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Learn how to choose best Roblox Character

Roblox is among the most successful gaming platforms in the world with over 200 million active users. Roblox is used by people of all genders, ages, and regions to have fun in various ways. Though the prospect of so many players at once may be thrilling, it might be tough for anyone to stand out in practice..unless you have a custom Roblox avatar.

In this article, you will read:

  • An overview of avatars on Roblox
  • Two common character Roblox archetypes
  • How collision boundaries affect avatars

An introduction to 2023 Roblox characters

The term “avatar” describes the virtual character Roblox users create to symbolize themselves in the game. Roblox “avatars” only recently became the platform’s accepted name for user-created avatars. This tutorial will therefore employ both of these names synonymously. A Roblox avatar, character, or Robloxian all refer to the same thing: a player in Roblox.

Roblox avatars resemble humans in that they have one head, two arms, and two legs, but they are blocky in design like their counterparts in the popular video game Minecraft. You have complete freedom to personalize them. Everything is customizable, right down to your expressions and wardrobe. In addition, each character Roblox has access to various customizable equipment options.

Character Roblox archetypes


The R6 Roblox avatars’ minimalist look is faithful to the game’s original blocky aesthetic. These avatars can only move and be customized in many ways because they have only six limbs. To fully appreciate Roblox’s classic aesthetic, this avatar style is recommended only if some limitations can be tolerated.

R15 Characters

As you may have figured, the R15 kind of Roblox avatar features a cutting-edge design with 15 limbs rather than the traditional six, opening up a wide variety of possibilities for personalization, animations, and accessories. Most modern players prefer this avatar style to the classic one simply because it allows them greater leeway in personalization. In addition, you can choose between a humanoid and a blocky character roblox design.

Collision boundaries

Collision describes how player models interact with their environment and other players. This is especially helpful in player-versus-player combat, as you need to know where you can land a hit on an opponent’s character. Roblox has thankfully provided official models that include collision boundaries. The hitboxes for a character are all the boxes that surround their limbs.

This means that the character Roblox will take damage if you strike an area of their body or an item of equipment within that area. However, suppose they have a substantial accessory or an object outside the hitbox boundary. In that case, you won’t do any damage to them if you strike those areas during combat.

This essential yet crucial mechanic requires you to be strategic while picking out your character’s clothes. For instance, if you’re carrying a lot of bulky gear, you’ll be an easier target for other players to strike, but they’ll also have a more difficult time pinpointing your hitbox.

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