What are the Most Recent Boku No Hero Roblox codes for January 2023?

Fan of My Hero Academia? Looking for Roblox Codes? Scroll down to find newest codes.

Find out Newest Codes for Boku no Hero Roblox

Boku No Roblox codes are in-game rewards that give players free cash, which is usually provided to celebrate game milestones, holidays, or developments relating to Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia).

In this article, you will read:

  • Current Boku no Roblox codes as of January 2023
  • Expired Boku no Roblox codes
  • How to redeem Boku no Roblox codes

Indeed, getting these special codes are the best way to build your character and get the strongest quirks for your hero.

Here are all the working Boku No Roblox codes and the amount of cash reward they deliver. All codes are correct as of January 16 2023.

InfiniteRaid! – 50,000 Cash

ThanksFor570k! – 55,000 Cash

1MFAVS – 25,000 Cash

newu1s – 50,000 Cash

Sc4rySkel3ton – 25,000 Cash

echoeyesonYT5K – 25,000 Cash

Expired Boku no Hero Roblox codes

Should a code fail to enter while you are trying it, this is probably due to being one of the expired codes as listed:

man1f3st – 50,000 Cash

300MVISITS – 30,000 Cash

sh1ns0 – 50,000 Cash

th4nky0u – 25,000 Cash

cl3ss1A – 50,000 Cash

mhaseason5 – 50,000 Cash

DessiNoRevamp – 25,000 Cash

m4ihats8me – 50,000 Cash

newyear2021 – 50,000 Cash

DessiXmas2020 – 25,000 Cash

mrc0mpr3ss – 50,000 Cash

sp00ky – 50,000 Cash

BokuNoTw1tt3r – 25,000 Cash

er4serh3ad – 50,000 Cash

m1rk0 – 50,000 Cash

UseCodeDessi – 25,000 Cash

infinite100 – 10,000 Cash

How to redeem Boku no Hero Roblox codes

Once you receive a new code you want to use, follow the simple steps below to redeem it:

Open Boku No Roblox and click on the three little lines below your level indicator on the left side of the screen, click on the small clipboard icon.

A small menu will appear in the middle of your screen. Click slightly right of the window where you should see transparent menus. Keep doing this until you get to the Options menu and at the bottom of the options menu, click on the Twitter icon. This will open another window and you should enter the active codes you have in the text box. Hit enter to redeem.

You should receive your cash immediately so you can repeat the process for another code if you do have one.


The best place to find more Boku No Roblox codes is on the official Discord or the developer’s Twitter page. Meanwhile, those who want to play Boku No Roblox can find Roblox on Google Play and the App Store.





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