Chivalry 2: Best Vanguard Subclasses to Use Ranked

Got what it takes to be in the army’s vanguard? Find out which unit is the one for you right here.

The mighty Vanguard subclasses are our focus in this article, with each unit having 130 Health, 120 Speed, and 100 Stamina, leaving them with the lowest health pool of the melee classes. That said, the Vanguard subclasses are also the fastest and boast the most stamina.

Their stats make them a good match for the tank units of the Knight class, using their speed and stamina to outmanoeuvre the cumbersome class. Each of the Vanguard’s subclasses possesses the special attack Leaping Strike, which deals tremendous damage and staggers enemies but will leave you open to attack.

Here, we’ll be breaking down and ranking the subclasses of Vanguard to give you an insight into how they perform in the heat of battle in Chivalry II.

3. Ambusher

Honour isn’t a word that you’d associate with our third-placed subclass, the Ambusher, as this unit excels at underhanded tactics, receiving a 35 per cent damage bonus to attacks from behind. Its build encourages you to flank enemies and strike from behind to cause maximum damage.

These battlefield murderers arm both primary and secondary slots from the same selection of fast single-handed weapons, and are backed up by seven lethal throwing knives – adding a ranged attack to the subclass. The Ambusher’s special item, the Quiver, quickly restocks all of your ammunition. Unlike the other two subclasses, this special item gets recharged by getting special attack kills via the Murderer trait.

Taking advantage of this unit’s speed is paramount when using the Ambusher. Aim to rush into the enemy’s backlines to utilise the huge boost to damage from behind and the Leaping Strike special attack. Don’t get bogged down in the crowds of troops on the frontline, as you’ll soon notice the small health pool dwindling. Instead, stay on the move and harass enemies into submission.

The skill it takes to successfully use this unit and the type of tactics that the Ambusher excels with make it a difficult subclass to master; you need a good understanding of the game’s mechanics to get the best from this sneaky assassin. The skill difficulty of the Ambusher paired with the fact that it’s the last subclass that you unlock at Level 7 is largely why this unit is found as the lowest-ranked of the Vanguard subclasses in Chivalry II.

2. Devastator

The first subclass of Vanguard available to you is the mighty Devastator. This unit eases you into the frontline warrior style of the class. The Devastator doesn’t suffer from a movement penalty despite equipping some of the biggest weapons in the game, enabling you to quickly move from conflict to conflict without being lumbered down.

The Devastator is a straightforward force of destruction. Armed with powerful two-handed primary weapons, a knife, and a mallet, their loadout ensures that players focus on learning their way around the battle, making them an excellent introductory unit.

They also possess the Oil Pot special item to set the enemy’s frontlines ablaze, unsettling their ranks, allowing you to punch through with a Leaping Strike. Using this strategy will also help to recharge your special item as sprint attack kills charge the meter thanks to the Charger trait.

The speed and stamina given to the Vanguard subclasses, combined with the Devastator’s heavy weaponry and Leaping Strike, make this subclass excellent at breaking enemy lines and ruining formations. So, the Devastator beats the Ambusher to second place due to the former’s user-friendly, one-track-minded approach to warfare.

1. Raider

Sitting in the top spot for the best Vanguard subclasses in Chivalry II is the Raider subclass. This bloodthirsty warrior is custom-built to thrive in the thick of battle. Unlocked at Level 4, the Raider is armed with two primary weapons. Even though you can’t dual wield, this unique perk allows you to specialise your arsenal against multiple classes on the battlefield.

Equipped with powerful weapons, the Raider can select two to take into battle with them. If you notice an abundance of a particular class on the field, you can easily counter them with a weapon possessing bonuses against that class.

The low health pool of the Vanguard units is a massive drawback, but unlike with our lower-ranked subclasses, the Raider carries the War Horn special item. A quick blare of this will boost the health regen for you and your allies for a time, somewhat combating the low starting health of the Raider.

This unit is designed to be on the frontlines wreaking havoc, and should be charging into battle, dealing as much damage as they can while encouraging your team with the War Horn. The Raider’s build suits its optimum playstyle nearly perfectly, making up for the shortcomings of the Vanguard class without affecting its offensive output.

All things considered, it’s clear that the Raider subclass is the best Vanguard unit in Chivalry II.

That’s all for our breakdown of the best Vanguard subclasses; time to suit up and prepare for battle!

Dan Plummer

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