What is Buff Roblox?

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Buff Roblox is a game that Jasmine and Onebigone developed. It is a remake of the popular game Roblox’s Buf Blox. The goal of Buff Roblox is to break into different houses in the fictional place called “Buff Town” and steal their valuables. There are two ways that players can steal from houses: they can break in or buy an ad spot on the side of one and watch people rob it from across the street.

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Players can play Roblox on any device that’s compatible with Roblox, but the recommended one is an iOS device.

How to play Buff Roblox

1. Make a new account and select “Promo Codes” in your profile (make sure you use the same ID as you did in your previous account). This will grant you access to all of the features of the game. If you do not have a promo code, follow steps 2-3 below:

2. Go to this article’s “How to Play” section.

3. Register your username by inputting your email, nickname, and password (first account only). This will allow you to use more game features, such as buying houses and making tools.


In Buff Roblox, there are a couple of features. These features include:

Ad Skyscrapers

When players buy an ad skyscraper, they can watch the people rob houses from across the street.

Players are given a limited amount of time to decide which house they’d like to rob. Once the timer runs out, they will be teleported into the place and given their choice of loot.

Players can use various tools to rob the in-game houses, including the 3D Pickaxe, Drill, and Wirecutters.


In addition to loot, players also collect a new currency called “Bux” along with loot when they rob houses. Eventually, Bux will be used as a cash method on Buff Roblox.

Custom Bux

Players can customize their Bux by using the Custom Bux feature. Here, they can change the color and design of their Bux. They can also change the color of other virtual currencies in the game. Players can make money off this feature due to the limited space available for sale.

Spam trolling

Spam trolling is a type of dishonesty in which players purposely troll or cheat in the game to ruin the experience of other players. These players are known to use language that can be considered offensive, or they may use their power-ups to blow up and block off houses so that other people cannot get their loot.

Spam Bux

When a player spams Bux into a house, they are known to upset the owner by making their chests get abnormal amounts of loot. Although they are not intended to go in the chests, players spamming Bux may still get penalty points against them.

In-game house trading

Players can use their Discord (web app) or Discord (mobile app) to launch a house trading platform called Roblox Hacks. This will allow players to trade houses with one another using their currency. Also, one of the most popular features of the house trading system is that it allows players to sell items from their game. This can cause a problem for the developers because they may receive an increase in “spam,” but hopefully, enough players would use this feature to offset the damage.

Now you have everything you need to know about Buff Roblox.

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