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Learn How to Change Brick Color in Roblox

Brick colors in Roblox are critical to building and creating the platform. They allow players to add color and variety to their creations, making them more visually exciting and dynamic. With so many different brick colors available, it can be challenging to know which colors to use and how to change them.

Below, you will read:

  • A closer look at the different brick colors in Roblox
  • How to change brick color Roblox.

What are brick color Roblox?

It’s crucial to first comprehend that color in Roblox is merely a means of representing the BrickColor enum as a collection of RGB values. While the color has all 16,777,216 possible colors, the BrickColor enum can only contain the colors that Roblox predefines.

Red, tan, white, brown, gray, orange, or black are some of the most popular brick color Roblox uses, and there are numerous versions of each of these colors as well as a wide range of designs and cuts.

How to change the brick color with a script

To change the color of bricks in a Roblox script, you can enter this into a script: script.Parent.BrickColor = BrickColor:(“COLOR”). Note that you need to change “COLOR” to whatever color you want, such as “Gold” or “Really Pink.” This will change the color of the bricks in the script, allowing you to create unique and interesting designs.

The process

To change the brick color on Roblox, you must go to your Roblox place and click on “Edit” in “Roblox Studio.” Then, go to the options at the top and click on the “Insert” tab. Click on “Object,” and then click on “Script.” Open the script in the “Workspace” in “Explorer.” You can delete the “Hello World” text and type in the script you want to use to change the brick color or copy and paste it from another source.

Other ways to change brick color Roblox

Another way to change the brick color is by using the Properties window in Roblox Studio. Select the brick you want to change the color of and in the Properties window, navigate to the “Brick” section. Here, you will find the “Color” option, where you can select from various predefined colors or input a specific RGB value.

It is also worth noting that players can use the Paint Bucket tool to change the color of bricks. This tool can be found in the toolbar and allows players to quickly and easily change the color of multiple bricks at once.

In addition to using predefined colors, players can create their custom colors using the function. This function allows players to input specific RGB values, resulting in a unique color that is not predefined.


In conclusion, brick colors in Roblox offer a wide range of options for players to add color and variety to their creations. They can be changed using scripts, the Properties window, the Paint Bucket tool, or creating custom colors with the function. Understanding how to change brick colors can significantly enhance the player’s building experience and bring a new level of creativity to their Roblox places.

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