited Robux either way.

  1. Microsoft Rewards Promotion Roblox partnered with Microsoft for a Microsoft Rewards Promotion that allows users to earn points by using the Bing search engine and completing additional Microsoft-related activities.
  2. Giveaways Extremely Popular Roblox content creators like DeeterPlays often host giveaways for free Roblox or free Avatar items and even then, you should be wary of who you share your username with.

How to buy Robux

Robux can only be purchased as physical Roblox gift cards or virtually on the Roblox website. Major retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, and Gamestop are some of the reputable sources that can provide the physical element.


Blox.supply is not a legitimate source for free Robux as even after completing the given task, users have been reported to not be given any Robux. To reiterate, the official sources are still the best way to purchase Robux.





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