Best Clash of Clans Base Town Hall 9

How to build, examples and how to avoid common mistakes. Find out everything you need to know about Base Town Hall 9 in this article!

Clash of clans best base town hall 9 - black base

Town Hall 9 is the first stage where the town hall building turns dark black, indicating the dark power that players open after getting to this stage of Clash of Clans. Weak defences might get easily wiped out by little armies. Similarly, they will face challenges against those who are reading this! Keep Reading to find out more.

This post covers the following topics:

  • Building the best Clash of Clans base Town Hall 9
  • Examples of best Clash of Clans Base Town Hall 9
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid these mistakes

Building Town Hall 9 base: Overview

At Town Hall 9, players unlock the Archer Queen and the ability to take their heroes, Archer Queen and Barbarian King, to level 25 each. They also gain access to Xbows and additional defence buildings. Adding these new buildings and upgrades makes it easier for players to design a well-rounded base.

Examples of well-designed base layouts for Town Hall 9

Well spread buildings

At Town Hall 9, players have access to more buildings and upgrades, making it easier to spread their structures throughout the base. This helps to prevent enemy troops from targeting multiple structures at once, reducing the overall damage to the base.

Defending resources

A base designed for resource protection prioritizes defending the resource storages more than anything, including Town Hall Building. This base often loses trophies heavily, but is good for farming and saving resources.

The base for league pushing

A base designed for league pushing is focused on defence and a high trophy count. This base has strong defences and is good for saving trophies, but it can leak resources easily to attract looters first and play bets on their resources for trophies.

Clash of clans best base Town hall 9 base

Common mistakes players make while building their base at Town Hall 9

  • Not upgrading existing defences: Players often neglect to upgrade their existing defences, leaving their base vulnerable to attack.
  • Lack of focus on Clan Castle troops: The Clan Castle is a key component of defence, but players often neglect to fill it with troops, leaving it vulnerable to enemy attacks.
  • Air-prone Base: Players may design their base with the assumption that all attacks will always be ground-led, ignoring the importance of designing a base that can withstand air attacks.
  • Ignoring heroes’ placement: Heroes play a crucial role in defence by distracting the attacking troops and luring damage to them. However, players still neglect to place them strategically within the base.

How to avoid these mistakes

  • Narrow down focus to defence buildings: Players should only move to Town Hall 9 once they have fully upgraded their Town Hall 8 base. However, those already at Town Hall 9 should focus on upgrading defences buildings before anything.
  • Keep the Clan Castle full with troops: The Clan Castle should always be filled with troops to help defend the base. This can even help you earn trophies if attackers attack you unprepared.
  • Design a base that can withstand air and ground attacks: Players should design their base to withstand both air and ground attacks. Place Air Defences at the core of your defence, and place air traps strategically.
  • Place heroes near the Town Hall building: Heroes should be placed near it to maximize their effectiveness in defence and offence.


The best Clash of Clans base Town Hall 9 will depend on the player’s goals and playstyle. Whether pushing for league trophies or protecting resources, players should consider their base design carefully, avoiding common mistakes and maximizing their defences. By spreading outbuildings, focusing on Clan Castle troops, and designing for air and ground attacks, players can create a well-rounded base that suits their needs.

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