Civ 6: New Frontier Pass January 2021 DLC Pack Content and Release Date Revealed

Civ 6’s New Frontier Pass is set to release their January 2021 DLC this month, and we finally have a release date and content details.

Civ 6: New Frontier Pass January 2021 DLC Pack Content and Release Date Revealed Guide

Civ 6 has been releasing new content for the game through the New Frontier Pass DLC since May of 2020, and now we’ve finally got more details about the fifth of what will eventually be six packs in the New Frontier Pass. The Babylon Pack released in November, and anticipation has been high to see what would be released this month.

Civ 6 had already laid out that the January 2021 DLC would include one new Civilization, two new Leaders, a new game mode, and more new content. We’ve been without any further details until today, but we now know exactly what to expect.

When does the January 2021 New Frontier Pass DLC Pack release?

It wasn’t revealed until the very end of the announcement video seen above, but we will get the latest installment in the New Frontier Pass on 28 January 2021. Upon release, this will bring the New Frontier Pass to a current total of seven new Civilizations, eight new Leaders, five new game modes, and several other pieces of new content.

We are still waiting for a bit more information, as the announcement video indicated more details about the new Civilization and Leaders would be saved for their usual First Look series. We don’t know exactly when the First Look videos will be out, but based on past releases for the New Frontier Pass it’ll likely be within the next three to five days.

With this DLC Pack becoming fully available on 28 January, it’s likely that they will want the First Look videos and further details out with at least a few days to build anticipation and get more players to snag the New Frontier Pass. After this release, we still have one final DLC Pack scheduled for New Frontier Pass, and that release in March should include one more Civilization, one more Leader, one more new game mode, and some more additional content.

What new content is included in this Civ 6 DLC Pack?

Civ 6 New Frontier Pass new content DLC pack
Source: Sid Meier’s Civilization Official YouTube Channel

In the Developer Update released today, we found out that Civ 6 will be adding several pieces of exciting new content in what is now named the Vietnam & Kublai Khan Pack. This will be included for anyone who has purchased the New Frontier Pass DLC, but players will also be able to purchase this pack on its own if they’d rather not get the entire New Frontier Pass.

New Frontier Pass Vietnam & Kublai Khan Pack Content

Civ 6 New Frontier Pass content pack Vietnam & Kublai Khan Pack
Source: Sid Meier’s Civilization Official YouTube Channel
  • New Civilization: Vietnam
  • New Leaders: Kublai Khan and Vietnam’s Currently Unnamed Leader
  • New Game Mode: Monopolies and Corporations
  • Other New Content: Preserve District with Grove and Sanctuary Buildings

Vietnam is now official as the next Civilization in Civ 6, and despite some hints at who it might be, we don’t yet know the name of Vietnam’s Leader. This information, and other details, will likely come when the First Look video is released for Vietnam.

Kublai Khan was also revealed as a new alternate Leader for both the China and Mongolia Civilizations. We’ll also get more details on Kublai Khan in the First Look video which should be due to hit in the coming days.

Civ 6 New Frontier Pass first look video
Source: Sid Meier’s Civilization Official YouTube Channel

The exciting new game mode revealed this time is called Monopolies and Corporations, and it will make unique use of Luxury Resources in Civ 6. As your Civilization accumulates duplicate luxury resources, you’ll receive bonuses and increased Great Merchant points.

Luxury Resources can be turned into Industry which can eventually be leveled into a Corporation that gives you the opportunity to create unique Products. These will essentially operate as Great Works and be placed in the Stock Exchange or Seaport buildings.

Finally, with enough dominance of a Luxury Resource on the entire map, your Civilization can create a Monopoly. These will increase gold and significantly boost tourism for your Civilization.

Civ 6 DLC boost tourism
Source: Sid Meier’s Civilization Official YouTube Channel

Lastly, we have a new District as the Vietnam & Kublai Khan Pack will give us the Preserve. This district is focused on making use of unimproved tiles based on their overall appeal.

The district itself grants housing based on appeal and Culture Bombs adjacent neutral tiles while increasing their appeal. The Preserve will include two new buildings, both of which continue to leverage the advantages of unimproved tiles based on appeal.

The Grove building grants Food, Faith, and Culture based on the appeal of adjacent unimproved tiles. The Sanctuary building grants Science, Gold, and Production based on the appeal of adjacent unimproved tiles.

Again, we’ll get more details about Vietnam and the new Leader Kublai Khan in their First Look videos once they are released, but we can expect al of this exciting content in the Vietnam & Kublai Khan Pack. The New Frontier Pass still has one final DLC Pack after this one, and it’s currently slated for March of 2021.

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