Best Clash of Clans Base Town Hall 7

Build the best Clash of Clans base Town Hall 7. Read about strategies and extra tactics.

Best clash of clans base town hall 7

Town Hall 7 is no less than a new chapter in Clash of Clans. Dark troops, superheroes, and many features are unlocked once players reach this level. Read on to find out how you can effortlessly build a stellar base for your village.

This article details the following topics:

  • Overview of how one can build the best Clash of Clans base Town Hall 7
  • Strategies to place resource buildings
  • Additional tactics which can help in enhancing base.

Building Town Hall 7 base: Overview

When building a base at Town Hall 7, it is important to prioritize defence. A strong defence will not only protect your resources and troops, but also discourage other players from attacking your base.

Wondering what the best Clash of Clans base Town Hall 7 looks like? Here are a few tips which can help players up their game:

  • Place your Town Hall in the centre of the base, surrounded by strong walls. This will make it more difficult for enemy troops to reach it and increase the chances of your defences taking them down before they can cause too much damage. Some players make the mistake of keeping the Town Hall building out of defence to save resources. They end up losing resources as well as trophies as a result.
  • While scouting, everything is visible to the attacker except traps. One should take this as an opportunity and make the most of spring traps, bombs, seeking air mines, and other traps to create a deadly perimeter around your base. These will help to slow down and weaken enemy troops, making it easier for your defences to take them out.
  • Make sure to keep your defences well-spread and not clumped together in one area. This will reduce the chances of enemy troops overwhelming a single defence and breaking through to your base.

Placing resource buildings

Place your storage in a central location, surrounded by strong walls and defensive structures. This will make it more difficult for enemy troops to steal your resources.

Moreover, expert players often keep their mines and collectors outside the walls to puzzle the raiders. As a benefit, any raider has to remove the extra layer of buildings before getting to the core buildings.

Bonus tactics

You also must upgrade your Barbarian King to its max level. Not always, but Barbarian King plays an important role in distracting the attacking troops and helps take them down under a specific radius.

Keeping troops in Clan Castle is another way which can be lifesaving. Join an active clan which can help you keep your Clan Castle always full. These troops surprise the attackers almost every time and decrease the chances of three-star losses.

Bottom line

Town Hall 7 is a popular base layout in Clash of Clans, and several strategies can be used to optimize its potential. Prioritizing defence, optimizing resource storage placement, and having a maxed Barbarian King are key components of sustaining Town Hall 7. Aside from this, having Clan Castle Troops can work as an additional layer of defence.

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