Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Prestige

These are a few ways to gain the required XP to help you climb up the Modern Warfare 2 Prestige rankings.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Ranks and XP Guide

As Infinity Ward reintroduces the Prestige ranks, Modern Warfare 2 gamers will now have a way to show off the number of hours they have put into playing their beloved game. While it is featured as a seasonal system that reset each player’s rank to level 55 every new season in 2019’s Modern Warfare, the new implementation will allow players to keep their rankings perpetually. However, to understand the Prestige system well, you must first understand the Military ranks.

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What are Military ranks?

Military ranks are the standard ranks that every player levels up to as they progress through the game. The higher the rank, the more features such as load outs, weapons, and gunsmith options that the player can access. The maximum Military rank that can be achieved by a player is rank 55. With the introduction of the Prestige system, the players can continue earning XP beyond level 55 to progress on the Prestige ranks.

What are the Modern Warfare 2 Prestige ranks?

The Prestige ranks are milestones that earn you an Emblem and additional rewards, and unlock a new set of challenges, completing which will unlock an exclusive Calling Card. The first Prestige rank unlocks at Military rank 55.

Here are the different Prestige ranks and the unlock levels (Military rank):

  • Prestige 1 – Rank 56
  • Prestige 2 – Rank 100
  • Prestige 3 – Rank 150
  • Prestige 4 – Rank 200
  • Prestige 5 – Rank 250

Rank 250 is essentially the level cap for Season 1 with additional Prestige levels likely to be introduced in the upcoming seasons. If you have reached Prestige level 250 in a given season, you would have to start from scratch in the next season.

However, if the player has not completed all the Prestige ranks at the end of the season, they can continue to rank up from wherever they left off, even if they weren’t able to reach the highest Prestige rank in the previous season.

How do you rank up your Modern Warfare 2 Prestige?

The only way to rank up is by gaining XP as you play the game. One of the best ways to earn XP is by completing your objectives. While most players tend to focus on raking up the number of kills and earning a good XP boost, it is crucial to remember that most of it will come from the objectives you complete.

Another trick is to complete your three daily bonus challenges, as well as one of the two optional bonus challenges, as each challenge will give you a 7,500 and 10,000 XP boost, respectively. Similarly, completing your career challenges will net you a substantial amount of XP. Lastly, the Special Ops Intel as well as the DMZ mode can be an extremely rewarding option in terms of the XP gain.

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These are a few ways to gain the required XP to help you climb up the Modern Warfare 2 Prestige rankings.

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