15 Chicken Song Roblox ID Codes

Learn where to find Chicken Song Roblox ID code.

Chicken Song Roblox ID Codes

If you’re looking for a Chicken Song Roblox ID code, then you’re in the right place. This meme song is a great way to add some fun to Roblox games using your boombox and can be a fun way to prank your friends.

Below, you will read:

  • A history of the Chicken Song
  • Spinoffs of the Chicken Song
  • A host of Chicken Song Roblox ID codes

The history of the Chicken Song

The Chicken Song is a legendary song and dance created by Werner Thomas, a Swiss accordion player. Though the original version was released back in the 1950s, the one that most people are familiar with these days is the J. Geco version, released in 2013 with very little resemblance to the original.

The J. Geco Chicken Song remix is a techno dance groove somewhat similar to the Hamster Dance song if you’re familiar with that.

  • While most of the song is basically just rooster noises used to simulate the classic song “Old McDonald Had a Farm,” it transitions into some heavy dubstep towards the end making it a product of its times. If you like techno, rooster noises, and raw dubstep, then chances are you might like the J. Geco Chicken Song unironically.

Spinoff Chicken Songs

Being a popular song that’s literally lasted for decades, there have been some other spinoffs and remixes. For example, there is a remix on YouTube Kids by the Chickies that is the J. Geco version, but with actual lyrics and a video of a cartoon dancing chicken. Apparently, people didn’t like this version for some reason since it has an 11k out of 20k like to dislike score.

For something closer to the original, DSG (DubstepGutter) released an accordion and dubstep hybrid by God’s Warriors in 2020. Even if you don’t like dubstep, you might be able to appreciate this one. The full name of the song is Mini Disco Kaczuszki Chicken Dance Song Ententanz (God’s Warrior Dubstep Remix).

Chicken Song Roblox ID codes

You’ll find some Chicken Song Roblox ID codes below. Instead of just giving you one code, there are 15 of them courtesy of RobloxMusicIDs. Here are the codes:

  • Chicken Dance ID: 6803079455
  • Chicken Dance ID: 6754445075
  • Chicken Dance!!! ID: 138316224
  • CHICKEN DANCE OOFED ID: 7278532568
  • DJ Birdy – Chicken Dance ID: 405870623
  • The Chicken Dance (E Major) ID: 3687092154
  • DJ Birdy – Chicken Dance (FULL) ID: 2896085369
  • DJ Birdy – Chicken Dance Remix ID: 7211243381
  • Rainbow Fried Chicken Dance Song ID: 204006013
  • DJ Birdie – Chicken Dance (MADNESS COMBAT) ID: 6700586581
  • Chicken Dance Remix Menu Theme (Tricky Mod) ID: 6914042846
  • Chicken Dance (Tsuraran Remix) – Tricky Mod 2.0 ID: 6982676022
  • Dj Birdy – Chicken Dance in 2021: ID: 6893323771
  • Chicken Dance B (J. Geco version) ID: 5471110179
  • Chicken Dance (Tsuraran Remix) – [Tricky Mod] ID: 7226525419

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